Session 1. Meat Sustainability & the Role of Meat Science in a Challenging Global Environment

An animal designed for high altitude and cold weather and found on top of the world in Central Asia
L. Basu and H. Ockerman
Towards sustainable production: pork quality of animals fed alternative protein sources
B. A. Altman and D. Mörlein
Nutrigenetic response of dietary linseed inclusion on pork fatty acid composition in halothane gene carriers
J. Álvarez-Rodrigues, E. Garcia-Hermández, O. Tòrras, M. Tor, D. Villabalba and R. Pena
An evaluation of the relationship between increased carcass weight and profitability in Honduran feedlot cattle
T. L. Opheim, C. E. Carpio, J. O. Sartui, M. F. Miller, M. E. Bueso and M. M. Brashears
Does the intensification of grazing systems improve carcass traits of Brazilian beef?
R. R. S. Corte, P. P. A. Oliviera, S. L. Silva, P. H. M. Rodriguez, S. N. Esteves, P. Meao, R. Nassu and A. Berndt
The use of by-products from tomato, grape and olive oil industries in ewe’s feed affect organoleptic characteristics of lamb
M. M. del Campo, J. L. Olleta, D. R. Magalhaes, A. I. Andrés and M. López-Parra

Session 2. Genomics

Genetic variation in pork traits of Australian commercial pig lines
L. Campidonico, S. I. Mortimer, R. Sokolinski and D. L. Hopkings
Vision versus reflectance technology for deviations for sex and halothane genotype in pig carcass classification
G. Daumas, M. Monziols and D. Causeur
Estimation by vision of pork cuts composition for sex and halothane genotype subpopulations
G. Daumas and M. Monziols
Pork cuts composition measured by scanner as influenced by sex and halothane genotype
G. Daumas and M. Monziols
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in MMP-1 and the relation with beef fatty acid profile
S. Christensen, L. B. Pouzo, M. E. Latorre, C. Monteavaro, E. Pavan and P. P. Purslow
Expression of lipogenic genes and transcription factors measured in subcutaneous fat of heifers and bulls at different time points
L.Barton, D. Bures, J. Kyselova, D.Rehak and J. Simunek
The use of TD-NMR spectroscopy to predict the meat quality from animals with divergente genetic potential for growt
N. R. B. Cônsolo, J. Silva, V. L. M. Buarque, M. Beline, M. G. A. Carosio, D. W. M. Flores, L. A. Colnago and S. da Luz e Silva
Meat quality of Nelore young bulls with divergent expected progeny difference for post-weaning growth
J.Silva, N. R. B. Cônsolo, M. Beline, V. Buarque, J. S. S. Neto, S. L. Silva
Gene expression of Korean Hanwoo satellite cells on AG/TiO2 nanomatrix: a molecular study
T. Amna, M. Shamshi Hassan, M. J. Kim and I. H. Hwang
Incorporating computed tomography based predictors of meat quality into a breeding program – Breeding lambs for more taste less waste
N. R. Lambe, K. A. McLean, J. Gordon, D. Evans, N. Clelland and L. Bunger
Genetic group and dietary polyunsaturated fatty acid level on shelf life of beef
J. F. M. Gómez, D. S. Antonelo, R. R. S. Corte, M. Beline, C. A. Martins, G. A. Sene, H. B. Silva, R. B. A. Vieira and S. L. Silva
RNA-sequencing of muscle from pigs divergent in residual feed intake and intramuscular fat content
J. Horodyska, K. Wimmers, H. Reyer, N. Trakooljul, A. M. Mullen, P. G. Lawlor and R. M. Hamill
Can genetics be associated with the high frequency of dark, firm and dry (DFD) meat in Brazilian Nellore beef cattle?
A. F. Rosa, R. Ventura, G. Oliveira, B. C. Perez, E. C. Mattos, M. E. Carvalho, M. Bonin, F. M. Rezende, J. P. Eler and J. B. E. Ferraz
Transcriptonal analysis of ovine M. longissmus thoracis et lumborum for genes involved in carcass and meat quality traits
T. Alam, V. de Campos, J. P. Hanrahan, P. Allen, T. W. J. Keady, R. M. Hamill and T. Sweeney

