Session 1. Provenace and fraud detection

Meat provenance: Authentication of geographical origin and dietary background of meat (plenary review)
F.J. Monahan, O. Schmidt, A.P. Moloney (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 2-14)
Chinese perceived trust of security elements applied to Australian red-meat packaging
C. M. Francis, H. Ashman and F.R. Dunshea
Comparison of laboratory and human sensory analysis of meat (beef) textural properties
N. Pematilleke, C. Pillidge, B. Adhikari and P. Torley
Common factor analysis of pork loin quality from chops cooked to 63°c
B. Fields, S. Jungst, E. Richards, D. Boler, A. Dilger, A. Sosnicki and N. Matthews

Session 2. Free papers

Pre-slaughter hide washing affects meat quality in pasture finished cattle
Farrah L Preston, Michael J Wilkes, Peter McGilchrist, Wayne S Pitchford
Carcass chilling method and electrical stimulation effects on meat quality and color in lamb
Maggie A Mickelson, Robyn D Warner, Rod J Polkinghorne, Dennis L Seman, Peter M Crump, James R Claus
Optimization of the electrical parameters of a new generation medium voltage stimulator in a Chinese abattoir
Xiaokai Ji, Yimin Zhang, Lixian Zhu, David L. Hopkins, Lebao Niu, Xin Luo
Understanding of beef tenderness variability based on the continuum data using chemometrics: a proof-of-concept study
Mohammed Gagaoua, Valérie Monteils, Jean-François Hocquette, Brigitte Picard
Effects of mitochondrial function on beef color stability during early postmortem
Xin Li, Guangjing Tian, Manting Du, Dequan Zhang
New freshness index, method and device to determine freshness status of meat and fish
Tõnu Püssa, Aleksandr Frorip, Artur Kuznetsov, Alar Sünter, Dea Anton, Piret Raudsepp
Betaine ameliorates the impact of heat stress in broilers, improving breast muscle growth and reducing drip loss
Majid Shakeri, Jeremy Cottrell, Robyn Warner, Frank Dunshea
Changes in the lamb meat microbiome during cold storage
Mohammed Aladhadh, Christopher Pillidge, Slobodanka Stojkovic, Harsharn Gill , Mark Osborn
In-plant validation study of harvest process controls in two beef processing plants in Honduras
Diego E Casas, Mark Miller, Brenda Inestroza, Maria Bueso, Ricardo Paz, Miriam Bueno, Nelson Huerta, Alexandra Calle, Mindy Brashears
Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in smoked bacon
Thais C Merlo, Luciano Molognoni, Heitor Daguer, Carolina N Aroeira, Erick Saldaña, Mariana Dargelio, Carmen J Contreras-Castillo
Ractopamine withdrawal in yearling steers: sampling and residue testing of regulatory target and off-target tissues
Haley E. Davis, Ifigenia Geornaras, Dale R. Woerner, Robert J. Delmore, Crystal-Dawn Badger, Roger L. Saltman, Jacqueline D. Killmer, Jessica E. Prenni, Keith E. Belk
Pulse field gel electrophoresis analysis of salmonella isolated from three Chinese beef abattoirs
Pengcheng Dong, Yimin Zhang, Yunge Liu, Lixian Zhu, Xin Luo
Effect of Lactobacillus salivarius L28 used as a feed additive on the antimicrobial resistance of commensal organisms of feedlot cattle
Andrea R English, Alejandro Echeverry, Jhones O Sarturi , Tosha L Opheim , Kendra K Nightingale, Markus F Miller, Mindy M Brashears
Effect of Lactobacillus salivarius L28 used as a feed additive on the gut microbiome of feedlot cattle
Andrea R English, Mindy M Brashears, Scott A Handley, Diana I Ayala , Alejandro Echeverry , Jhones O Sarturi , Tosha L Opheim, Markus F Miller , Kendra K Nightingale
Reduction of microbial loads on beef trimmings using a submersion intervention treatment in a commercial fabrication facility in the United States
April K Englishbey, Mindy M Brashears, Alejandra Ramirez-Hernandez, Alejandro Echeverry, Markus F Miller
Molecular identification and antimicrobial resistance assessment of bacterial isolates collected from sheep carcasses in Honduran harvest facilities
Savannah J Forgey, Diego E Casas, Marie Bugarel, Sam P Jackson, Markus F Miller, Mindy Brashears
Relationship between factors of freshness and torrymeter value of Hanwoo beef striploin during storage
Hee-Jin Kim, Dongwook Kim, Hye-Jin Kim, Aera Jang
Combination of high pressure processing and natural antimicrobials to control Listeria monocytogenes in uncured cooked turkey
Anh Linh Nguyen, Saurabh Kumar
Validation and evaluation of performance indicators of the Corbion® listeria control model on ready-to-eat meat products
Karin I Beekmann-Metselaar, Anh Linh Nguyen, Saurabh Kumar, Dennis L. Seman
Controversy on the correlation between red and processed meat consumption and colorectal cancer risk from an Asian perspective
Sun Jin Hur, Cheorun Jo, Yohan Yoon, Jong Youn Jeong, Keun Taik Lee
Evaluation of two Lactobacillus strains as protective cultures for biopreservation of low-salt sausage: effect on bacterial communities
Mei Xu, Pan Huang, Conggui Chen, Peijun Li
Acid tolerance response of Listeria monocytogenes in different pHs and concentrations of lactic acid
Yunge Liu, Pengcheng Dong, Yimin Zhang, Luo Xin
Treatment time and voltage effects of dielectric barrier discharge atmospheric cold plasma to reduce E. coli O157:h7 on pork Longissimus lumborum
Mingming Huang, Ji Luo, Jiamei Wang, Wenjing Yan, JianHao Zhang
Distribution and phenotypic characteristics of antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli across animals species from a single production unit
Rosine Manishimwe, Kendra K Nightingale, Guy H Loneragan, Mindy M Brashears
Preliminary study on the mechanism of global regulators mediated nitrite reduction in Lactobacillus plantarum FQR
Lin Mei, Wenzhe Wei, Jiao Chen, Zhigeng Wang
Hot water decontamination of E. coli on beef surfaces: inactivation modeling and meat surface change
Brice Minvielle, Kenneth R. Davey, Connor J. Thomas
Microbiological evaluation of carcasses surfaces and stored beef cuts following spray-chilling
Cristiano S. Prado, Francine O.S. Duarte, Maria Izabel A. Souza, Clarice Gebara, Iolanda A. Nunes, Cláudia P. Bueno, Cintia S. Minafra-Rezende
Differences in the responses of ICoMST delegates to a meat consumer survey compared to non-expert consumers in five countries: hygiene and food safety aspects
Peter Purslow, Rosana Cepeda, Cáffaro Cáffaro, Lorena Garitta, Miriam Sosa, Damian Frank, Lisa Duizer, Tania Ngapo, Heather Bruce, Renata Nassu, Maeve Hinchion
Antimicrobial resistance patterns and pathogen whole genome sequencing of chicken carcass rinse samples collected during processing
Alejandra Ramirez-Hernandez, Marie Bugarel, Sanjay Kumar, Harshavardhan Thippareddi, Mindy Brashears, Marcos X Sanchez-Plata
Degrading sarcoplasmic protein and biogenic amine by lactic acid bacteria isolated from Sichuan traditional sausage
Yuanyuan Tian, Jian Liu, Jiuqiang Guan, Xiaolin Luo, Qun Sun
Acid electrolyzed water disinfection of Pseudomonas fluorescens adhesive biofilms, detached biofilms and planktonic cells
Linlin Cai, Haijing Hu, Huhu Wang, Xinglian Xu, Guanghong Zhou
Causative factors for greening of vacuum-packaged lamb
N McPhail, Robert Barlow, Janet Stark, Robyn Warner
Investigation of anthracene and anthraquinone in smoked frankfurter-type sausages
Lisa Zastrow, Karl-Heinz Schwind, Fredi Schwägele, Karl Speer