Session 3. The Science of Meat Quality

Effect of feeding distilled sage on the lipid profile and oxidative stability of light lamb meat
L. Mateo, P. Delgado, J. Ortuño, M. J. Jordán and S. Bañón
Dietary vitamin E associated with plant polyphenols efficiently protects lipoperoxidation in pork chop and sausage in the finishing pigs
M. Arturo-Schaan, L. Roger, V. Santé- Lhoutellier and S. Ambrois
Effect of frozen storage (up to 24 weeks) at different temperatures on beef loin eating quality
B. W. B. Holman, C. E. O. Coombs, R. J. van de Ven and D. L. Hopkins
Effect of dietary oat supplementation in rabbit feed for development of low fat functional meat
M. I. Khan, M. R. Tariq and A. Sameen
Lidia (fighting bull) bovine breed used as a producer of quality meat. Optimization of chilling rate and ageing time
C. Vieira, B. Martínez, B. Rubio and J. J. García
Phase ii of the Uruguayan lamb meat quality audit: harvest floor and chilling room assessments
S. Luzardo, R. San Julián, D. Correa, M. del Campo, G. Brito, G. Banchero, F. Montossi, A. Borca, G. Toyos, F. Albin and R. Robaina
Physicochemical and sensory properties of three different muscles during wet and dry aging
B. J. Park, H. J. Lee and J. Oh
Optimization of enhanced conjugated linoleic acid production by L. plantarum AB20-961 and L. plantarum DSM2601 in meat model system
C. O. Özer and B. Kılıç
Effect of the combination of fasting time and dietary glycemic index on drip loss and color of pork
A. I. Rey, L. Calvo, J. Segura, D. Menoyo, A. DeCara, I. Cambero and C. J. López-Bote
Prediction of beef CIELAB colour from RGB digital images
A. Brugiapaglia, A. Albera, S. Savoia, G. Destefanis and L. Di Stasio
Lipid oxidative stability of cooked-chilled patties from lambs supplemented with dietary rosemary diterpenes or α-tocopherol.
J. Ortuño, P. Delgado, R. Inchingolo, M. T. Rodríguez-Estrada and S. Bañón
Rearing practices and carcass and meat properties: a clustering approach in PDO Maine-Anjou cows
M. Gagaoua, B. Picard, S. Couvreur, G. Le Bec, G. Aminot and V. Monteils
Quality properties of ground ham cured by atmospheric pressure plasma treatment
J. Lee, K. Jo, Y. Lim, C. Jo, J. Choe and S. Jung
A comparison of carcass traits between charolais and culled holstein-friesian crossbred in different slaughter weight and age
P. Tavitchasri, T. Kanloung, T. Phonmun, N. Prachachet and N. Ngamyeesoon
Sequential feeding of extruded flaxseed (linPRO-R (TM)) and hay increases n-3 PUFA biohydrogenation intermediates in longissimus thoracis of steers
M. E. R. Dugan, P. Vahmani, D. C. Rolland, T. A. McAllister, H. C. Block, S. D. Proctor, L. L. Guan, N. Prieto, J. L. Aalhus, O. Lopez-Campos
Feeding affected the neutral and polar lipid composition of muscle in foals
X. Belaunzaran, P. Lavín, J. K. G. Kramer and N. Aldai
Prediction of beef carcass quality clusters from muscle biomarkers
J. Soulat, V. Monteils, S. Léger, M. Bonnet, L. De Koning and B. Picard
Relationship between dietary fat source and beef display life
F. A. Ribeiro, K. I. Domenech-Pérez, E. K. Wilkerson, H. Voegele, N. J. Herrera, K. B. Hart and C. R. Calkins
Effects of lamb production systems on carcass characteristics
E. Stenberg, A. Arnesson, K. Wallin, C. Helander, A. Karlsson and K. Arvidsson Segerkvist
Quality issues of broiler breast meat abnormalities
C. Cavani, F. Soglia, G. Baldi and M. Petracci
Vision versus reflectance technology to estimate pork cuts composition
G. Daumas and M. Monziols
Protein structure changes in porcine longissimus muscle as influenced by multiple freeze-thaw cycles
X. Xia, M. Zhang, F. Li and B. Kong
Acerola byproduct meal for broilers diets: performance and meat characteristics
E. H. G. Ponsano, T. L. Barros, B. D. Lima, J. de Oliveira; M. Garcia-Neto and J. P. Nicolau
Dimensional considerations of test pieces for belly-flop angle tests of fat softness
M. I. Palacio, M. E. Latorre, M. D. Diaz and P. P. Purslow
Effect of growth promoting hormones and high voltage electrical stimulation on meat quality of finished steers
Ó. López-Campos, W. M. Robertson, M. E. R. Dugan, I. L. Larsen, J. C. Roberts and J. L. Aalhus
In-the bag dry ageing as a strategy to produce value-added beef with enhanced flavour profiles
N. Prieto, R. Singh, B. Schmidt, R. Thacker, I. L. Larsen and J. L. Aalhus
Effects of frozen storage duration on lipid and colour stability of mince from fallow deer meat during display storage
C. Chakanya, E. Anaurd, V. Muchenje and L.C. Hoffman
Contrasting under 16-month suckler bull production systems: animal performance and meat quality characteristics
L. Moran, M. McGee, E. G. O’Riordan and A. P. Moloney
Marination and meat quality of intact and portioned broiler breast fillets with the woody breast condition
B. C. Bowker, A. D. Maxwell and H. Zhuang
The potential for dual energy x-ray absorptiometry to predict lamb age
F. Anderson, A. Williams , M. D. Boyce, J. Cook and G. E. Gardner
Contribution level and temporal sequence of sensory traits of pork, assessed by temporal dominance of sensations
G.Watanabe, T. Narita, H.i Ohmori, K. Tajima, Y. Sasaki, Y. Wakiya, M. Motoyama, I. Nakajima and Keisuke Sasaki
Effect of crossing with Rubia gallega and limousine on meat quality of friesian calves
M. Pateiro, A. Gende, R. Bermúdez, J. González, J. M. Lorenzo and D. Franco
Oxidative properties of sucuk produced with olive oil during fermentation and ripening
B. Öztürk, M. Serdaroğlu, B. Nacak and M. Karabıyıkoğlu
Fatty acid composition of meat from Mirandesa breed
F. Sousa, M. Pateiro, R. Bermúdez, N. Echegaray, J. M. Lorenzo, J. Cantalapiedra, A. Iglesias and D. Franco
Physicochemical characterization of meat from Mirandesa breed calves
F. Sousa, M. Pateiro, N. Echegaray, R. Bermúdez, J. M. Lorenzo, J. Cantalapiedra, A. Iglesias and D. Franco
Comparative effects of dehydrated alfalfa versus cardoon meal on tissue fatty acid profiles in lambs
S. A. Salami, B. Valenti, G. Luciano, M. N. O'Grady, J. P. Kerry and A. Priolo
Effect of extended storage on the quality and stability of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in wet and dry-aged, frozen-thawed beef
T. E. Mungure, A. El-Din Bekhit, J. E. Birch, D. J. Kim, A. Carne, I. Stewart and M. M. Farouk
The rate of very fast chilling alters the post-mortem tenderisation of beef longissimus lumborum
A. L. Sikes, R. H. Jacob, B. D’Arcy and R. Warner
Evaluation of a simple method to measure bloom depth in lamb meat
R. H. Jacob, K. Kelman and M. F. D’Antuono
Development of an instrumental method for assessing the adhesiveness on dry-cured ham slices
C. Pérez-Santaescolástica, N. Echegaray, R. Bermúdez, J. V. Garcia-Perez, E. Fulladosa, Benedito, E. Coll-Brasa, J. M. Pateiro, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Fatty acid profile of meat of friesian calves crossed with Rubia gallega and Limousine
M. Pateiro, A. Gende, R. Bermúdez, J. González, J. M. Lorenzo and D. Franco
Influence of fat content on the dry ripening of sirloins from Simmental cattle
F. Witte, S. Irmscher and N. Terjung
The influence of a diet with soybean, sunflower seed and flaxseed on the meat quality of crossbred wagyu beef
P. A. C. C. Pereira, J. C. C. Balieiro, M. A. Trindade, R. D. Barbora and A. C. S. Barretto
Mass-sensitive determination of ß-agonists in meat raw materials
A.V. Kulikovskii, A.N. Ivankin, N.L. Vostrikova and O.A. Kuznetsova
Grass-based suckler bull beef production: muscle colour and fibre composition
A. P. Moloney, E. G. O’Riordan, M. McGee, B. Picard and L. Moran
Effect of feeding duration on sensory quality of lamb
V. Gkarane, P. Allen, R. S. Gravador, N. P. Brunton, N. A. Claffey, A. G. Fahey1, A. P. Moloney, L. J. Farmer, M. J. Alcalde, M. G. Diskin and F. J. Monahan
Evaluation of meat quality of Nellore fed diets with functional oils or Monensin and NDFF levels
E. Magnani, N. R. B. Consolo, A. S. C. Pereira, L. F. Mueller, R. H. B. Arnandes, A. P. Freitas, M. E. Z. Mercadante and P. R. Leme
Effect of functional oils or Monensin associated with NDFF levels on fatty acids profile of Nellore bulls
E. Magnani, N. R. B. Consolo, A. S.C. Pereira, L. B. Tosetti, A. M. Ferrinho, R. H. B. Arnandes,W. Henrique and P. R. Leme
The effect of further dry aging on the volatiles of wet aged rib eye steaks
S. Kanokruangrong, T. E Mungure, A. El-Din, A. Bekhit, J. Birch and M. Leus
Intramuscular fat and fatty acid composition of three commercial leg cuts from farmed red deer in New Zealand
C. E. Realini, M. Agnew, M. M. Reis, S. Ganesh and C. Craigie
Effect of frozen storage duration on technological quality characteristics of horsemeat muscles
P-N. Seong, H-W. Seo, J-H. Kim, S-H. Cho, Y-S. Kim, B-Y. Park and H. Van-Ba
Prediction of drip loss and ultimate pH in pork semimembranosus by the Nitfom
A. Vautier, T. Pieper, T. Lhommeau, H. Petersen and M. Christensen
NIR and VIS-NIRspectroscopy to predict PSE-like zones of ham
A. Vautier, T. Pieper, T. Lhommeau, H. Petersen and M. Christensen
Mechanical characteristics of beef as a function of age (heifer vs. cow), and postmortem aging
C. Ochirbat, D. Dashdorj, M. N. Uddin, D. Aguayo, J. S. Lee, D. Yoo and I. H. Hwang
High marbling cooked pork loin provides unsaturated fatty acids associated with desirable and undesirable eating sensory traits
S. Noidad, R. Limsupavanich, S. Suwonsichon, C. Kongrith, N. Vijitrotai and C. Chaosap
Oxidative stability of meat from lambs finished on different concentrate diets
R. S. Gravador, V. Gkarane, J. E. Mulligan, P. Allen, N. P. Brunton, N. A. Claffey, A. G. Fahey, A. P. Moloney, M. G. Diskin and F. J. Monahan
Thawing of pork loin
M. Hviid, M. Darré and J. Würtz
Discrimination of fresh from frozen then thawed beef
J. M. Balage and S. L. Silva
Odour-active compounds of lamb commercialized in northern Spain
L. Bravo-Lamas, L. J. R. Barron, L. Farmer and N. Aldai
Increased inclusion of sulfur amino acids in growing-finishing pig diets improved meat quality
P. Yuan, Y. Mercier, F. Rouffineau, D. I. Batonon-Alavo and Z. Fang
Investigating the use of visible and near infrared spectroscopy to predict sensory and texture attributes of beef LTL
J. Cafferky, T. Sweeney, P. Allen, A. Sahar, G. Downey, A. Cromie and R. M. Hamill
Increasing market weight has minimal effect on pork loin quality
B. Fields, S. Jungst, N. Matthews and A. Sosnicki
Meat quality and hepatic and skeletal muscle metabolomes as affected by dietary protein restriction
G. D. Z. Ramírez, M. L. Chizzotti, N. M. Vieira, L. H. P. Silva, D. E. F. Assis, G. J. F. Assis1, R. S. R. Vilela, M. M. Estrada and M. S. Duarte
Disease impact on carcass composition and meat quality of pigs selected for high and low residual feed intake
A. C. Outhouse, E. T. Helm, B. M. Patterson, J. C. M. Dekkers, W. M. Rauw, K. J. Schwartz, N. K. Gabler, E Huff-Lonergan and S. M. Lonergan
Effects of chilling and ageing period on horse meat quality
M. M. Rahman, B. Walker, B. C. Roy, L. McMullen and H. L. Bruce
Addition of an agricultural by-product rich in phenols to feedstuff to increase the shelf-life of meat
E. Novelli, A. Taticchi, F. Blaas, M. Servili, L. Fasolato, G. Marchesini, M. Drigo, S. Segato, A. Trocino and S. Balzan
Blue discoloration of meat and meat products
L. Fasolato, N. A. Andreani, B. Cardazzo, S. Balzan, L. Carraro, F. Fontana and E. Novelli
Improving pork quality from pigs intended for Spanish dry-cured ham by pig diet
L. Pérez-Ciria, G. Carco, G Ripoll, C. Marín, J. Álvarez-Rodríguez and M. A. Latorre
Palatability of beef strip loin steaks from grass- and grain-finished beef representing various fat levels and aging times
L. W. Lucherk, T. G. O’Quinn, J. F. Legako, J. C. Brooks and M. F. Miller
Potassium carbonate improves fresh pork quality
M. N. LeMaster, S. S. Chauhan and E. M. England
Effects of marbling and bloom time on CIE L*, a*, and b* values of pork loins during 3-h of bloom
R. Limsupavanich, S. Noidad and N. Pothising
Lipid oxidation of meat at retail display from nellore fed with vegetable oils
F. de Souza Costa, A. R. Cabral, A. S. Cravo Pereira, W. Henrique, M. A. Izepi da Silva, B. de Conti Fiorese, S. da Luz e Silva
The influence of post mortem pH and temperature decline on meat colour of five South African beef breeds
K. Y. Modika, L. Frylinck, J. D. Snyman and P. E. Strydom
Quality parameters of cooked meat products from Czech market
A. Saláková and J. Kameník
A quality survey (tenderness) of lamb loin chops based on product claims and packaging
M. Hope-Jones, P. E. Strydom and A. Hugo
Use of near-infrared spectroscopy to predict biochemical and structural components of bovine meat
B-P. Mourot, J. Normand, B. Picard, M. El Jabri, A. Listrat, G. Mairesse, C. Gobert and D. Andueza
The influence of post mortem muscle energy status on meat colour and tenderness of five South African beef breeds
L. Frylinck, K. Y. Modika, J. Anderson and P. E. Strydom
Association between collagen content and CT-determined connective tissue proportion of beef from Hungarian simmental young bulls
G. Holló, B. Húth, E. Egri, I. Holló and I. Anton
Relationship between intramuscular fat, protein and connective tissue content in longissimus muscle from Hungarian simmental bulls
G. Holló, B. Húth, I. Holló and I. Anton
Flavour and off-flavours in lamb
J. S. McKinnie-Hill, A. Aubry, T. D.J. Hagan, Frank J. Monahan, W. C. McRoberts, C. A. White, A. W. Gordon and L. J. Farmer
Assessment of beef quality traits from young male dairy cattle using near infrared spectroscopy
Y. Nian, J. P. Kerry, R. Prendiville and P. Allen
Factors affecting eating quality of Northern Ireland beef
D. T. Farrell, L. J. Farmer, T. D. J. Hagan, A. W. Gordon and J. Birnie
The effects of pre and post rigor marinade injection on some quality parameters of longissimus dorsi muscles
E. E. Fadıloğlu and M. Serdaroğlu
Eating quality of LTL muscle from crossbred beef bulls and steers
J. Cafferky, V. Campos, A. Sahar, R. Hamill, P. Allen, A. Cromie and T. Sweeney
Breed and production system effects on meat quality characteristics of pasture finished bulls
S. Siphambili, F. J. Monahan, M. McGee, E. G. O’Riordan and A. P. Moloney
Meat quality of different beef cuts from carcasses stored at a given cooling temperature
R. García-Valverde, C. Avilés, F. García, V. de la Rosa, E. Capilla and A. L. Gallego
Evaluation of video image analysis technology to predict marbling of bovine carcasses
G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia, A.Sánchez-Escalante, M. G. Vásquez-Palma, A. F. Varguez-Pech, R. D. Vargas-Sánchez and D. A. Pardo-Guzmán

Session 4. Meat Science and Impact

Food waste in the United States
H. Ockerman and L. Basu
The accuracy of the Meat Standards Australia beef grading model to predict eating quality in steers treated with different hgps
D. Packer, R. J. Polkinghorne, P. McGilchrist and J. M. Thompson
Inhibitory effect of hawthorn extract on heterocyclic aromatic amines formation in chicken breast meat
M. M. Tengilimoglu-Metin and M. Kizil
Reducing effect of hawthorn extract on heterocyclic aromatic amines formation in beef
M. M. Tengilimoglu-Metin and M. Kizil
Developments in carcass and meat quality of Swedish reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) from 1991-2011
E. Wiklund and G. Malmfors
National Beef Quality Audit-2016: factors affecting quality and value of cattle, carcasses, and by-products
L. C. Eastwood, C. A. Boykin, M. K. Harris, A. N. Arnold, D. S. Hale, C. R. Kerth, D. B. Griffin, J. W. Savell, J. D. Hasty, K. E. Belk, D. R. Woerner, R. J. Delmore Jr., J. N. Martin, T. E. Lawrence, T. J. McEvers, M. M. Pfeiffer, D. L. VanOverbeke, G. G. Mafi, T. B. Schmidt, R. J. Maddock, D. D. Johnson, C. C. Carr, J. M. Scheffler, T. D. Pringle and A. M. Stelzleni
Consequences of the future EU regulation on pig carcass classification
G. Daumas and M. Monziols
At-line rapid instrumental method for measuring the boar taint components androstenone and skatole in pork fat
C. Borggaard, R. Birkler, L. Meinert and S. Støier
National Beef Quality Audit – 2016: Survey of carcass characteristics through instrument grading assessments
J. W. Savell, C. A. Boykin, L. C. Eastwood, M. K. Harris, A. N. Arnold, D. S. Hale, C. R. Kerth, D. B. Griffin, J. D. Hasty, K. E. Belk, D. R. Woerner, R. J. Delmore Jr., J. N. Martin, T. E. Lawrence, T. J. McEvers, M. M. Pfeiffer, D. L. VanOverbeke, G. G. Mafi, T. B. Schmidt, R. J. Maddock, D. D. Johnson, C. C. Carr, J. M. Scheffler, T. D. Pringle, A. M. Stelzleni and J. Gottlieb
Tenderness and sensory attributes of eleven muscles from carcasses within the Canadian mature beef grades
J. Roberts, A. Rodas-González, M. Juárez, Ó. López-Campos, I. L. Larsen and J. L. Aalhus
The effect of tendersteching and electrical stimulation on the tenderness of two Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) muscles
T. E. Biffin, M. A. Smith, R. D. Bush and D. L. Hopkins
Calculation of the nutrient balance of multi-component meat products using information technologies
M. A. Nikitina, A. N. Zakharov, I. M. Chernukha
Why meat with antibiotics is hazardous
D. S. Bataeva, E. V. Zaiko and O. A. Kuznetsova
Assessment of sodium chloride effect on the composition of fatty acids and volatiles in backfat
E. K. Tunieva, A. N. Ivankin, T. G. Kuznetsova, A. B. Lisitsyn and V. V. Nasonova
Should the South African A and AB red meat carcass classes be combined?
Z. Soji and V. Muchenje
The effect of tendersteching and electrical stimulation on Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) meat tenderness
T. E. Biffin, M. A. Smith, R. D. Bush and D. L. Hopkins
Relationship between objective meat quality measures and sensory traits in Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) meat
M. A. Smith, R. D. Bush and David L. Hopkins
Effect of the dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids on meat tenderness of bulls from different genetic groups
D. S. Antonelo, J. F. M. Gómez, R. R. S. Corte, M. Beline, H. B. Silva, G. A. Sene, R. B. A. Vieira, B. Pavan and S. L. Silva
Micronutrients of beef meat from pasture and concentrated based production system
M. C. Cabrera, A.Terevinto, F. Zaccari, A. Felice and A. Saadoun
The fatty acid composition of cooked longissimus muscle from grass-fed, concentrate-fed or grass silage and concentrate-fed heifers
C. McElhinney, E. O’Riordan, F. J. Monahan and A. P. Moloney
Selection for increased lean meat yield does not independently impact consumer overall liking of lamb
K. R. Kelman, L. Pannier, T. Suzuki and D. W. Pethick
Cook, freeze, shear – the quest for the best sequential arrangement
M. R. L. Scheeder and M. Müller Richli
pH variation in beef for 90 days
F. Larenas, R. Letelier, P. Melin and F. González
Pasture mycotoxin impact on dark cutting
K. M. W. Loudon, I. J. Lean and P. McGilchrist
Determination of veal carcass composition by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)
A. A. G. Lobo, M. L. Chizzotti, F. S. Machado, A. C. B. Menezes, J. Dias, M. I. Marcondes and S. L. Silva
American Meat Science Association Meat Science Lexicon
D. L. Seman, D. D. Boler, C. C. Carr, M. E. Dikeman, C. M. Owens, J. T. Keeton, T. D. Pringle, J. J. Sindelar, D. R. Woerner and T. H. Powell

Session 5. Technological Demands in Meat Processing – an Asian Perspective

Moisture, texture and color deteriorations of spent hen jerky packed in different packaging methods during storage
S. Sorapukdee, C. Uesakulrungrueng, K. Pilasombut and P. Tangwatcharin
Effect of temperature condition on purge loss, shear force and oxidative stability of korean Hanwoo beef
S. Moon Kang, D. Ahn, P-N. Seong, J-H. Kim, S. Cho, Y. Kim, H. Van Ba, H-W.Seo and B-Y. Park
Postmortem calpain and shear force changes in Wuzong goose breast muscle
Y-S. Chang, H-W. Wang and R-G. R. Chou
Study on selection of suitable meat surface starters for producing dry fermented sausage in Vietnam
T. T. Phan, N. B. Le and S. H. L. Le
The effect of pineapple and honey injection on physicochemical quality of low marbled beef without compromising its fresh appearance
J. W. Yoon, D. G. Lee, H. J. Lee, J. H. Choe and C. Jo
Chemical components of thirty six sub-primal cuts from Hanwoo carcasses
H-W. Seo, H. V. Ba, P-N. Seong, Y. Kim, S. M. Kang, S. Cho, S.-S. Moon, S-J. Kang, B-Y. Park, Y-M. Choi and J-H. Kim
Assessment on utilization possibility of Enterococcus faecalis isolates from neonates for fermented sausages production as starter cultures
H. V. Ba, H-W. Seo, P-N. Seong, S. Cho, S. M. Kang, Y. Kim, B-Y. Park, J-S. Ham and J-H Kim
Metagenome-based characterization of microorganisms from yellow-feather broiler, a highly popular meat in Asia
H. Wang, G. Wang, X. Xu and G. Zhou
Weight changes of local Thai beef undergoing various sous-vide cooking temperatures
P. Supaphon, S. Kerdpiboon and Y. Peuchkamut
Tenderness of sirloin beef affected by sous-vide cooking
P. Supaphon, S. Kerdpiboon, S. Teerachaichayut and Y. Peuchkamut
HPP to improve water retention of sodium-reduced frozen chicken breast gels with two organic anion-types of potassium salts
Y. Zhou, W. Wang, F. Ma, P-J. Li and C-G Chen
Evaluation of calcium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride for sodium reduction in emulsion-type pork sausage
H-J. Jeong, G-D. Kim, J-S. Choi and S-K. Jin
Increase in lactobacillus decreases the level of odorous compounds in pig intestine
S. Park, K. Kim, D. Kim, K. Cho, Y. Kim and J. Park
Effect of dry-aging on sensory properties of loin and tritip muscle from Hanwoo beef
S. M. Kang, S. G. Chung, P-N. Seong, Y. Kim, Y. Kim, H. V. Ba, J-H. Kim and S. Cho
Effect of dry-aging on physico-chemical quality property of beef loin from Hanwoo
S. Cho, S. M. Kang, P. Seong, Y. S. Kim, H-W. Seo, Y. Kim, J. Kim and B. Park
Texture profile of chicken breast fillet undergoing sous-vide process
N. Suraphantapisit, P. Ingkasupart, P. Supaphon, and S. Kerdpiboon
Effect of packaging condition on storage stability of ready to eat semi-dried Nham, a Thai fermented meat product
K. Pilasombut, T. Chetawan, N. Ngamyeesoon, P. Tangwatcharin and S. Sorapukdee
Validation of different formulation and processing conditions on pork frankfurters using response surface methodology
R. V. Wagh, M. K. Chatli, P. Kumar, N. Mehta and O. P. Malav
Investigation of lipid oxidation markers in Hanwoo deep pectoralis cooked using different methods
D. T. Utama, H. Jeong and S. K. Lee
Inosinic acid, inosine and hypoxanthine content of Hanwoo deep pectoralis subjected to different cooking methods
S. K. Lee, D. T. Utama, H. Jeong and A. Jang
Sensory acceptance of Chuncheon dakgalbi processed by sous vide method and its quality changes during storage
H. Jeong, K. H. Baek, D. T. Utama, J. T. Kim and S. K. Lee
Effect of sodium tripolyphosphate on physical quality of crispy meatball made from spent layer or broiler meat
J. T. Kim, D. T. Utama, H. S. Jeong and S. K. Lee
Oxidation-induced structural changes of yak myofibrillar protein under different packaging conditions in frozen storage
S. Tang, L. Yan, S. Li and L. Wang
Effects of cooking conditions on protein degradation of soy-sauce stewed chickens
C-Z. Zhu, G-M. Zhao, M-Y. Li and Y-X. Liu
Is beef gender a credence factor for the Chinese?
M. M. Farouk, M. Pirie, A. E. D. Bekhit, M. Yoo, G. Wu, R. Zhang and N. Jiang
An efficient meat-bone separating equipment and the relevant method
W. Jia, C-H. Zhang, Z. Sun and H. Wang
Concentration of bone extracts using gradient series membrane
M-L. Ye, W. Jia, C-H. Zhang and H. Wang
The formation of crust and its relationship to water migration of lamb during air drying
W. Rao, Z. Wang, G. Li, T. Meng, X. Li, C. Hou and D. Zhang
Tenderness of Biceps femoralis in dzo
Y. Jin, Y. Tian, W. Wen, J. Guan, X. Luo and Q. Sun
Thermal and rheological properties of pork emulsion as affected by different contents of salt and fat replacers
Y. Malila, Y. Srimarut, D. Charoensuk, P. Chaiwiwattrakul and W. Visessanguan
Identification of the proteins in broth of stewed traditional Chinese yellow-feathered chickens
J. Qi, W. Zhang, H. Wang, G. Zhou and X. Xu
Fatty acid composition and oxidative stability of Longissimus thoracis muscle in goats fed different parts of Andrographis paniculata
A. L. Yusuf, K. D. Adeyemi and A. Q. Sazili
Carcass hemorrhages and physicochemical properties of longissimus muscle in goats subjected to various types of electrical stunning
A. B. Sabow, I. Zulkifli, Y. M. Goh, M. Z. Ab Kadir and A. Q. Sazili
Physicochemical properties, antioxidant status and lipid profile of longissimus muscle in goats fed blend of canola oil and palm oil
K. D. Adeyemi, A. Q. Sazili, A. B. Sabow, A. A. Samsuddin and R. Karim
Calpain proteolytic effects in different muscle types from Hanwoo cattle and their relashionship with meat softening traits
D. E. Aguayo, D. Dashdorj, M. N. Uddin, C. Ochirbat, J. S. Lee , M. J. Kim and I. H. Hwang
Quality characteristics of dry aged Biceps femoris and Longissimus thoracis muscles from Hanwoo beef
D. Dashdorj, C. Ochirbat, M. N.Uddin, D. Aguayo, J. S. Lee, M. J. Kim, Y. H. Kim, S. H. Cho and I. H. Hwang
Calpain activity and proteolytic effects on Longissimus lumborum muscle from Hanwoo cows and heifers
D. E. Aguayo, D. Dashdorj, M. N. Uddin, C. Ochirbat, J. S. Lee, D. Yoon and I. H. Hwang
Biological attributes of intramuscular connective tissue components of Hanwoo skeletal muscle
M. N. Uddin, D. Dashdorj, D. Aguayo, C. Ochirbat, J. S. Lee and I. H. Hwang
Collagen types of Hanwoo beef in relation to texture properties of individual muscles
D. Dashdorj, M. N. Uddin, D. Aguayo, C. Ochirbat, J. S. Lee and I. H. Hwang
The proteome homology of peptides from dry-cured Xuanwei ham
L. Xing, X. Gao, G. Zhou and W. Zhang
The changes in physicochemical properties of Turkish cooked salami at the point of sale (POS)
R. Sakata, K. Khademi, N. Awad, M. Çam, H. Yetim, and A. hhmed
Plant-derived polyphenols can rescue meat quality of broilers under heat stress
B. Guo, N. J. Hudson, Y. Lao, F. Gao and G. Zhou
Influence of market setting and time of purchase on salmonella and listeria prevalence in beef and pork in Vietnam
A. K. Englishbey, P. T. T. Vu, M. V. V. Le, D. H. Nguyen, P. R. Broadway, L. M. Guillen, M. M. Brashears, J. R. Donaldson, M. W. Schilling and T. T. N. Dinh
Meat quality characteristics of longissimus muscle of purebred pigs for commercial pig in Korea
J. T. Jeong, J. K. Lee, J. S. Choi, Y. C. Jung, J. H. Jung and Y. I. Choi
Muscle fiber characteristics and meat quality traits of the 8 major muscles from Hanwoo steers
S-H. Joo, E-Y.Lee, K-W. Lee, Y-H. Hwang and S-T. Joo
Beef cuts affect eating quality of sauced beef
Y. Mao, Y. Zhang, P. Dong, L. Ren, L. Zhu and X. Luo
Proximate composition, pH, water holding capacity, and cooking loss of Jejusan-horse muscles
Y. Kim, H. W. Seo, H. V. Ba, G. Kang, S. M. Kang, S. Cho, J-H. Kim, B-Y. Park, H. S. Chae and P. Seong
Effects of Penergetic Fresh Wave at different levels for extending the shelf life of sausage
R. Lertpatarakomol, T. Trairatpaiwan, S. Sirimongkolworakul, P. Jaipeng, PK. Aditporn and J. Mitchaothai
Effects of dried pumpkin pulp and seed on quality of beef meatballs
M. Serdaroğlu, S. Kavuşan, G. İpek and B.Öztürk
Water footprint of Thai beef meat production
K. Boonyanuwat, P. Sirisom and V. Ngamsomrit