Session 3. Food safety and microbiology

The role of meat in foodborne disease: is there a coming revolution in risk assessment and management?
Narelle Fegan, Ian Jenson (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 22-29)
Genetics and microbiology of meat
Margaret D Weinroth, Brianna C Britton, Keith E Belk (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 15-21)
A validation study to demonstrate the reduction of pathogenic bacteria in a non-heated dry fermented salami
Zdenek Cech, Jan Larsen, Nathan Flick, Juergen Schwing, Véronique Zuliani
Control of microbial stability using vegetable ingredients (raddish, onion, garlic) in a processed meat product with reduced sodium levels
Mauricio A Redondo-Solano, Yorleny Araya-Quesada, Adriana Araya-Morice
Microbiological and sensory evaluation of different types of meat from beef carcasses treated with lactic acid
Brice Minvielle, Mickael A. Fleyry, Valérie Hardit
Impact of feeding stage, cattle source, and season on salmonella prevalence in bovine lymph nodes
Ashley N Arnold, Aeriel D Belk, Kathryn J Nickelson, Jason E Sawyer, Davey B Griffin, T. Matthew Taylor, Jeffrey W Savell, Kerri B Gehring
Comparing fecal and meat resistomes in U.S. beef, pork, and broiler production
Margaret D Weinroth, Xiang Yang, Pablo Rovira, Jennifer Parker, Paul S Morley, Keith E Belk
Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry as a rapid and non-destructive method for determination of physiological maturity scores in steers
Óscar López-Campos, Ivy Larsen, Nuria Prieto, Manuel Juárez, Michael E.R. Dugan, Jennifer L. Aalhus
Estimation of cattle age using visible-near-infrared scans of hides
Tharcilla Alvarenga, Mario Palendeng, David Hopkins, Stephanie Fowler, Peter McGilchrist, Suresh Thennadil
Computed tomography has improved precision for prediction of intramuscular fat percent in the striploin in cattle compared to manual grading
Fiona Anderson, Andrew Williams, Jonathan Cook, Graham E Gardner
Association of genomic markers (SNP) in the cast gene with tenderness in South African purebred beef cattle
Lorinda Frylinck, Annie Basson, Phillip E Strydom
Association of genomic markers (SNP) in the capn-1 gene with tenderness in South African purebred beef cattle
Lorinda Frylinck, Annie Basson, Phillip E Strydom
An analysis of differential gene expression profiles of half-sibling Limousin bulls divergent in intramuscular fat measured post slaughter
Stafford Vigors, Torres Sweeney, Jamie Cafferky, Andrew Cromie, Ruth M Hamill
Can scanning live lambs with a prototype rapid DEXA predict CT carcase composition?
Honor B Calnan, Peter McGilchrist, Caitlin Giardina, Graham E Gardner
Fat prediction of lamb using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry is precise through changing processing factors
S.L. Connaughton, A. Williams, K.R. Kelman, F. Anderson, S.E. Starling, G.E. Gardner
Transferability of prediction equations between NIR instruments for predicting intramuscular fat and moisture in homogenised beef M. longissimus thoracis
C.R. Craigie, M.M. Reis, P.D. Muir, N.B. Smith, B.C. Thompson and P.R. Shorten
Computed tomography for comparing the lean meat content of different genotypes of entire male pigs
Gerard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols, Marie-Jose Mercat
Mini NIR spectrophotometer for predicting intramuscular fat in beef: a comparison with high resolution NIR spectrophotometers
H. Q. Pham, 2, C. Tu, Y. Dixit, M. Agnew, C. Craigie and M. M. Reis
Prediction of carcase intramuscular fat and marbling using live-animal ultrasound in Australian Angus
Christian J Duff, Julius H.J van der Werf, Peter F Parnell, Sam A Clark
Prediction of intermuscular fat of lamb topside in-situ using near infrared spectroscopy
Stephanie Fowler, David Hopkins
Prediction of Aus-meat color at grading by measuring meat color using a NIX color sensor
Paula A. Gonzalez-Rivas, Gavin Kearney, Cameron Steel , Peter McGilchrist, Robyn D. Warner
Non-invasive methods to measure physiological responses of cattle immediately prior to slaughter and their relation to sensory quality of beef
Maria Jorquera Chavez, Sigfredo Fuentes, Frank R Dunshea, Ellen Jongman, Rod Polkingorne, Robyn D Warner
Relationship between the non-invasive measurement of physiological responses of cattle immediately prior to slaughter and muscle ultimate pH
Maria Jorquera Chavez, Sigfredo Fuentes, Frank R Dunshea, Ellen Jongman, Rod Polkingorne, Robyn D Warner
Potential of near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) in predicting pork belly softness
Philip O. Soladoye, Nuria Prieto, scar Lpez-Campos, Jennifer L. Aalhus, Bethany Uttaro, Jordan Roberts, Ivy L. Larsen, Phyllis Shand, Claude Garipy, Manuel Jurez
Accuracy of measurement values from MIJ-camera system for beef grading of Japanese black in Japanese abattoir
Keigo Kuchida, Yoichi Sakaguchi, Atsushi Kano, Yako Goto, Hisashi Komine
Characterization of marbling fleck distribution and its relationship with objective tenderness parameters in high-marbled Hanwoo steers
B. Lee, Y. Lee, E. Oh, S. Yun, H. Kwon, B. D. Kim, K. Kuchida, and Y. M. Choi
Non-invasive technique using low cost portable microwave system on carcase for fat depth measurement
J. Marimuthu, J. Hocking-Edwards and G.E. Gardner
Using CT scanning to measure tissue volume - what is the problem?
Dennis B. Nielsen, Lars B. Christensen, Peter Vorup and Eli V. Olsen
Using objective measurement technology to differentiate between lamb ages
Claire E Payne, Fiona Anderson, Graham E Gardner, Liselotte Pannier, David W Pethick
Toward noninvasive measurement of meat quality in live animals using deep tissue Raman spectroscopy
Saeideh Ostovar Pour, Christopher Pillidge, Stephenie Fowler, David Hopkins, Peter Torley, Harsharn Gill and Ewan W. Blanch
The study of the condition of carcass tissues and internal organs of pigs upon critical impact of CO2 -stunning
O.A. Kuznetsova, A.A. Semenova, T.G. Kuznetsova, A.I. Sinichkina
Metabolomics profiling and chemical analyses to identify compounds associated with palatability attributes of dry-aged beef loins
Derico Setyabrata, Danyi Ma, Bruce R. Cooper, Tiago J.P. Sobreira, Yuan H. Brad Kim
An investigation into the development of electrochemical screen-printed biosensors for fatty acid analysis
Amy Smart, Adrian Chew, Olena Doran, John P. Hart
Early prediction of semimembranosus ultimate pH with Raman spectroscopy of pig carcasses
Antoine AV Vautier, Thierry TL Lhommeau, Rico RC Scheier, Heinar HC Schmidt
Non-invasive prediction of meat quality for individual animals at slaughter
Kumar Vetharaniam, Carrick E Devine, Cameron R Craigie, Mustafa M Farouk, Graham E Gardner, Nazimah SA Hamid, Peter P Purslow
Combination of hyperspectral imaging and r statistics for monitoring moisture in Japanese big sausages under different storage conditions
Chao-Hui Dr. Feng, Yoshio Professor Makino, Masatoshi Yoshimura
Characterization and authentication of Taihe black-boned silky fowl muscles using LC/MS-based lipidomics
Si Mi, Ke Shang, Wei Jia, Chun-Hui Zhang, Xia Li, Yu-Qing Fan, Hang Wang
Raman spectroscopy for the differentiation of muscles and tissues in meat using chicken as a model system
Patience T. Shoko, Christopher J. Pillidge, Ewan W. Blanch and Peter J. Torley
Determination of residual blood content fluctuations of pork in emulsion-type sausages using UPLC-MS/MS
Christian Stader, Fredi Schwägele, Dagmar Brüggemann, Wolfgang Jira

Session 4. Free papers

Hydrodynamic shockwave treatment of meat for accelerated tenderisation and aging
Roman Buckow, Tomas Bolumar, Bo-Anne Rohlik, Aarti Tobin
Vitamin E concentration in alpaca meat and its impact on oxidative traits during retail display
Melanie A. Smith, Courtney L. Nelson, Tamara E. Biffin, Evelyn J. Hall, Russell D. Bush, David L. Hopkins
Biochemical changes in 140-day stored vacuum packaged chilled beef and potential shelf-life markers
Damian Frank, Joanne Hughes, Uday Piyasiri, Yimin Zhang, Mandeep Kaur, Yutao Li, Glen Mellor, Janet Stark
Investigation of exopolysaccharide-producing strains in fat-reduced spreadable raw fermented sausage
Jonas Hilbig, Julia Gisder, Myriam Loeffler, Kurt Herrmann, Jochen Weiss
Effect of the addition of Brosimum gaudichaudii and Pyrostegia venusta hydroalcoholic extracts on the oxidative stability of beef burgers
Nicoly SO Ferreira, Michele Rosset , Grazielli Lima , Patricia MS Campelo , Renata EF Macedo
Antioxidant supplementation is ineffective to reduce the frequency of PSE-like zones in pork hams
Antoine AV Vautier, Thierry TL Lhommeau, Aurélie AP Promeyrat, Thierry TS Sayd, Véronique VSL Santé-Lhoutellier
Exploring snacking behaviour of elderly for development of concept meat products
Behannis Jasmin Mena Chalas, Scott Hutchings, Hollis Ashman, Robyn Warner