Session 6. International Best Practice in Animal Welfare

Innovative approaches in pork production with entire males and immunocastrates: Cost Action IPEMA
U. Weiler, M. Aluwé, G. Backus, G. Bee, M. Bonneau, M. Čandek-Potokar, O. Doran, M. Font-i-Furnols, C. Larzul, M. Škrlep, L. Tudoreanu, E. von Borell and Raffael Wesoly
Stress proteins in cull cows: relationship with transport and lairage durations but not with meat tenderness
M. Gagaoua, E. M. C. Terlouw, V. Monteils, S. Couvreur and B. Picard
Effect of space allowance and floor type on performance and welfare measurements of finishing beef heifers
M. P. Keane, M. McGee, E. G. O’Riordan, A. K. Kelly and B. Earley
Influence of immunocastration on cutting yield, fatness and meat quality of lamb carcasses
T. Needham, H. Lambrechts and L. C. Hoffman
The impact of feed deprivation and stress at slaughter on the metabolism and carcass yield of lambs
S. M. Stewart, D. W. Pethick, G. E. Gardner and P. McGilchrist
Reversible electrical head-to-body pre-slaughter stunning of livestock for halal meat production
M. M. Farouk, J. Webster, C. Johnson, N. Beausoleil and A. Q. Sazili
Temperament on feedlot arrival affects performance efficiency and carcass quality in beef cattle
C. A. Olson, G. E. Carstens, D. S. Hale, A. D. Herring and R. K. Miller
Carcass and meat quality of dual-purpose poultry types vs. extensive broiler and layer types fattened for 67 and 84 d
S. Mueller, L. Taddei, R. E. Messikommer, M. Kreuzer and I. D. M. Gangnat
An effect of gas stunning regimes on changes in post-mortem characteristics in the conditions of a model experiment
A. I. Sinichkina, T. M. Mittelstein, I. V. Kozyrev, A. B. Lisitsyn and A. A. Semenova
Are wormy sheep worried? A qualitative behavioural assessment of sheep with intestinal parasites
E. P. Grant, S.L. Wickham, F. Anderson, A. L. Barnes, P. A. Fleming and D. W. Miller
Implementation of regulatory best practice in animal welfare and upskilling of meat sector
K. A. Brennan and G. Gilligan
Third Uruguayan national beef quality audit: bruises characterization
M. del Campo, G. Toyos, F. Albin, A. Borca, D. Correa, R. Robaina and G. Brito
Pre-slaughter handling of cattle and its influence on the final color of meat
F. Garcia, A. Bolivar, V. De la Rosa and R. Garcia-Valverde
Estimation of cattle carcass weight using laser scanning
R. V. de Sousa, L. S. Martello, R. A. Tabile, R. Y. Inamasu and S. L. Silva
Sex effects on blood stress indicators, muscle glycolytic potential and mutton quality
T. Stempa and V. Muchenje

Session 7.

Effect of autochthonous starter culture on microbiological quality of traditional Thai fermented meat product
P. Tangwatcharin, J. Nithisantawakhup, S. Sorapukdee,K. Pilasombut and N. Vijitrothai
The inhibitory effect of a sodium free powder preservative on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes and lactic acid bacteria in ham.
E. Heintz, H. J. van Lent , K. Glass, M. Golden and L. Vega
A new discovery of nitrite metabolism in Lactobacillus plantarum
L. Mei, T. Wei, P. Zhao, W-H. Kan, W-Z. Wei, X-H. Xue and Z-G. Wang
Bacterial ecology of sliced cooked pork products on the Belgian market
W. Geeraerts, V. Pothakos, L. De Vuyst and F. Leroy
Development of an analytical method to detect plant proteins in meat products
K. Dolch, F. Schwägele and D. A. Brüggemann
HPLC-MS/MS-detection of fibrinogen/thrombin in formed beef and pork
W. Jira and F. Schwägele
Different air flow changes microbial composition of dry-aged beef and its sensory properties
H. J. Lee, J. Oh and H. I. Yong
Effect of tea marinades on formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in charcoal-grilled chicken wings
C. Wang, C-B. Li, X-l. Xu and G-H. Zhou
Cyclopropane fatty acids as quality markers in meat
V. Lolli, E. Zanardi, A. Marseglia, G. Palla and A. Caligiani
Effect of dry-aging on yield, microbial growth and storage stability of beef loin from Hanwoo
S. Cho, P. Seong, S. M. Kang, Y-S. Kim, Y. Kim and D. Ahn, J. Kim and B. Park
Using quantitative microbial modelling with HACCP
D. L. Seman
Effects on beef microflora of a three-step sous-vide method
H. Wang, M. Badoni, S Zawadski, B. McLeod, B. Uttaro and X. Yang
The microbiology of beef carcasses and primals during chilling and chilled storage
D. J. Bolton, R. Reid, J. Kerry and S. Fanning
In vitro growth rate of Campylobacter jejuni NCTC 11168 in caecal contents supplemented with (-)-norepinephrine, (-)-epinephrine, corticosterone and cortisol
B. Truccollo, P. Whyte and D. J. Bolton
Evaluation of scaling effects on physico-chemical and microbiological characteristics of raw fermented sausages
R. Blase, L. Schwendimann, J. Barrett, D. Guggisberg, R. Badertscher, L. Egger, S. Dubois, J. Hummerjohann and H. Stoffers
How understanding the pattern of broiler farm contamination has solved the campylobacter issue in broilers
D. J. Bolton, T. Battersby and P. Whyte
Meat Factory Cell - a concept for the future?
O. Alvseike, H. Sverdvik, M. O’Farrell and P. Berg
FTIR spectroscopic differentiation of pork and beef mixtures based on protein fractions
E. Deniz, E. G. Altuntaş, B. Ayhan, D. Ö. Demiralp and K. Candoğan
Can liquorice extract administered as dietary and/or as feed supplement improve rabbit meat shelf-life?
A. Dalle Zotte, M. Cullere, V. Giaccone, C. Celia, Z. Szendrő, Z. Gerencsér and Z. Matics
An effect of the electromagnetic field on microbiological safety of meat semi-prepared products
A. S. Dydykin, M. A. Aslanova, O. K. Derevitskaya, V. A. Pchelkina and O. A. Kuznetsova
Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes contaminated in Chinese beef cattle processing plants
Y. Zhang, C. Dai, P. Dong, L.n Zhu and X. Luo
Foodborne pathogens and virulence in the microbiome of cattle grown naturally verses conventionally
M. D. Weinroth, X. Yang, N. R. Noyes, P. Rovira, J. N. Martin, P. S. Morley and K. E. Belk
Decrease of n-nitrosodimethylamine by Lactobacillus pentosus is associated with surface layer proteins
Y. Xiao, P. Li and C. Chen
Lactobacillus animalis NP51 reduces Escherichia coli O157:H7 virulence
D. I. Ayala, K. K. Nightingale and M. M. Brashears
Meat inspection in a Meat Factory Cell concept
O. Alvseike, T. Nesbakken and M. Prieto
Sponge vs excision technique for carcass sampling of beef, lamb and pig - influence on process hygiene criteria and monitoring
B. Minvielle, A. Le Roux, M.A. Fleury, V. Hardit and J-C. Augustin
Investigation of blown pack spoilage organisms
E. Esteves, D. Bolton and P. Whyte
In vitro evaluation of the competing effect of Carnobacterium maltaromaticum isolated from vacuum packed meat against food pathogens
G. M. Danielski, P. H. Imazaki, G. Daube, R. E. F. de Macedo and A. Clinquart
Frequency and AMR of salmonella and campylobacter isolated from small-ruminant fecal samples from the U.S., Australia and Bahamas
K. E. Hanlon, M. F. Miller and M. M. Brashears
Antimicrobial resistance of generic Escherichia coli in cattle feces as impacted by dietary supplementation with Lactobacillus salivarius L28
A. R. English, A. Echeverry, J. O. Sarturi, T. L. Opheim, K. K. Nightingale, M. F. Miller and M. M. Brashears
Effect of lactobacillus L28 on the reduction of Escherichia coli in cattle manure collected from cattle fed 3 different diets
E. M. Castelli, D. L. Campos, K. K. Nightingale, A. R. English and M. M. Brashears
Prevalence and characterization of shigatoxin-producing Escherichia coli during processing in Chinese beef processing plants
T. Xiao, P. Dong, Y. Zhang, L. Zhu and X. Luo
Western blot immunoassay in detecting mechanically deboned chicken meat in beef mixtures
E. Deniz, S. Karahisar, H. Yıldızhan, E. G. Altuntaş, D. Ö. Demiralp and K. Candoğan
Antimicrobial potential of a clean label intervention in fresh chicken patties
P. Sijtsema, K. Brookmeyer and L. Yi
Risk factors for shedding of shigatoxigenic E. coli O157 and O26 in cattle at slaughter
G. Duffy, E. McCabe and C. Burgess
Pre-screening of biogenic amine production from isolated bacteriocin-producing lactic acid bacteria associated in traditional Thai fermented meat products
A. Swetwiwathana, A. Jindaprasert and N. Joraka
Chitosan films with potato peel extract to extend the shelf life of meat
R. G. Díaz-Orduño, R. D. Vargas-Sánchez, A. Felician-Vega, A. Sánchez-Escalante and G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia
Can edible mushroom be used as meat preservative?
B. del Mar Torres-Martínez, G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia, R. D. Vargas-Sánchez, F. J. Ibarra-Arias, P. Roncalés-Rabinal and A. Sánchez-Escalante
Mesquite pods extract, an additive to extend the shelf life of meat
M. Y. Lorenzo-Justo, V. M. Rivera-Castro, R. D. Vargas-Sánchez, G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia and A. Sánchez-Escalante
Use of date pits as a novel additive for the meat industry
M. A. De la Rosa-Alcaraz, G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia, J. Á. Pérez-Álvarez, J. Fernández-López and A. Sánchez-Escalante

Session 8. Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing

Construction of response model for predicting effect of three polysaccharides on texture profile of emulsified sausage
Z. F. Wang and T. Y. Wang
Effect of processing conditions on the community dynamics of coagulase-negative staphylococci during meat fermentation
D. A. Stavropoulou, E. Van Reckem, L. De Vuyst and F. Leroy
Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of 1,3-diacylglycerol from lard oil and fatty acid profile change
N. Wan, Z. Wang, Y.Hong and X. Xue
The preparation and quality evaluation of sausage in which fat replaced by lard modified diglyceride
H. Wang, J. Wang, Z. Wang and X. Xue
Mycelia of Pleurotus sapidus and Lentinula edodes as functional raw-material in comparison to different vegetable proteins in Döner kebab system
A. Stephan, J, Ahlborn, M. Zajul and H. Zorn
Physicochemical characteristics of extracted gelatin from chicken feet at different temperatures
J. H. Choe, B. J. Park, C. Jo and H. Y. Kim
Alternative technology for sodium nitrite: effect of atmospheric pressure plasma on manufacturing of pork jerky
H. I. Yong, S. H. Lee, S. Y. Kim, J. Y. An and C. Jo
Development of natural nitrite source by atmospheric pressure plasma
S. Jung, K. Jo, J. Lee, H. I. Yong, S. J. Yum, H. G. Jeong and C. Jo
Application of irradiation on aging of beef with different temperatures
S. H. Lee, S. Y. Kim, H. I. Yong, J. Y. An, K. C. Nam and C. Jo
Conjugated linoleic acid production by L. plantarum AB20-961 and L. plantarum DSM2601 in fermented sausage
C. O. Özer and B. Kılıç
Modifying quality attributes of beef burger patties using moringa and olive seed powders
F. Y. Al-Juhaimi, M. D. Hawashin, E. E. Babiker, O. Q. Adiamo, O. N. Alsawmahi, K. Ghafoor and I. A. Mohamed Ahmed
Impact of colour differences of pork and beef on the quality of raw fermented sausages
C. Krischek, J. Popp and G. Klein
Quality of properties of ground ham cured by atmospheric pressure plasma treatment
J. Lee, K. Jo, Y. Lim, C. Jo, J. Choe and S. Jung
How important is slicing technology for lamb quality?
M. Bellés, V. Alonso, J. Cuello, A. García, P. Roncalés and J. A. Beltrán
Physical-chemical parameters and sensory acceptance of beef burgers with reduced sodium content
T. S. Belém, J C. Barros, P. E. S. Munekata, J. C. Baldin, Y. J. Polizer , A. C. S. Barretto and M. A. Trindade
Edible crystalline particles as model fillers in comminuted meat products
S. Barbut, A. J. Gravelle and A. G. Marangoni
Effect of sugarcane dietary fiber on the microstructure of myofibrillar protein gel
X. Zhuang and G. Zhou
Colour stabilisation of haem-iron hydrolysate using sodium nitrite alternatives
S. Chhem-Kieth and J. Ruiz-Carrascal
pH variation in beef for 90 days
F. Larenas, R. Letelier, P. Melin and F. González
Effect of temperature and fat type on the viscoelastic properties of meat batters prepared with white and red chicken meat
S. Glorieux, L. Steen, I. Foubert and I. Fraeye
Effects of high-pressure, ultrasound and high-pressure homogenizing treatments on myofibrillar protein solubility
S. Xue, X. Xu, H. Shan and G. Zhou
Effect of resistant starch concentrations on the physicochemical characteristics of cooked ham
E. M. Santos, K. Y. Barrera, J. A. Rodríguez, I. Sánchez, B. M. Becerra, C. A. Gómez and E. Rangel
Glycogen phosphorylase: a possible mechanism for the pH increase in High Pressure processed bull meat
J. D. Morton, H. Y. Y. Lee, G. Pearson and R. Bickerstaffe
High pressure on cooked ham: a way to increase shelf-life while maintaining high standard quality
A. Rakotondramavo, C. Guyon, M. de Lamballerie and L. Pottier
Nutritional values of 11 pork secondary meat-cuts and liver
M. Carlier, B. Duchene, T. Lhommeau and J. L. Martin
Characterization of fractions from the recovery of bovine lung protein using pH shift processing
S. A. Lynch, C. Alvarez, E. O’Neill, M. O’Sullivan and A. M. Mullen
Effects of encapsulated polyphosphates on microbiological and physicochemical properties of cooked ground beef
B. Tenderis, B. Kılıç, H. Yalçın and A. Şimşek
Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry as a rapid and non-destructive method for determination of lean, fat and bone content in livestock
Ó. López-Campos, M. Juárez, I. L. Larsen, N. Prieto, J. Roberts, M. E. R. Dugan and J. L. Aalhus
Effect of sodium reduction on emulsion stability and microstructure of bologna-type sausages
M. A. Pires, J. C. Barros, P. E. S. Munekata, L. T. Carvalho, J. C. Baldin, Y. J. Polizer-Rocha, I. Rodrigues and M. A. Trindade
Effect of high pressure processing on raw pork colour and water holding capacity
S. Sazonova, R. Galoburda and I. Gramatina
Impact of different smoke condensates on the physico-chemical, chemical and sensory proporties of dry fermented sausages
G. Delanghe, L. Dewulf, J. Van Durme and I. Fraeye
Replacement of pork meat with proteins recovered from meat co-products in an emulsion-type breakfast sausage.
C. Álvarez and A. M. Mullen
Improved plasma recovery by means of red cell crenation assisted by RSM approach
C. Álvarez and A. M. Mullen
Fatty acids profile of chicken nuggets added with chia flour (Salvia hispanica L)
J. C. Barros, P. E. S. Munekata, M. A. Pires, I. Rodrigues, C. E. C. Rodrigues and M. A. Trindade
Impact of aging method and PEF treatment on meat quality and stability of conjugated linoleic acid in venison
T. E. Mungure, A. El-Din, A. Bekhit, J. Birch, S. Kanokruangrong, A. Carne and M. M. Farouk
Proteins from the meat processing chain – enhancing value of co-products
L. Drummond, C. Alvarez and A. M. Mullen
Safety aspects of a proposed bovine lung protein powder process
L. Drummond, I. White and A. M. Mullen
Shelf-life extension of low salt sausages using HPMC-based films containing nanoparticle rosemary extract
C. Stokes, J. P. Kerry and M. G. O’Sullivan
Applications of X-ray multi energy spectrometry for the meat industry
A. Austrich, R. Marques-Sousa, I. Muñoz, M. Font-i-Furnols, P. Gou and E. Fulladosa
Texture characterization of dry-cured ham using X-ray multi energy spectrometry
A. Austrich, I. Muñoz, P. Gou, J. M. Lorenzo, J. V. García-Pérez, J. Benedito, L. Guerrero and E. Fulladosa
Effect of the addition of Bifurcaria bifurcata seaweed extract on physico-chemical parameters in healthier pork liver pâté
R. Agregan, N. Echegaray, R. Domínguez, M. Pateiro, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Influence of the addition of different proteins on the sensory properties of pâté
S. Zamuz, D. Robledo, N. Echegaray, M. Pateiro, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Lipid oxidation of low-fat pork liver pâtés as affected by Bifurcaria bifurcata extract
R. Agregan, L. Purriños, S. Zamuz, R. Domínguez, M. Pateiro, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Biological active additive for meat products
G. Kenenbay, U. Chomanov, T. Tultabayeva, T. Zhumalieva and A. Shoman
Effect of partial replacement of sodium chloride with other salts on physicochemical characteristics in dry-cured “Lacón”
D. Franco, M. Pateiro, R. Bermúdez, L. Purriños and J. M. Lorenzo
Influence of sodium reduction and ultrasound treatment on the sensory acceptance of cooked ham
T. L. Barretto, M. A. R. Pollonio, J. T. Romero and A. C. S. Barretto
Advanced characterisation and evaluation of meat hydrolysates as functional ingredients in food
S. Deb-Choudhury, J. Gathercole, S. Haines, A. Grosvenor, D. Harland, E. Lee, A. Thomas, M. Farouk and S. Clerens
Effect of ozone on physicochemical parameter changes during ageing of beef