Session 5. Revolution in biometrics and consumer sensory sciences

Novel approaches to understand sensory and consumer responses toward food products: A review with a focus on meat
Damir Dennis Torrico, Scott C Hutchings, Minh Ha, Evan P Bittner, Sigfredo Fuentes, Robyn D Warner, Frank R Dunshea (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 30-42)
Factors affecting lamb eating quality and the potential for their integration into an MSA sheepmeat grading model
L. Pannier, G.E.Gardner, R.A. O'Reilly, D.W.Pethick (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 43-52)
Understanding the effect of healthy trends on the aroma of wet and dry cured meat products
Monica Flores (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 53-61)
Consumer acceptability of meat from lambs fed different pre-slaughter diets
Rufielyn S Gravador, Caoimhe Casey, Vasiliki Gkarane, Nigel P Brunton, Alan G Fahey, Aidan P Moloney, Noel A Claffey, Michael G Diskin, Linda J Farmer, Paul Allen, Frank J Monahan
Chinese consumer assessment of sheep meat in traditional hotpot: the role of muscularity and intramuscular fat %
Rachel A O'Reilly, Liselotte Pannier, Graham E Gardner, Liping Zhao, Hailing Luo, Qingxiang Meng, David W Pethick
Consumer response to eating quality of ovine and bovine meat and demographic effects
Melindee Hastie, Minh Ha, Hollis Ashman, Robyn Warner, Damir Torrico

Session 6. Revolution in biometrics and consumer sensory sciences

Opportunities and perspectives for meat industry co-products utilisation
Sarah A. Lynch, Anne Maria Mullen, Eileen O'Neill, Liana Drummond, Carlos Álvarez (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 62-73)
Understanding postmortem biochemical processes and post-harvest aging factors to develop novel smart-aging strategies
Yuan H. Brad Kim, Danyi Ma, Derico Setyabrata, Mustafa M. Farouk, Steven M. Lonergan, Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan, Melvin C. Hunt (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 74-90)
DMHF generated from the Maillard reaction in cooked meats promotes appetite
Issei Yokoyama, Motoko Ohata, Yusuke Komiya, Jun Nagasao, Keizo Arihara
Effects of combining PEF treatment and drying conditions on conjugated linoleic acid and lipid oxidation of NZ venison
Tanyaradzwa E. Mungure, John Birch, Alan Carne, Ian Stewart, Mustafa M. Farouk, Alaa EDA Bekhit
A novel functional food material prepared from collagen-derived peptides by the Maillard reaction
Keizo Arihara, Issei Yokoyama, Jun Nagasao, Yusuke Komiya
Collagen contents and chemical properties of extracts from pork skin by temperature and time
I. K. Bae, K. J. Kim, J. S. Choi, ,J. H. Kim, J. H. Lee, and Y. I. Choi
Long aging and haem and non haem iron in beef meat from pasture and concentrated based production system
Maria Cristina Cabrera, Angela Felice, Marta Del Puerto, Ali Saadoun, Alejandra Terevinto
Bioaccessibility of iron, zinc and copper in longissimus and psoas muscles during the aging from Angus steers fed pasture or concentrated
Maria Cristina Cabrera, Angela Felice, Alejandra Terevinto, Marta Del Puerto, Ali Saadoun
Fatty acid composition of retail cuts from carcases from grass fed lambs
Stephanie Fowler, Stephen Morris, David Hopkins
A systematic review assessing muscle food definitions in nutrition and health-related research
Cody L Gifford, Lauren E O'Connor, Yu Wang, Dale R Woerner, Keith E Belk, Wayne W Campbell
Nutritional composition of leg cuts from carcases of grain fed lambs
Stephanie Fowler, Stephen Morris, David L Hopkins
Anti-cancer effect of antioxidant peptide from Hanwoo beef round on HTC116 human colon cancer cells
Hye-Jin Kim, Dongwook Kim, Aera Jang
Textural properties of beef meatballs enriched with sugarcane fibre for elderly consumers
Behannis Jasmin Mena Chalas, Zhongxiang Fang, Minh Ha, Phyllis Shand, Robyn Warner
Effects of replacing supplemental sucrose with beef on maternal health and fetal growth and development using a sow biomedical model
Megan A Nelson, Alison K Ward, Kendall C Swanson, Kimberly A Vonnahme, Eric P Berg
Preliminary trial of an ex-vivo model of porcine intestinal sacs to study the effect of meat peptides on iron absorption
Elena González Borda, Karen Larsen, Roberto Najle, Peter Purslow, Guillermo Virkel, Adrian Lifschitz
A new strategy to enhance the thermal stability of myofibrillar protein aqueous solution
Xing Chen, Youling L Xiong, Xinglian Xu, Guanghong Zhou
Evaluation of the relationship between secondary structure and digestibility of myofibrillar proteins in cooked Jinhua ham
Changyu Zhou, Chunbao Li, Xinglian Xu, Guanghong Zhou
The effect of electrical stimulation and tenderstretching on colour and oxidation traits of alpaca (Vicugna pacos) meat
Tamara E Biffin, Melanie A Smith, Russell D Bush, Damian Collins, David L Hopkins
Vascular rinse & chill effects on meat quality and shelflife of beef
Ligia da Cunha Moreira, Charles Connolly, James R Claus
Physical meat quality of impala (Aepyceros melampus ) rams as influenced by production system.
Retha A. Engels, Louwrens C. Hoffman
Chemometrics and supervised learning for cows shear force prediction using the continuum data from farmgate to meat
Mohammed Gagaoua, Valérie Monteils, Brigitte Picard
A comparison of two thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARs) methods applied to aged beef evaluation
Benjamin WB Holman, Eric N Ponnampalam, Ashleigh K Kilgannon, Yimin Zhang, Matthew G Kerr, Kristy Bailes, David L Hopkins
Effects of spray-chilling on carcasses weight loss and on physicochemical quality on aged beef cuts
Cristiano S. Prado, Francine O.S. Duarte, Maria Izabel A. Souza, Moacir E. Lage, Cintia S. Minafra-Rezende, Antônio N. Oliveira, Edmar S. Nicolau
Influence of postmortem aging and storage on pork loin quality
Matthew D Schulte, Elizabeth A Zuber, Brian M Patterson, Amanda C Outhouse, Christine A Fedler, Edward M Steadham, Kenneth J Prusa, Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan, Steven M Lonergan
Effect of new generation medium voltage electrical stimulation on the meat quality of beef slaughtered in a Chinese abattoir
Yimin Zhang, Xiaokai Ji, David Hopkins, Lixian Zhu, Yanwei Mao, Xin Luo
Consumer acceptability of beef in regions of the British Isles?
Fui Shien Chong, Linda Farmer, Terence Hagan, Aidan Moloney, Joe Kerry, Maurice O'Sullivan
Consumer preference in terms of the weight of lamb shoulder roasts
David Hopkins, Jordan Hoban, Gavin Melville
Relationship between descriptive flavor and texture attributes and consumer liking of ground beef
Rhonda K Miller, Hannah L Laird, Blythe A Beavers, Chris R Kerth, Edgar Chambers IV, Koushik Adhikari, Shangci Wang
Is colour preference for beef changing for New Zealand consumers?
Carolina E Realini, Maryann Staincliffe, Kevin Taukiri, Cameron Craigie, Mustafa M Farouk
Combination of check-all-that-apply (cata) method and binominal logit model analysis for characterization of consumer perception for roasted pork loin
Keisuke Sasaki, Genya Watanabe, Michiyo Motoyama, Ikuyo Nakajima, Kazue Orita, Mitsuhito Matsumoto, Akane Ashihara, Aiko Ishida, Hiroaki Inoue, Miho Midorikawa, Fumika Homma, Minori Watanabe, Naoaki Obana, Takumi Narita, Tatsuro Hagi, Mika Oe, Koichi Ojima, Miho Kobayashi, Susumu Muroya, Masaru Nomura, Toru Hayashi, Kazunori Matsumoto
Beliefs of eastern European consumers about the meat from castrated pigs
Igor Tomasevic, Ilija Djekic, Maria Font-i-Furnols, Luis Guerrero, Marijke Aluwé, Marjeta Čandek-Potokar, Michel Bonneau, Ulrike Weiler
Consumer sensory evaluation of six beef muscles cooked with multiple dry heat methods
Kelly R. Vierck, J Chance Brooks, Mark F. Miller, Jerrad F. Legako
Metabolomics of cooked grass- or grain-fed beef steaks differing in marbling content and country of origin
Kayley R Wall, Chris R Kerth, Rhonda K Miller
Dynamics of dominant sensations of Wagyu beef assessed by temporal dominance of sensations
Genya Watanabe, Michiyo Motoyama, Kazue Orita, Keigo Takita, Ikuyo Nakajima, Atsushi Tajima, Atsuko Abe, Keisuke Sasaki
Pork rind production
Herbert Ockerman, Lopa Basu
Effects of injection time and post-mortem storage time on texture properties of beef topside treated with plant proteases
Aladin Bekhit, Gretchen Knarston, Alan Alan Carne
Effect of commercial proteases and in-house preparations of asparagus and kiwifruit extracts on the eating and keeping qualities of hot-boned beef
Aladin Bekhit, Minh Ha, Alan Carne, David Hopkins, Geert Geesink
Changes in meat flavour volatile profiles of beef bone hydrolysates during Maillard reaction
Jie Hong Chiang, Simon Loveday, Graham Eyres, Allan Hardacre, Michael Parker
Generation of taste-active amino acids and peptides from hydrothermal extraction of meat and organ meat
Santanu Deb-Choudhury, Jessica Gathercole, Stephen Haines, Anita Grosvenor, Erin Lee, Ancy Thomas, Evelyne Maes, Stefan Clerens
The effects of storage conditions on protein oxidation of rendered by-products
Carl A Frame, Elisabeth J Huff-Lonergan, Mariana C Rossoni-Serao
Eating quality of dry aged and wet-then-dry aged vs wet aged beef amongst Australian and Japanese consumers
Minh Ha, R Polkinghorne, P McGilchrist, L Huynh, J Galletly, N Nagura, H Ishitani, T Suzuki, T Nishimura, R D Warner
Effect of dietary echium oil supplementation on the omega-3 fatty acid composition and sensory quality of pork
Lize van Wyngaard, Phillip Strydom, Carlien Pohl-Albertyn, Ina van Heerden, Arnold Kanengoni, Foch-Henry de Witt, Arnold Hugo
Beef lung protein powder as a functional ingredient to enhance protein and iron content of plant-based diets
S. Reshan Jayawardena, James D. Morton, Charles S. Brennan, Zuhaib F. Bhat and Alaa El-Din A. Bekhit
Protective effect of Hanwoo beef loin diet on dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis animal model
Hye-Jin Kim, Dongwook Kim, Hee-Jin Kim, Aera Jang
Lipolytic and proteolytic activities of mold and yeast isolated from dry-aged beef and their application for dry aging process
Minsu Kim, Hyun Jung Lee, Bumjin Park, Hyemin Oh, Yohan Yoon, Cheorun Jo
Antimicrobial bioactivity of enzymetically hydrolyzed goat blood
Dinesh Krofa, Manish Chatli, Nitin Mehta, Pavan Kumar, Om Prakash Malav, Rajesh Wagh
Papain hydrolysates of goat liver as natural antioxidants
Dinesh Krofa, Manish Chatli, Nitin Mehta, Pavan Kumar, Om Prakash Malav, Rajesh Wagh
Volatile compounds profile of dry- and wet- aged beef
Vanessa C Francisco, Avelardo UC Ferreira, Gustavo F Vilella, Renata T Nassu, Servio B Pflanzer
Fatty acid composition of Pon Yang Kham beef tallow
Possathorn Pongpaew, Wanwimol Klaypradit, Pramoun Srikalong, Pajaree Ingkasupart, Soraya Kerdpiboon
Nitrite as a potent and versatile antioxidant additive in minced pork
Tõnu Püssa, Dea Anton, Piret Raudsepp
Liver-based infant complimentary food
N Jacob, S.M.C.S Samarakoon, M.M Farouk
Recombinant M9 peptidase as a promising raw meat softener
M Y Minaev, A A Makhova, Anastasiya Semenova
The dry aging of beef - a review
Franziska Witte, Volker Heinz, Nino Terjung
Mild heat treatment improves colour of dark beef Longissimus thoracis
Aarti Tobin, Alex Kanon, Tomas Bolumar, Joanne Hughes
Valorization of low commercial value porcine spleen proteins from slaughterhouse
Monica Toldra, Dolors Pares, Elena Saguer, Carmen Carretero
Effect of injecting kiwi juice on the tenderness of beef Biceps femoris
Deanna Virgilio, Minh Ha, Jason White, Robyn Warner
Organ-meat functionality and digestibility
Guojie Wu, T M Hicks, D Frost, M Staincliffe, M M Farouk
Evaluation of goose liver isolate as a food ingredient: a new approach for goose by-product utilization
Xue Zhao, Xin Li, Xing-Lian Xu, Su Zhuang, Tong Xing