R. Bermúdez, M. Pateiro, D. Robledo, L. Puriños, C. Pérez-Santaescolástica, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Optimising heat treatment of meat products using low temperatures
L. Nersting, M. D. Aaslyng and I. Simonsen
Effect of high pressure at different temperatures on texture of dry-cured ham with different textural characteristics
E. Coll-Brasas, J. Arnau, P. Gou, J. M. Lorenzo, J. V. García-Pérez, J. Benedito and E. Fulladosa
Effect of temperature during HP processing on colour and colour stability of dry–cured ham
E. Coll-Brasas, J. Arnau, P. Gou, J. M. Lorenzo, J. V. García-Pérez, J. Benedito and E. Fulladosa
Fat prediction using an online dual energy X-ray absorptiometer is accurate in genetically divergent lambs
S. L. Connaughton, F. Anderson, K. R. Kelman, A. Williams, S. Starling and G. E. Gardner
Effect of arginine-hemoglobin on color stability of ground lamb during storage
S. Xuan, H. Chengli, W. Wenting, L. Zheng, X. Li, W. Liguo, Z. Jie and Z. Dequan
Evaluation of the betalain in the stability of the colour of Brazilian fresh sausage during storage under refrigeration
E. R. B. Bellucci, L. A. C. Zuanon, V. R. N. Telis and A. C. S. Barretto
Screening of probiotics of lactic acid bacteria for meat system: evaluation in vitro and in mini dry fermented sausage
C. V. B. Souza, A. L. Barretto Penna and A. C. S. Barretto
Addition of dietary fiber in cooked restructured pork shoulder with salt reduction
C. S. Pinto, E. R. B. Bellucci, T. Barretto and A. C. S. Barretto
Effect of partial substitution of sodium chloride on the drying characteristics of beef slices
E. Çarkcıoğlu and K. Candoğan
Production of semi-smoked sausages using grinding of raw material by milling
B. R. Kapovsky, T. G. Kuznetsova, A. B. Lisitsyn,V. V. Nasonova, A. N. Zakharov and A. A. Motovilina
Production of homogenized canned baby food using innovative technology of meat raw material grinding
V. I. Ivashov, A. B. Lisitsyn , B. R. Kapovsky, A. S. Dydykin, O. K. Derevitskaya, P. I. Plyasheshnik and V. A. Pchelkina
Improving protein digestibility and texture of beef meat with novel processing technologies
L. Kaur, F. M. Chian, X. Zhu, T. Astruc, I. Oey and M. J. Boland
Antioxidant activity of Moringa oleifera leaf powder in South African pork droëwors
F. E. Mukumbo, A. Descalzo, A. Servent, E. Arnaud, A. Collignan, L. Hoffman and V. Muchenje
Inactivation profile of food spoilage bacteria by power ultrasound: a prospective for salt reduced meat products
E.S. Inguglia, B. K. Tiwari, J. P. Kerry and C. M. Burgess
Potential of rice bran wax and soybean oil oleogels as pork fat replacements in frankfurter-type sausages
T. L. Wolfer, N. C. Acevedo, K. J. Prusa, J. G. Sebranek and R. Tarté
Sensory profile and color stability of sheep sausages prepared with oregano (Origanum vulgare) extract
R. de P. P. Fernandes, M. A. Trindade, J. M. Lorenzo and M. P. de Melo
Use of multiple emulsions as fat substitutes in meat products
Ö. Çağindi and C. İnce
The feasibility of microwave spectroscopy for evaluation of freezing method in meat
A. Mason, S. G. Bjarnadottir, F. Bjerke and O. Alvseike
Assessment of five strains of Staphylococcus equorum in cured raw loins on key aroma compounds
M. Gibis, R. Bosse (née Danz), M. Wolz and J. Weiss
Enzymatic hydrolysis of hide ‘fleshing’ meat: characterisation and optimization
C. Anzani, T. Tedeschi, A. Dossena and S. Sforza
Meat industry by-product recovery: gelatin and film forming evaluation
C. Anzani, C. Álvarez, T. Tedeschi, A. Dossena, A. M. Mullen and S. Sforza
Effects of sodium lactate, encapsulated or unencapsulated polyphosphates and their combinations on growth of listeria monocytogenes in cooked ground beef
B. Tenderis, B. Kılıç, H. Yalçın and A. Şimşek
The effects of brine injection level and post mortem aging on sensory and physical characteristics of beef loin
P. E. Strydom, Z. Kuhn, C. J. Hugo and A. Hugo
The effect of brine injection level on the physical properties and sensory acceptability of pork loins
Z. Kühn, C. Bothma, P. E. Strydom, C. J. Hugo and Arno Hugo
Optimization of the enzymatic hydrolysis of mechanically deboned chicken meat: the use of experimental statistical design
N. Pap, S. Mäkinen and Anne Pihlanto
An evaluation of the tenderising effect of needle-injecting hot, pre-rigor lamb carcasses with a ficin-water solution
E. Baumann and K. Farag
Investigation of heteropolysaccharide-producing Lactobacillus plantarum TMW 1.1308 in cooked ham
J. Hilbig, M. Loeffler, K. Herrmann and J. Weiss
The use of hurdle technology for the development of consumer accepted low-salt cooked ham with enhanced shelf life
C. M. O’ Neill, M. C. Cruz-Romero, G. Duffy and Joe P. Kerry
Comparison of physico-chemical characteristics of extracts from various bones in Hanwoo cattle
J. K. Lee, J. T. Jeong, J. S. Choi, M. O. Jung and Y. I. Choi
Stability of model system beef emulsions containing linseed oil-in-water gelled emulsions
B. Öztürk, M. Serdaroğlu and M. Karabıyıkoğlu
Non-invasive assessment of the bioburden of minced pork using a hand-held fluorescence device
C. Grimmler, M. Heiden and H. Schmidt
Characterisation of novel technology for boar taint detection
K. L. Westmacott, A. Crew, O. Doran and J. P. Hart
Effects of psyllium husk powder on a cold-set restructured ground turkey product
T. L. Harper and A. D. Clarke
Can a NitFom near infrared system predict laboratory intramuscular fat values?
S. M. Fowler, R. van de Ven, J. Hocking Edwards, G. E. Gardner, D. L. Hopkins and D. W. Pethick
Developing a dual X-ray absorptiometer for estimating carcase fatness in beef at abattoir chain-speed
G. E. Gardner, J. Peters, S. E. Starling, J. Cook, M. Shirazi and A. Williams
Predicting beef carcase composition from weight and rib fat depth
A. Williams, C. G. Jose, P. McGilchrist, B. J. Walmsley, M. J. McPhee, P. L. Greenwood and G. E. Gardner
Predicting lamb carcase composition from carcase weight and gr tissue depth
A. Williams, F. Anderson, J. Siddell, D. W. Pethick, J. E. Hocking Edwards and G. E. Gardner
The effects of replacing beef fat with olive oil on protein oxidation products (α-Aminoadipic semialdehydes-AAS and γ-glutamic semialdehydes-GGS) turkish dried fermented sausage
M. Serdaroğlu, H.Özyurt, A. Zungur Bastıoğlu, B. Öztürk and S. Ötleş
NIR determination of meat quality characteristics at different lamb carcass points
G. Fiorentini, L. Mur, C. A. Fugita, L. Bellomo, A. I. Negueruela, C. Sañudo and M. M. Campo
Use of potassium chloride as salt replacer in reduced-salt back bacon rashers: impact on shelf life
G. Delgado-Pando, P. Allen, J. Kerry, M. O’Sullivan and R. M. Hamill
Use of high pressure processing on meat products: commercial developments and research trends in food science
L. Pottier, C. Tonello, A. Rakotondramavo, C. Guyon and M. De Lamballerie
Effects of functional emulsion gels on physicochemical, and structural properties of bologna sausage
M. A. R. Pollonio, G. F. Furtado, A. R. Honório, L. Mokarzel,V. A. Vidal, R. L. Cunha and C. S. Paglarini
Albedo and Flavedo grapefruit powder as an oxidative stabilizer of pork patties during chilled storage
S. G. López-Santiz, G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia, R. D. Vargas-Sánchez, L. Zavala-Cárdenas and A. Sánchez-Escalante
Antioxidant effect of grapefruit powder in pork patties
S. Rizo-Gálvez, R. D. Vargas-Sánchez, M. I. Ramírez-Rojo, A. Sánchez-Escalante and G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia
Effect of ultrasound intensity and time on the quality of cooked hams with reduced sodium content
T. L. Barretto, G. R. Carvalho, A. C. S. Barretto and J. T. Romero

Session 9. Consumer Aspects - Marketing & Perspectives

Comparison of different parts of lamb: chemical composition and sensory
C. Xu, C. Liu, H. Luo, Y. Qu and W. Zhu
Humans and meat: a story of love and hate
F. Leroy and I. Praet
Consumers’ perception of frankfurter sausages with different healthiness attributes
Y. J. Polizer-Rocha, R. L. F. Noronha, J. Lapa-Guimarães and M. A. Trindade
‘I don’t want to think about it’. Concerns about sheep and beef cattle transportation and slaughter amongst Australian meat consumers
E. A. Buddle, H. J. Bray, W. S. Pitchford and R. A. Ankeny
Low protein and “Alperujo” diet do not affect consumers’ acceptability of Iberian crossbreed dry-cured loins
M.Font-i-Furnols, J. García-Gudiño, A. Brun, M. Gispert, J. Perea-Muñoz, J. García-Casco, E. González and I. Blanco-Penedo
Differences in consumer perceptions of meat quality
P. Purslow, R. Cepeda, E. Cáffero, L. Garitta, M. Sosa, D. Frank, L. Duizer, T. Ngapo, H. Bruce, R. Nassu and M. Henchion
Affective and descriptive (novel) sensory and physiochemical comparison of traditional bone-in dry-aged beef loin
M. G. O’Sullivan, M. Cruz Romero and J. P. Kerry
Irish consumer attitudes on salt and fat processed meats
S. Fellendorf, J. P. Kerry and M. G. O’Sullivan
Perception of traceability information on beef label by Spanish and Brazilian consumers
D. R. Magalhaes, M. T. Maza, G. Fiorentini, I. N. Prado, J. K. Kirinus, A. Guerrero and M. M. Campo
Spanish and Brazilian consumers’ attitudes on purchase and consumption of beef
D. R. Magalhaes, M. T. Maza, V. C. Resconi, M. Barahona, C. Sañudo, J. L. Olleta and M. M. Campo
Salt reduction and potassium replacement perception of traditional corned beef in different age (18-85) cohorts
P. M. Conroy, R. M. Hamill, J. P. Kerry and M. G. O’Sullivan
Consumer attitudes and expectations of meat, meat products and meat packaging in Ireland
P. M. Conroy, R. M. Hamill, J. P. Kerry and M. G. O’Sullivan
The sensory impact of salt replacers in reduced sodium dry cured Lacón
L. Purriños, C. Pérez-Santaescolástica, S. Zamuz, N. Echegaray, M. Pateiro, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
How to predict beef eating quality in Europe through the adaptation of the Australian system MSA?
J-F. Hocquette, I. Legrand, R. J. Polkinghorne and J. Wierzbicki
Millennial versus non-millennial consumer perceptions of beef, pork and chicken sensory attributes
R. Miller, H. Laird, K. Adhikari, E. Chambers and C. Kerth
US consumer assessment of top loin beef from two New Zealand forage finishing systems compared to us grain fed beef
A.J. Garmyn, R.J. Polkinghorne, J.C. Brooks and M.F. Miller
Effect of energy source and animal age on flavor intensity of sheep meat
J. R. Jaborek1, H. N. Zerby, S. J. Moeller and F. L. Fluharty
Effect of the dietary polyunsaturated fatty acid level on consumer sensory ratings of beef from different genetic groups
D. S. Antonelo, J. F. M. Gómez, R. R. S. Corte, M. Beline, J. Silva, C. A. Martins, R. B. A. Vieira, B. Pavan and S. L. Silva
Consumer attitudes to porcine blood and surplus protein in functional and high protein foods
M. Tøstesen, K.S. Kjærulff, L. Meinert and M. D. Aaslyng
Understanding consumer perceptions of novel meat processing technologies
T. Lu, P. Wall, M. Burke, N. McCaffrey and A. G. M. Scannell
Consumer sensory evaluation of meat from Nellore steers fed with vegetable oils
F. de Souza Costa, A. R. Cabral, A. S. Cravo Pereira, W. Henrique, M. A. I. da Silva, J. A. Orozco and S. da Luz e Silva
Millennial versus non-millennial in home consumer perceptions of beef, pork and chicken sensory attributes
H. L. Laird, R. K Miller, K. Adhikari, C. R. Kerth and E. Chambers
IMF and eating quality in sheepmeat: a comparison of American, Chinese and Australian consumers
R. O’Reilly, L. Pannier, G. E. Gardner, A. J. Garmyn, R. H. Jacob, H. Luo, Q. Meng, M. F. Millerand D. W. Pethick
Consumer acceptability of pork loin from crossbred pigs sired by Pakchong 5 boar and Duroc boar
R. Lertpatarakomol, R. Sitthigripong, R. Limsupavanich, S. Noidad, C. Chaosap and K. Chaweewan
Diet has minimal impact on Australian consumer palatability
L. Pannier, L. Zhao, D. J. Brown, K. Geenty and D. W. Pethick
The Nix a* value is associated with consumer meat colour scores
M. T. Corlett, D. W. Pethick, R. H. Jacob, K. R. Kelman and G. E. Gardner

Session 10. Meat Biochemistry

Investigation of proteomic changes and quality of sheep (Ovis aries) meat due to electrical stunning
M. Kiran, B. M. Naveena, R. Srikanth, C. Venkatesh, Y. Praveen Kumar and V. V. Kulkarni
pH determination methods influence pH slopes during early post mortem ageing of pig meat
C. Krischek, J. Popp and A. R. Sharifi
Comparative proteomic profiling between Spanish bovine breeds
R. Rodríguez-Vázquez, A. Mato, M. A. Sentandreu, M. Oliván, D. Franco and C. Zapata
Effects of carcass chilling treatments on postmortem calpain activity in mule duck breast muscle
S-Y. Yang , Y-J. Syu , Y-S. Chang and R-G. R. Chou
Biomarkers of tenderness and intramuscular fat in five muscles from French PDO Maine Anjou. 1 – Muscle type effect
B. Picard, M. Al Jammas, M. P. Ellies, M. Gagaoua, S. Couvreur, M. Pécot, G. Aminot, L. De Koning, A. Valais and M. Bonnet
Biomarkers of tenderness and intramuscular fat in five muscles from French PDO Maine Anjou. 2 – Prediction of groups of quality
B. Picard, M. Al Jammas, S. Couvreur, M. Pécot, G. Aminot, S. Léger, L. Koning, A. Valais and M. Bonnet
Importance of intrinsic parameters in relation to in vitro zinc protoporphyrin IX formation in different meat sources
H. De Maere, S. Chollet, E.Claeys, C. Michiels, M. Govaert, E. De Mey, H. Paelinck and I. Fraeye
Antioxidant effects of dams’ feeding system during lactation and the inclusion of Quebracho in the fattening concentrate in lambs’ tissues
P. J. Rufino-Moya, M. Joy and M. Blanco
Effect of grazing on sainfoin or alfalfa during lactation on lambs’ muscle metabolites. A HPLC-ESI-QTOF MS approach
P. J. Rufino-Moya, M. Blanco, S. Lobón, M. Joy and J. Pérez-Jiménez
Differences in muscle fibre type in lamb relate to differences in collagen solubility and perinatal MMP activity
M. E. Latorre and P. P. Purslow
Differences in the levels of Bov-SERPINA3 in rectus abdominis muscle explain the variability of beef tenderness
M. Gagaoua, N. Dunoyer and B. Picard
Oxidation increases myofibrillar protein net charge
Y. Bao and P. Ertbjerg
Effects of calcium and zinc ions injection on caspase-3 and tenderization in postmortem beef skeletal muscles
F. Huang, Z. Ding, C. Zhang, L. Zhang and H. Zhang
Clustering of fatty acids composition, sensory quality and proteomic biomarkers of young Charolais bulls
M-P. Ellies-Oury, M. Bonnet, M. Gagaoua, M-M. Mialon, D. Durand, D. Gruffat, D. Micol, M. Chavent, J. Saracco, L. De Koning and B. Picard
Use of liquid isoelectric focusing (offgel) to study changes in muscle proteome during bovine meat ageing
L. R. Beldarrain., N. Aldai, E. Sentandreu and M. A. Sentandreu
Zinc-protoporphyrin content in commecial Parma hams and its relationship with composition parameters
R. Bou, M. Llauger, J. Arnau and E. Fulladosa
Dissociation of actomyosin into actin and myosin and liberation of actomyosin from myofibrils induced by various phosphates
M. Matsuishi, K. Kanno, M. Sawada, I. Suzuki and A. Okitani
Effect of sex on amino acid composition of turkey meat
R. Domínguez, N. Echegaray, F. Gálvez, C. Pérez-Santaescolática, M. Pateiro, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Amino acids composition of beef patties enriched with different proteins
S. Zamuz, R. Domínguez, N. Echegaray, F. Gálvez, R. Bermúdez, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Inclusion of potato in the finishing diet of pigs: effect on physicochemical parameters
M. Pateiro, R. Bermúdez, P. González, S. Seoane, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Influence of pig breed on fatty acid profile of dry-cured shoulder
R. Agregan, L. Purriños, B. García, R. Domínguez, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Physico-chemical characterization of fresh sausage enriched with different proteins
S. Zamuz, B. García, N. Echegaray, R. Agregán, R. Bermúdez, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Rigor bonds reduce lattice spacing of skinned porcine skeletal muscle fibre under PSE-like conditions
J. Liu and A. Arner
Degradation of myosin light chain during post-mortem ageing is associated with meat tenderness in Nguni, Bonsmara, Brahman and Charolais breeds
K. W. Moloto, L. Frylinck, T. Pitse, P. E. Strydom and G. Koorsen
Assessing proteomic changes in dry-cured ham under different salt concentration and pastiness
M. López-Pedrouso, C. Pérez-Santaescolástica, J. V. García-Pérez, E. Fulladosa, J. Benedito, E. Coll-Brasas, C. Zapata, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Effect of proteolysis index on the volatile compounds profile of dry-cured ham
C. Pérez-Santaescolástica, N. Echegaray, J. V. Garcia-Perez, E. Fulladosa, J. Benedito, E. Coll-Brasas, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Physicochemical characteristics of dry-cured loin from two different breeds
M. Pateiro, R. Bermúdez, S. Salmuz, B. García, C. Pérez-Santaescolástica, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Effect of myoglobin phosphorylation on meat color stability
M. Li, X. Li, Z. Li and D. Zhang
Proteomics as a tool for studying meat autolysis
N. L. Vostrikova, I. M.Chernukha, N. G. Mashentseva, A. V. Kulikovskii, A. N. Ivankin and A. G. Achremko
Proteomic analysis using iTRAQ reveals the alterations in stress-induced dysfunctional chicken muscle
T.Xing, X. Zhao, G.Zhou and X. Xu
The Challenge: Molecular mapping of meat protein modification through processing
J. M. Dyer, T-Y. Yu, A. J. Grosvenor, S. Deb-Choudhury, S. Haines, D. Harland, J. Morton and S. Clerens
Lactic acid and glycogen contents, pH and meat quality of Iberian pig: effect of rearing system
R. Cava and P. Komová
Using 1h NMR and multivariate data analysis to study the changes of precursor flavor substance of Wuding chicken
Z. Xiao, C. Ge, G. Zhou and W. Zhang
Difference in skeletal muscle peroxiredoxin-2 in pigs divergently selected for residual feed intake in response to disease challenge
B. M. Patterson, A. C. Outhouse, E. T. Helm, J. C. M. Dekkers, K. J. Schwartz, N. K. Gabler and E. Huff-Lonergan and S. M. Lonergan
Proteome changes of bovine muscle based on ultimate pH during aging
A. M. Pereira, D. L. Fonseca, F. A. Rosa and P. J. Eler
Involvement of apoptosis in meat quality attributes using the callipyge lamb model: 1. The omics approach
D. Ma, M. Penick, B. R. Cooper, J-H. Oh, H. Chun, J. N. Waddell, C. A. Bidwell and Y. H. B. Kim
Involvement of apoptosis in meat quality attributes using the callipyge lamb model: 2. Heat Shock Protein 27 and meat toughness
T. A. Cramer, M. L. Penick, J. N. Waddell, C. A. Bidwell and Y. H. B. Kim
Effect of cooking method on beef flavour marker compounds
I. Wojtasik-Kalinowska , L. J. Farmer, R. Polkinghorne, T. D. J. Hagan, A. W. Gordon, A. Półtorak and A. Wierzbicka
Selection for increased intramuscular fat and lean meat yield can improve the bloomed colour of lamb meat
H. B. Calnan, R. H. Jacob, D. W. Pethick and G. E. Gardner
AMP is a more potent activator of phosphofructokinase-1 activity than fructose 2,6-bisphospate in porcine skeletal muscle under simulated postmortem conditions
S. S. Chauhan, M. N. LeMaster and E. M. England
Protein oxidation of fermented sausage (Sucuk) produced with olive oil during storage
F. M. Serdaroğlu, A. Z. Bastıoğlu, B. Öztürk and V. H. Özyurt
Metabolomic changes in porcine fast and slow type muscles during postmortem aging
S. Muroya, M. Oe, K. Ojima and K. Chikuni
The stability of carboxymyoglobin in presence of oxygen in meat
K.Thiemann and D. Brüggemann