Session 7. Next generation technologies to assess carcase and meat quality

Calibration of an on-line dual energy X-ray absorptiometer for estimating carcase composition in lamb at abattoir chain-speed
G.E.Gardner, S Starling, J. Charnley, J. Hocking-Edwards, J. Peterse, A. Williams (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 91-99)
Chemometrics and hyperspectral imaging applied to assessment of chemical, textural and structural characteristics of meat
Marlon M. Reis, Robbe Van Beers, Mahmoud Al-Sarayreh, Paul Shorten, Wei Qi Yan, Wouter Saeys, Reinhard Klette, Cameron Craigie (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 100-109)
Marbling score versus intramuscular fat % as predictors of beef eating quality
Sarah M Stewart, Graham E Gardner, Peter McGilchrist, David W Pethick, Rod Polkinghorne, John M Thompson, Garth Tarr
Online CT for assessment of meat quality
Lars Bager Christensen, Dennis Brandborg Nielsen
Quality and consumer acceptability of in-bag dry- and wet-aged lamb
Renyu Zhang, Michelle J Yoo, Cameron R Craigie, Maryann Staincliffe, Carolina E Realini, John C McEwan, Mustafa M Farouk
Two optimum pH for zinc protoporphyrin IX formation exist in pork
Mofassara Akter, Fumika Honma, Md. Asaduzzaman, Toru Hayakawa, Haruto Kumura, Jun-ichi Wakamatsu
Searching for high ZnPP-forming bacteria for application to meat products
Md. Asaduzzaman, Momo Ohya, Mofassara Akter, Toru Hayakawa, Haruto Kumura, Jun-ichi Wakamatsu
Effects of dietary fibers on the quality characteristics of pork blends
I. K. Bae, K. J. Kim, Y. I. Choi, J. H. Lee, and J. S. Choi
Assessment of ultrasound effects on pork meat brining
Tiago Luis Barretto, Patricia M.O.C Silva, Joao P Cano, Roger D Barbosa, Andrea C Silva Barretto, Javier Telis-Romero
Evaluation the influence of free and microencapsulated sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate in fresh sausage
Elisa R.B. Bellucci, Tiago L. Barretto, João G.A. Lemes, Eduardo Carità, Mariana A. Echala-Barrientos, Fernando V. Cavalcanti, Andrea C.S. Barretto
Origin of the cashmere sweater
Herbert Ockerman, Lopa Basu
Effect of partial replacement of pork fat with healthier oils on the physicochemical of dry-ripened sausage of Cachena breed
Paula Borrajo, Belén Gómez, Cristina Pérez-Santaescolástica, Francisco Allan Carvahlo, Camila Bis, Andrea Barretto, Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Daniel Franco Ruiz, Jose Lorenzo
Physicochemical properties of Cachena Pãté affected by partial substitution of pork fat with olive and canola oil
Paula Borrajo, Belén Gómez, Cristina Pérez-Santaescolástica, Francisco Allan Carvahlo, Camila Bis, Andrea Barretto, Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Daniel Franco Ruiz, Jose Lorenzo
Evaluation of skin-on goat meat processing on yield, processing time and Asian consumer preference in the U.S.
Michael D. Chao, Jennifer Y. Perez, Diana T. Ramirez and Patricia Garcia
Quality characteristics of Harbin dry sausages by inoculation with lactic acid bacteria and Staphylococcus xylosus
Ligang Qin, Baohua Kong, Qian Chen
Flavour formation of Harbin dry sausages by inoculation with lactic acid bacteria and Staphylococcus xylosus
Yingying Hu, Baohua Kong, Qian Chen
Sensory descriptive analysis of vienna sausage manufactured with modified starch using canonical variate analysis
Juan D. Rios-Mera, Erick Saldaña, Mariana Dargelio, Leticia C. Scalet, Patricia Martínez, Carmen Velezmoro, Manuel Plata-Oviedo, Carmen J. Contreras-Castillo
Effect of hot boning and cuts variation on eating quality of sauced beef
Yanwei Mao, Yimin Zhang, Pengcheng Dong, Rongrong Liang, Lulu Ren, Lixian Zhu, Xin Luo
Development and evaluation of lipid substitution approaches to reformulation of raw fermented sausage
Illya A. Fedotenko, Mogens L. Andersen and Dagmar A. Brggemann
Aroma changes during vacuum storage of nitrate reduced fermented sausages
Laura Perea-Sanz, Carmela Belloch, Mónica Flores
Technofunctionality of reprocessed pork collagen as meat replacer in emulsified sausages
Monika Gibis, Julian Krebs, Svenja Koop, Kurt Herrmann, Jochen Weiss
Pork meat quality as affected by carcass quality grade
Hoa Van Ba, Hyun-Woo Seo, Pil-Nam Seong, Soo-hyun Cho, Sun- Moon Kang, Yun-Seok Kim, Sung-Sil Moon, Yong-Min Choi and Jin-Hyoung Kim
The relationship of carcass measurements to carcass composition in Hanwoo steers
Hyun-Woo Seo, Hoa Van Ba, Pil-Nam Seong, Yunseok Kim, Sun Moon Kang, Soohyun Cho, Sung-Sil Moon, Yong-Min Choi and Jin-Hyoung Kim
Relationship between fresh colour (at grading) and colour stability measures for displayed dark or non-dark cutting beef
Benjamin WB Holman, Yimin Zhang, David L Hopkins
Does the price of South African lamb accurately reflect the percentage of meat of the loin chop?
Michelle Hope-Jones, Phillip E Strydom and Stephani du Plessis
Effect of celery powder on residual nitrite, color and sensory quality of Chinese style sausages
Bo-kai Hu, Yun-Chu Wu
The comparative analysis of the primal carcass cuts estimation accuracy performed using the optical-needle device and based on the chosen manual pork carcass measurements
Piotr PJ Janiszewski, Dariusz DL Lisiak, Karol KB Borzuta, Eugenia EG Grześkowiak
Effects of salt and phosphate types on the development of a natural pink color in cooked ground chicken breast
Jong Youn Jeong, Su Min Bae, Min Guk Cho, Gi Taek Hong
Replacement of phosphates by winter mushroom powder in emulsion-type sausages
Kyung Jo, Jeehwan Choe, Juri Lee, Cheorun Jo, Minho Song, Samooel Jung
The utilization of new lactic acid bacteria from Korean kimchi as a starter culture in fermented sausage
Sun Moon Kang, Ah Ran Maeng, Minyu Song, Jin-Hyoung Kim, Jun-Sang Ham, Pil-Nam Seong, Soohyun Cho, Yunseok Kim, So-Young Kim and Wan-Kyu Lee
Antioxidant activities of Cudrania tricuspidata (CT) leaves and fruits, and product quality of pork patties with CT powder
Ha Eun Kim, Geon Ho Kim, Koo Bok Chin
Evaluation of oleoresin paprika solution on product quality of emulsified-sausages during refrigerated storage
Geon Ho Kim, Ha Eun Kim, Sang Yoon, Koo Bok Chin
Physicochemical properties of emulsion-type sausage added buckwheat powder
S.H. Lee, G.W. Kim, J.H. Kim, B.K. Kim, C.S. Kim, J.A. Lee and H.Y. Kim
Meat quality of Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) made from fresh/chilled or frozen/thawed carcass
Hee-Jin Kim, Dicky T Utama, Haeseong Jeong, Juntae Kim, Sung Ki Lee
Effects of onion skin powder and black currant powder on physicochemical characteristics and lipid oxidation of Hanwoo beef Tteokgalbi
K. J. Kim, I. K. Bae, J. S. Choi, J. H. Lee, Y. S. Choi and Y. I. Choi
Effect of dry-aging on physico-chemical quality property of loin and top round muscles from Hanwoo cow
Soohyun Cho, Yunseok Kim, Sun Moon Kang, Hyun-Woo Seo, Van Ba Hoa, Youngchun Kim, Jinhyung Kim
Comparison of physicochemical properties of diacylglycerol prepared by ultrasound pretreatment and conventional method
Xinxin Zhao, Qinxiu Sun and Baohua Kong
Proximate composition of reformed Chinese sausage style pork snack added with mangosteen rind or pulp and seed mix