Session 11. Advancements in Meat Packaging

Evaluation of antibacterial activity of copper-based nanomaterials for food packaging applications
E. Zanardi, A. De Berardinis, A. Lorenz, I. Alfieri, P. Di Ciccio, A. Colagiorgi, S. Ghidini and A. Ianieri
Meat preservation by an antimicrobial edible coating
I. Sánchez-Ortega, C. Regalado-González, E. M. Santos, J. Castro-Rosas, E. Rangel-Vargas
Nitrite embedded vacuum packaging improves retail characteristics of bison steaks
Ó. López-Campos, J. C. Roberts, A. Rodas-González, J.Galbraith, M. E. R. Dugan, I. L. Larsen and J. L. Aalhus
Carbon monoxide packaging shows the same color improvement for dark-cutting beef as high oxygen packaging
Y. Zhang, L. Qin, Y. Mao, D. Hopkins, L. Zhu and X. Luo
Potential mechanisms of color improvement for dark cutting beef derived from carbon monoxide packaging and high oxygen packaging are different
Y. Zhang1, L. Qin, Y. Mao, D. Hopkins, L. Zhu and X. Luo
Application of a chitosan based nanoparticle formulation as an edible coating for sliced dry cured ham antioxidation
J. Zhao, W. Chen, J. Zhang, X. Xu and G. Zhou
In-package cold plasma treatment of raw meat
H. Zhuang, M. J. Rothrock, Jr., K. L. Hiett, G. R. Gamble, K. C. Lawrence and B. C. Bowker
The effect of a range of CO concentrations and exposure times on the colour stabilty of vacuum packaged beef steaks
L. A. Van Rooyen, P. Allen, P. Reid and D. I. O’Connor
Mathematical modelling of shelf life in MAP meat: coupling between oxygen dynamics, colour stability and bacterial growth
J. Tofteskov, M. A. Tørngren, J. S. Hansen and N. Bailey
Advancements in meat packaging and its significance
Ö. Çağindi and N. Ö. Bilge
Extended map storage reduces saturated and increases monounsaturated fatty acids in marbled pork loin
J. Alvarez-Rodriguez, R. N. Pena, J. Estany, L. Bosch, J. Reixach and M. Tor
Packaging effects on flavour marker compounds in grilled beef
L. J. Farmer, R. Polkinghorne, T. D. J. Hagan, D. W. Sanderson and A. W. Gordon
Evolution of refrigerated and vacuum-packaged beef texture
F. Larenas, F. González, P. Melin and R. Letelier
Edible bioactive packaging applied to reduced-salt back bacon rashers: effect on shelf life
G. Delgado-Pando, P. Allen, M. O’Sullivan, J. Kerry and R. M. Hamill
The effect of the combination of clean label ingredients and packaging conditions on the shelf-life and microbiology of meat
C. Smyth, N. P. Brunton, J. L. Lyng, P. Whyte, J. Fagan, C. Fogarty and D. J. Bolton

Session 12. Meat & Health- Sustaining Healthy Protein Sources

Nutrient density, nutritional value, and cost of nutrients of meat products and non-meat foods high in protein
B. M. Bohrer
Sensory acceptance and physicochemical parameters of chopped ham with pea fiber addition
Y. J. Polizer-Rocha, D. Pompeu, J. C. Baldin, R. P. Fregonesi, M. T. A. Freire and M.A. Trindade
Pea fiber addition in frankfurter sausage aiming cost and fat content reduction
Y. J. Polizer-Rocha, D. Pompeu, J. C. Baldin, I. Rodrigues, M. A. Pires, M. T. A. Freire and M. A. Trindade
Italian dried meat-products: distinctive characteristics of some PDO local products
M. Lucarini, J. Sanchez del Pulgar , G. Saccani , P. Gabrielli, A. Aguzzi and G. Lombardi Boccia
In vitro comparison of antioxidant activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Harbin sausages and selected probiotics
Q. Chen, Q. Han, X. Yin and B. Kong
Evaluation of carrageenan as lard substitute and KCl as partial substitute of sodium in sausage
J. R. Barros, R.V. Pereira, C. C. Queiroga, C. M. P. Almeida, C. C. Carvalho, I. Racowski, M. A. C. Carlotti Filho, V. M. C. O. Faria and M. E. Pulzatto
Development of fat optimized sausages: influence on sensorial and nutritional properties
M. Kryger, J. Knabe, P. G. Braun and C. Wiacek
Carcass distribution of phospholipids in grass-fed Wagyu
E. N. Bermingham, M. G. Reis, A. K. Subbaraj, D. Cameron-Smith, K. Fraser and C. Craigie
Formation of heterocyclic aromatic amines in relation to pork quality and heat treatment parameters
M. Buła, W. Przybylski*, D. Jaworska and K. Boruszewska
Sensory quality of salt reduced corned beefs formulated with salt replacers
S. Fellendorf, R. M. Hamill, J. P. Kerry and M. G. O’Sullivan
Inclusion of milk whey on the finishing diet of pigs: effect on fatty acid profile
R. Domínguez, N. Echegaray, S. Seoane, P. González, R. Agregán, M. Pateiro, D. Franco and J. M. Lorenzo
Three pork muscles exhibited different in vitro protein digestibility
X. Zou, G.Zhou, L. Li, C. Wang and C. Li
Effect of direct reduction of sodium chloride on frankfurt sausage
I. Rodrigues, L. A. Gonçalves, M. Pires, Y. J. Polizer, J. Barros, L. T. Carvalho, J. C. Baldin and M. A. Trindade
Meat product normalizes serum lipid profile in the hyperlipidemia rat model
I. M. Chernukha, L. V. Fedulova and E. A. Kotenkova
Texture optimisation of novel restructured beef steaks suitable for elderly people using clean label plant proteins and pivac
S. Baugreet, J. P. Kerry, P. Allen and R. M. Hamill
Fatty acid composition and lipid oxidation in chicken burgers produced with meat from broilers fed extruded linseed
F. Ciucci, A. Cappucci, G. Conte, L. Casarosa, E. Bulleri, A. Serra and M. Mele
Fat quality of Tuscany dry-cured ham
J. Sanchez del Pulgar, M. Lucarini, G. Saccani, P. Gabrielli, A. Aguzzi and G. Lombardi Boccia
Effect of duration of linseed supplementation on nutritional properties of beef
R. Marino, A. della Malva, M. Caroprese, P. de Palo, A. Santillo, A. Sevi and M. Albenzio
Minerals, heme iron and lipid oxidation in fresh and aged Corriedale lamb meat from pasture based production system in Uruguay
M. C. Cabrera, M. Castaño , A. Terevinto , M. del Puerto and A. Saadoun
Meat from Aberdeen Angus steers finished on pasture with supplementation, concentrate or pasture. (1): fatty acids composition and health indices
A.Saadoun, A. Terevinto and M. C. Cabrera
Meat from Aberdeen Angus steers finished on pasture with supplementation, concentrate or pasture. (2): activity of lipid metabolism enzymes.
A.Saadoun, A. Terevinto and M. C. Cabrera
Fatty acids composition of “Paleta” and “Nalga de Afuera”, forequarter and hindquarter cuts, typical of the Uruguayan domestic meat market.
A. Saadoun, A. Terevinto and M. C. Cabrera
Bioactive peptides from chicken meat
G. Nieto, G. Ros and Y. L. Xiong
Total antioxidant capacity of chicken meat from organic mineral suplementation
G. Nieto, L. Martínez and G. Ros
Enhancing the texture attributes in meat products using food grade acids to increase the appeal for older consumers
C. Botinestean, A. M.Mullen, M. Hossain, J. P. Kerry, R. M. Hamill
The effects of using fruit fibres and rice starch on the technological and textural parameters of a beef product
C. Botinestean, A. M.Mullen, J. P. Kerry, R. M. Hamill
Using the response surface methodology to facilitate the optimization of texture-modified injected meat products targeted at elderly consumers
C. Botinestean, A. M.Mullen, J. P. Kerry, R. M. Hamill
Replacement of pork back fat by functional gelled emulsion in bologna sausage: textural and rheological properties
M. A. R. Pollonio, G. F. Furtado, A. R. Honório, L. Mokarzel, V. A. Vidal, R. L. Cunha and C. S. Paglarini

Late papers

Quantification of neuraminid acids in meat by HPLC-based fluorescence detection using an enzymatically synthesized internal standard
H. L. Yao, Y.Y. Huang, W. J. Wang, L. P. Conway, M. M. Wang, K. Huang, J. Voglmeir and L. Liu