Chanya Kongrith, Rutcharin Limsupavanich, Sawankamol Noidad, Pongsapak Intoum
Reducing cooking time of sous vide cooked pulled pork using proteolytic enzymes
Louise Hofer, Lars Kristensen, Mari Ann Tørngren
Evaluation of basil seed gum on physical and structural changes of low-fat sausages at different salt levels
Chang Hoon Lee, Ji Seon Choi, Koo Bok Chin
Physicochemical and textural properties of chicken breast sausages added with different salt levels
Jiseon Choi, Chang Hoon Lee, Koo Bok Chin
Curing of meat batter with plasma-treated juice of red Perilla
Juri Lee, Kyung Jo, Samooel Jung
Assessment of physical features of reduced sodium raw ham
Reinaldo Letelier Contreras, Fernando González Schnake, Pedro Melín Marín , Paula Gädicke L´Huissier
Effect of microwave heating on shear force and microstructure of yak meat
Sining Li, Shanhu Tang, Liguo Yan
The quality of Taiwanese-style meatball used pre-gelatinized pork skin slurry as meat replacement during frozen storage
Y. H. Tang, J. H. Liu and D. C. Liu
Effect of hot boning and cuts variation on tenderness of sauced beef
Yanwei Mao, Yimin Zhang, Yunge Liu, Lulu Ren, Lixian Zhu, Xin Luo
Physicochemical, fatty acid composition and lipid oxidation of warthog Cabanossi with different levels of pork fat content
Leo Nyikadzino LN Mahachi, Elodie E Arnaud, Voster V Muchenje, Monlee M Rudman, Louwrens LC Hoffman
Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on reducing of sodium chloride and sodium phosphate of beef gels
Anastasiia Maksimenko, Ryo Kikuchi, Satomi Tsutsuura, Tadayuki Nishiumi
Frankfurter quality characteristics and rheological properties of mechanically separated chicken and chicken breast meat
Danika K Miller, Laura E Yoder, Nuria C Acevedo, Steven M Lonergan, Joe G Sebranek, Rodrigo Tarté
Effect of protamine and its hydrolysates on the rheological properties of porcine myofibril gels
Yuji Miyaguchi, Tomomi Shibuya, Yasuki Ogawa
Effect of combining PEF treatment and drying conditions on weight loss and shear force of venison
Tanyaradzwa Mungure, John Birch, Alan Carne, Ian Stewart, Mustafa M. Farouk, Alaa EDA Bekhit
The effect of low-temperature long-time sous vide cooking on tenderness in beef Bicep femoris and Semitendinosus muscles
Zahra Naqvi, Peter Thomson, Minh Ha, David McGill, Robyn Warner
Effectiveness of lentil (Lens culinaris medicus) components for replacing phosphates in mechanically separated chicken bologna
Darshika P.M.H. Pathiraja, Phyllis J. Shand
Effect of ultrasonically assisted thermal and high-pressure treatments on amino acid profile of dry-cured ham
Cristina C Pérez-Santaescolástica, Belen B Gómez, José V. J.V. García-Perez, Elena E Fulladosa, José J Benedito, Paula P Borrajo, Daniel D Franco, Jose J.M. Lorenzo
Effect of muscle type on volatile profile of dry-cured ham
Cristina C Pérez-Santaescolástica, Belen B Gómez, José Vicente J.V. García-Pérez, Elena E Fulladosa, José J Benedito, Paula P Borrajo, Daniel D Franco Ruiz, Jose J.M. Lorenzo
Effect of low pressure sous-vide cooking on color and weight changes of chicken breast
Benyapa Rattanarottakun, Soraya Kerdpiboon, Pramoun Srikalong, Thipchanok Chattiang
The application and prospect of green manufacturing technology in modern processing of traditional meat products
Xiaopu Ren, Yawei Zhang, Wangang Zhang, Zengqi Peng
Tenderizing effects of two enzymes on bovine semitendinosus muscle
Rune Rødbotten, Christine Thormodsrud, Vibeke Høst, Eva Veiseth-Kent
Effects of inclusion of date seed oil and extract on lipid oxidation and fatty acid composition of pork patties
M. A. de la Rosa-Alcaraz, G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia, M. C. Estrada-Montoya, H. Astiazarán-García, A. F. González-Córdova, B. Vallejo-Galland, José Ángel Pérez-Alvarez. Juana Fernández-López and Armida Sánchez-Escalante
Comparison to BHT/BHA and astaxanthin on oxidation stability of cooked pork sausage during cold storage
Jin-Kyu Seo, Md. Ashrafuzzaman Zahid, Jun-Young Park, Jin-Yeon Jeong, Han-Sul Yang
Combination effects of high pressure and vinegar on the quality properties of emulsion-type sausages
Dongjin Shin, Juhui Choe, Sang Hui Lee, Hae In Yong, Cheorun Jo
Pressure-induced changes in water characteristics in fresh and cooked beef
Anita L Sikes, Ron K Tume, Wangang Zhang, Bruce D'Arcy, Guanghong Zhou
Characterization of Thai beef macromolecular changes under various sous-vide cooking conditions: an infrared microspectroscopy study
Pattama Supaphon, Soraya Kerdpiboon, Annie Vénien, Olivier Loison, Thierry Astruc
Structural changes of local Thai beef during sous-vide cooking
Pattama Supaphon, Soraya Kerdpiboon, Annie Vénien, Olivier Loison, Thierry Astruc
The effect of feeding the fatteners with the feed, containing a high content of maize on the fatty acid profile in a smoked loin
Piotr Szymański, Dariusz Lisiak, Urszula Siekierko, Jakub Kern-Jędrychowski, Piotr Moch, Anna Okoń, Jakub Lasek
Effects of smoking and liquid smoke on the suppression of lactic acid bacteria in meat products
Shiro Takeda, Yuki Kinoshita, Masahiro Waga, Ryoichi Sakata
Effects of emulsified blend oil on the physico-chemical and sensory properties of yak meat sausages
Shanhu Tang, Sining Li, Yuchuan Zheng
Effect of polyphenols on formation of benzo(a)pyrene in charcoal-grilled meat
Huiyuan Wang, Chong Wang, Guanghong Zhou
The effects of simultaneously heated pork meat and resistant starch on intestinal health in mice
Xixi Wang, Peijun Li, Yu Wang, Qiong Pan, Conggui Chen
Effect of resistant corn starch on the thermal gelling properties of chicken breast myosin
Xixi Wang, Yueshuang Li, Ying Zhou, Peijun Li, Fei Ma, Conggui Chen
Effects of NaCl content on functional properties of wooden breast broiler chicken meat
Tong Xing, Xue Zhao, Su Zhuang, Xinglian Xu
Modification of textural properties of reduced-salt emulsion-type sausage by glucose oxidase
Xu Wang, Youling L. Xiong
Effect of Caesalpinia sappan L. extract on physicochemical traits of cooked pork sausage during cold storage
Jin-Kyu Seo, Md. Ashrafuzzaman Zahid, Jun-Young Park, Han-Sul Yang
Quality properties of low fat pork sausage with added bovine heart surimi like materials
Md. Ashrafuzzaman Zahid, Jin-Kyu Seo, Jun-Young Park, Han-Sul Yang
Effect of rice bran oil replacement on lipid and protein oxidation of pork patties during frozen storage
Jun-Young Park, Jin-Yeon Jeong, Jin-Kyu Seo, Han-Sul Yang
Effect of non-allergen binders on functionalities and sensory characteristics of low sodium pork bolognas
Tianzhi Yang, Zeb Pietrasik, Mirko Betti
The effect of oxidation on textural and water holding properties of myofibrillar protein gel and its mechanism
Yu-ling Yang, Lei Zhou, Yuan You, Xiao-zhi Tang and Su-meng Wei
Structural changes of collagen during heating
Miao Zhang, Shuran Zhu, Guanghong Zhou, Xinglian Xu, Chunbao Li
Stepwise in-bag dry-ageing of lean beef
Renyu R Zhang, Michelle M.J. Yoo, Tanyaradzwa T.E. Mungure, Alaa E.D. Bekhit, Mustafa M.M. Farouk
Ultrasonic pretreatment promotes diacylglycerol production from lard by lipase-catalysed glycerolysis
Baohua Kong, Xinxin Zhao, Dongmei Zheng

Session 8. Free papers

Assessment of meat eating quality characteristics of beef M. longissimus thoracis et lumborum by way of Raman spectroscopy
Jamie Cafferky, Raquel Cama-Moncunill, Torres Sweeney, Paul Allen, Andrew Cromie, Ruth M Hamill
Estimation of meat tenderness using visible-near-infrared spectroscopy
Tharcilla Alvarenga, Mario Palendeng, David Hopkins, Stephanie Fowler, Peter McGilchrist, Suresh Thennadil
Analyzing intramuscular fat content in pork Longissimus lumborum using Raman spectroscopy
Petter V Andersen, Bjørg Narum, Nils Kristian Afseth, Jens Petter Wold
Towards an automated pork belly system based on degree of firmness
Manuel Juarez, Bethany Uttaro, Sophie Zawaldski, Jennifer Aalhus, Oscar Lopez-Campos, Nuria Prieto
Metabolomics profiling of meat exudate to understand the impact of postmortem aging on oxidative stability of beef muscles
Derico Setyabrata, Danyi Ma, Bruce R. Cooper, Tiago J.P. Sobreira, Yuan H. Brad Kim
Towards a Pan-European computed tomography procedure for determining the new EU lean meat content of pigs
Gerard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols
Opportunities and challenges in food automation - shaping the future
Koorosh Khodabandehloo

Session 9. Glycolytic and glycogenolytic metabolism across species

On farm factors increasing dark cutting in pasture finished beef cattle
KMW Loudon, IJ Lean, DW Pethick, GE Gardner, LJ Grubb, AC Evans, P McGilchrist (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 110-117)
Postmortem glycolysis and glycogenolysis: insights from species comparisons
Surinder S Chauhan, Eric M England (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 118-126)
Contribution of collagen and connective tissue to cooked meat toughness; some paradigms reviewed
Peter Purslow (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 127-134)
Contribution of nitric oxide and protein S-nitrosylation to variation in fresh meat quality
Rui Liu, Robyn Dorothy Warner, Guanghong Zhou, Wangang Zhang (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 135-146)

Session 10. Free papers

Tenderizing effects of protease extract from Solanum dubium seed in longissimus muscle from Sudanese beef cattle
Ahmed DA Biraima, Edward C Webb
Sarcoplasmic protein profile as a predictor of aged pork loin tenderness
Matthew D Schulte, Elizabeth A Zuber, Brian M Patterson, Amanda C Outhouse, Christine A Fedler, Edward M Steadham, Kenneth J Prusa, Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan, Steven M Lonergan
Inhibition of cathepsins reduces longitudinal shrinkage and prevents transversal swelling during heating of semitendinosus muscle fiber fragments
Rozita Spirovska Vaskoska, Minh Ha, Lydia Ong, Sally L Gras, Gavin Kearney, Jason D White, Robyn Warner
Light scattering in beef longissimus muscle is mainly generated by shrinkage of the myofilament lattice, myofibrils & muscle fibres.
Joanne Hughes, Frank Clarke, Peter Purslow, Robyn Warner
Metabolomic investigation of tenderness and aging response in beef longissimus steaks
David A. King, Steven D Shackelford, Corey D. Broeckling, Jessica E. Prenni, Keith E. Belk, Tommy L. Wheeler
Effect of pulsed electric field on the calpain activity and proteolysis of beef semimembranosus muscle
Zuhaib F Bhat, James D Morton, Sue L Mason, Ala El-Din A Bekhit
Meat metabolome of Nellore male with divergent genetic potential for growth
Nara Regina Brandão Cônsolo, Juliana Silva, Vicente L. M Buarque, Mariane Beline, Angel R. H Padilla, Isabel D. Coutinho, Luiz A Colnago, Saulo da L e Silva
Consumer acceptability of bison steaks treated with oregano and rosemary extracts
Vipasha Sood, Wenchao Tian, Susan D. Arntfield, Claudia Narvaez-Bravo, Argenis Rodas-Gonzalez
Effect of electrical stimulation on beef carcass during the maturation period under commercial conditions in Uruguay
Caterina Rufo, Juan J Carriquiry, Ana L García, Aldo Temesio, Giannina Brugnini
The effect of season and post-transport rest on alpaca (Vicunga pacos) meat glycogen content and ultimate pH values
Tamara E Biffin, Melanie A Smith, Russell D Bush, David L Hopkins
Effects of breed and energy level on lamb meat quality and retail shelf-life
Surinder Chauhan, Eric Ponnampalam, Frank Dunshea, Robyn Warner
Glycolytic capacity does not predict the ultimate pH of Australian pork loin
Cameron Jose
Effect of different acute heat stress degree on AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in chicken meat
Rongrong Liang, Mingyue Zhang, Minghao Zhang, Xin Luo
Metabolomic analysis of exudate from meat with different level of drip loss in relations to meat quality
Wiesław Przybylski, Piotr Sałek, Lucyna Kozłowska, Danuta Jaworska, Justyna Stańczuk
Dietary supplementation with β-alanine failed to increase ultimate pH and to improve meat quality in pigs
Martin Scheeder, Martina Müller Richli
Temperature-humidity index has no effect on the incidence of dark cutting in Australian grain fed beef
Cameron C Steel, Paula A Gonzalez-Rivas, Garth Tarr, Fran Cowley, Robyn D Warner, Peter McGilchrist
Molecular pathways for adipose tissue are altered between animals classed by marbling as choice or standard
Jane A Boles, Sarah Blatter, Jennifer M Thomson, James G Berardinelli
Characteristics of skeletal muscle collagen of Wuzhumuqin sheep from natural grazing
Xue Wenjun, Wu Qiong, Yun Yueying, Wu Rihan, Sha Lina and Gerelt Borjigin
Relationship between the white striping and woody breast myopathies in broiler breast fillets
Brian C Bowker, Hong Zhuang, Seung-Chul Yoon
Influence of oxidative damage to proteins on beef tenderness
Jéssica M. Malheiros, Camila P. Braga, Ryan A. Grove, Felipe A. Ribeiro, Chris R. Calkins, Jiri Adamec, Luis Artur L. Chardulo
Presence and distribution of procollagen and collagen type III in chicken pectoralis major affected by muscular abnormalities
Claudio Cavani, Francesca Soglia, Massimiliano Petracci, Federico Sirri, Paolo Clavenzani, Roberto De Giorgio, Maurizio Mazzoni
A high rigor temperature, not sarcomere length, determines light scattering properties and muscle colour in beef sternomandibularis .
Joanne Hughes, Frank Clarke, Peter Purslow, Robyn Warner
Colour stability in New Zealand lamb meat
Siou Yong S Y Kwan, Jim J M Morton , Jolon J M Dyer, Santanu S Deb-Choudhury, Mustafa M M Farouk, John J C McEwan
Effect of gender on quality traits and sensory evaluation of Hanwoo beef
D.Dashdorj, Z.Song, G.Zuljargal, M.J.Kim, Suresh, J.S.Lee D.Yoon, and I.H.Hwang
Effect of gender on texture measurements of Hanwoo beef
D.Dashdorj, Z.Song, G.Zuljargal, M.J.Kim, Suresh, J.S.Lee, D.Yoon, and I.H.Hwang
Evaluation the protein degradation in drip from beef sirloin during postmortem aging
Rachakris Lertpatarakomol, Apichaya Pungsuk, Numfon Pothising
The effects of phosphorylation on the interaction between calpastatin and μ-calpain
Manting Du, Xin Li, Zheng Li, Chengli Hou, Dequan Zhang
Effect of nitric oxide on susceptibility of myofibrillar proteins to calpain-1 proteolysis
Rui Liu, Xianglin Yan, Steven Lonergan, Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan, Guanghong Zhou, Wangang Zhang
Meat proteomic biomarkers in two different Spanish bovine breeds
R. Rodrguez-Vzquez, M. Lpez-Pedrouso, M.A. Sentandreu, M. Olivn, S. Garca-Torres, D. Franco and C. Zapata
Proteome changes involved in meat ageing of Rubia gallega calves
María López-Pedrouso, Raquel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Ariadna Mato, Daniel Mouzo, Javier Bernal, Daniel Franco, Carlos Zapata
Influence of 4-oxo-2-nonenal on myoglobin redox instability
Samuel Gonzalez, Rakesh K Singh, Anand Mohan
Effect of small heat shock proteins expression at the early postmortem period on sensory quality traits in Hanwoo steers
Eunmi Oh, Boin Lee, Yoonkyung Lee, Young Kwon Yoon, Youngbok Jung, Wang Yeol Lee, Young Min Choi
Effect of farm management and mixing animals as stressors on the muscle biomarkers of autophagy and oxidative stress in beef
Fernando Díaz, Andrea Luis-Díaz, Verónica Sierra, Yolanda Diñeiro, Pelayo González, Ana Coto-Montes, Mamen Oliván
Optimization of sampling time for the detection of proteomic changes related to beef quality
Verónica Sierra, Fernando Díaz, Yolanda Diñeiro, Daniel Franco Ruiz, Carlos Zapata, Susana García-Torres, David Tejerina, Miguel Angel Sentandreu, Mamen Oliván
Meat from Aberdeen angus steers finished on concentrate supplemented with organic selenium (1): fatty acids composition
Ali Saadoun, Franko Graziano, Maria C. Cabrera, Alejandra Terevinto, Marta del Puerto
Meat from Aberdeen angus steers finished on concentrate supplemented with organic selenium (2): cardiovascular health indices and lipid metabolism enzymes activities
Ali Saadoun, Franko Graziano, Maria C. Cabrera, Alejandra Terevinto, Marta del Puerto
Protein expression profiles in muscle are affected by beta-agonist treatment in cattle
Phillip E Strydom, Høst Vibeke, Eva Veiseth-Kent, Ennet Moholisa
Determination of adenosine triphosphate breakdown products in cooked pork loin by the isocratic HPLC-UV method
Nahatai Vijitrotai, Sawankamol Noidad, Rutcharin Limsupavanich
Mitochondrial proteome changes of beef Longissimuss lumborum muscle during post-mortem storage
Yimin Zhang, Wei Liu, David Hopkins, Lebao Niu, Xiaoyin Yang, Lixian Zhu, Xin Luo
Effect of frozen-then-chilled storage on free calcium and activity of calpain-2 of pork longissimus muscle
Yuemei Zhang, Per Ertbjerg

Session 11. Smart packaging for quality, safety and integrity

Case studies of packaging and processing solutions to improve meat quality and safety
Mari Ann Torngren, Mianne Darre, Annemarie Gunvig, Alexander Bardenshtein (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 149-158)
Meat packaging solutions to current industry challenges: a review
Benjamin WB Holman, Joseph P Kerry, David L Hopkins (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 159-168)
The potential role of nitrite-embedded film in extending the color stability and shelf life of a cured, cooked meat product
Michael S Cropp, Rodrigo Tarté, James S Dickson, Joe G Sebranek
The oxygen concentration required in modified atmosphere packaging to maintain meat colour over retail display
Maddison T Corlett, David W Pethick, Khama R Kelman, Liselotte Pannier, Robin H Jacob, Graham E Gardner
Film-forming properties and structure characterization of edible bones collagen-chitosan blend film
Lingling Gao, Zhenyu Wang, Xin Li, Dequan Zhang
Volatile compounds responsible for the fishy off-flavour in beef with enhanced healthful fatty acids
Nuria Prieto, Rhona Thacker, Ivy L. Larsen, Mike E. R. Dugan, Payam Vahmani, Manuel Juárez, Óscar López-Campos , Jennifer L. Aalhus
Effect of feeding polyunsaturated fatty acids on health properties of meat from different genetic groups
Daniel S Antonelo, Juan FM Morales Gómez, Rosana RPS Corte, Mariane Beline, Laura B Toseti, Adrielle M Ferrinho, Bruna Pavan, Rodrigo S Goulart, Angélica SC Pereira, Saulo L Silva
Meat metabolome of cattle from different genetic groups supplemented with polyunsaturated fatty acids
Daniel S Antonelo, Nara Regina Brandão Cônsolo, Juan F Morales Gómez, Rosana RPS Corte, Mariane Beline, Laura B Toseti, Rodrigo S Goulart, Luiz A Colnago, Saulo Silva
Elucidation of discoloration of myoglobin induced by atmospheric pressure plasma
Hae In Yong, Ki Ho Baek, Mookyoung Han, Jeong-Yong Suh, Ji Hyun Yoo, Cheorun Jo
The effect of freezing time on the shear force and TVB-N-n value of normal and PSE pork
Zequan Xu, Zirong Wang, Jiankun Li, Xin Ma, Zheng Chen, Tao Li, Dan Liu, Guangjuan Liu, Shijun Xing and Aladin Bekhit
Effect of beef ultimate pH on meat tenderness and color of feedlot finished Nellore cattle
Cátia A. Martins, Mariane Beline, Rosana R. P. S. Corte, Daniel S Antonelo, Juan F. Morales Gómez, Henrique B. Silva, Bruna Pavan, Laura B. Toseti, Saulo L. Silva
Effect of beef ultimate pH on meat shelf life of feedlot finished Nellore cattle
Cátia A. Martins, Mariane Beline, Rosana R. P. S. Corte, Daniel S Antonelo, Juan F. Morales Gómez, Henrique B. Silva, Bruna Pavan, Laura B. Toseti, Saulo L. Silva
Meat aging time can be predicted by TD-NMR spectroscopy
Nara Regina Brandão Cônsolo, Juliana Silva, Vicente L. M. Buarque, Mariane Beline, Douglas W. M Flores, Luiz A Colnago, Saulo da L e Silva
Performance assessment of a beef sensory panel
Alberto A Brugiapaglia, Gianluigi G Destefanis, Liliana L Di Stasio
Effects of residual feed intake classification on carcass-value traits in finishing beef cattle
Gordon E Carstens, Ira L Parsons, Cameron A Olson, Jocelyn R Johnson, William C Kayser, Daniel S Hale, Rhonda K Miller
Meat quality characterization of the Polverara slow-growing chicken breed
Antonella Dalle Zotte, Marco Cullere, Giorgio Marchesini, Rebecca Ricci, Jose Manuel Lorenzo Rodriguez
Castrated vs not castrated beef cattle: instrumental quality and meat consumers perception
Marcia del Campo, Roberto San Julian, Gustavo Brito, Guillermo de Souza
Influence of pre-slaughter mixing calves on sensory attributes of three Spanish bovine breeds
Sol Zamuz, Mirian Pateiro, Maria López-Pedrouso, Raquel Rodríguez-Vázquez, María del Carmen Oliván, Susana García-Torres, Miguel Ángel Sentandreu, Jose Lorenzo, Carlos Zapata, Daniel Franco Ruiz
Effect of different livestock production system on sensory characteristics of three Spanish bovine breeds
Sol Zamuz, Mirian Pateiro, Maria López-Pedrouso, Raquel Rodríguez-Vázquez, María del Carmen Oliván, Susana García-Torres, Miguel Ángel Sentandreu, Jose Lorenzo, Carlos Zapata, Daniel Franco Ruiz
Shelf-life extension of Australian export chilled beef - A study in the Chinese supply chain
Damian Frank, Yimin Zhang, Xin Luo, Xue Chen, Mandeep Kaur, Glen Mellor, Janet Stark and Joanne Hughes
Discrimination of lamb meat from rams fed different concentrate-based rations
Vasiliki Gkarane, Nigel P. Brunton, Paul Allen, Sabine M. Harrison, Rufielyn S. Gravador, Noel A. Claffey, Alan G. Fahey, Michael G. Diskin, Aidan P. Moloney, Linda J. Farmer, Patrick Murphy, Frank J. Monahan
Evolution of color in refrigerated vacuum-packed beef across a 90-day period
Fernanda Larenas, Reinaldo Letelier, Pedro Melín, Paula Gädicke, Fernando González
Effect of herbal cocktail (Capsicum spp., Curcuma longa and Allium sativum ) powder dietary supplementation on meat quality of broilers
Kornkamon Hanchai, Patipan Jaipeng, Rachakris Lertpatarakomol, Jamlong Mitchaothai
Lipid classes and fatty acid profiles of the subcutaneous and intramuscular fat depots in Holstein Friesian and Pyrenean cattle
Lilia Arenas de Moreno, Miren J. Alzueta, Maria J. Beriain, Julia Chasco, Nelson Huerta-Leidenz, Stephen B. Smith
Fatty acid composition of seven South African beef breeds
Mariza Loureto, Phillip Oosthuizen, Eileen Roodt and Arnold Hugo
Is mobile abattoir beneficial for meat quality?
Katarina Arvidsson-Segerkvist, Jan Hultgren, Karin Wallin, Anne Larsen, Anders H Karlsson
Optimising the EZ-drip method for aged beef drip loss determination
Ashleigh K Kilgannon, Benjamin W. B. Holman, John Mawson, Michael Campbell, Damian Collins, David L Hopkins,
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Session 12. Free papers

The effect of shockwave processing on muscle protein structure and digestibility in vitro
Feng Ming Chian, Lovedeep Kaur, Thierry Astruc, Annie Vénien, Olivier Loison, Anna-Sophie Stübler, Kemal Aganovic, Suzanne Hodgkinson, Mike Boland
Sensory texture analysis of marinated and non-marinated wooden breast fillet portions
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The role of moisture evaporation on flavor precursors and taste of dry-aged beef
Hyun Jung Lee, Juhui Choe, Ji Won Yoon, Hyun Cheol Kim, Cheorun Jo
The effect of muscle source on ground beef flavor and texture
Devin A Gredell, Jodan H McHenry, Dale R Woerner, Jerrad F Legako, Terry E Engle, J Chance Brooks, J Darryl Tatum, Keith E Belk
Consumers' assessment of beef steaks of varying hanging methods and ageing times
Isabelle I. Legrand, Rod R.J. Polkinghorne, Christophe C. Denoyelle, Philippe P. Bru, Jean-François J.-F. Hoquette
Effect of inoculation ratio of mold and yeast on beef sirloin during dry aging
Seonjin Kim, Hyun Jung LEE, Sang Hui Lee, Hyemin Oh, Yohan Yoon, Cheorun Jo

Session 13. Dieatary muscle proteins for stage of life

A brief history of meat in the human diet and current health implications
Neil J Mann (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 169-179)
Dietary meat and protection against sarcopenia
Gordon S Lynch, Rene Koopman (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 180-185)
Feeding Camelina for heavy lamb and hogget production: carcass traits, composition and meat quality
Eric N. Ponnampalam, Matthew G. Kerr, Jeremy J. Cottrell, Kym L. Butler, Frank R. Dunshea and Joe L. Jacobs
Effect of caraway (Carum carvi L.) essential oil addition on masking boar taint in cooked pork sausage
Branislav Sojic, Predrag Ikonic, Snezana Skaljac, Vladimir Tomovic, Marija Jokanovic, Marjeta Čandek-Potokar, Marijke Aluwé, Igor Tomasevic
Inhibition of heterocyclic aromatic amines with cinnamon and Chinese prickly ash for roasted meat
Raheel Suleman, Teng Pan, Zhenyu Wang, Zunwei He, Xin Li, Dequan Zhang

Session 14. Process control in the meat industry

Guarranteeing the quality and integrity of pork - An australian case study
H.A. Channon, D.N. D'Souza, R.G. Jarrettt, G.S.H. Lee, J.L. Watling, J.Y.C. Jolley and F.R. Dunshea (See Meat Science 144 (2018) 186-192)
Current and future commercial high volume prospects for carcase to cook traceability
Sean Starling