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How to feed the world: is reducing meat consumption part of the solution?
C. Le Mouël, E. Marajo-Petitzon, P. Dumas, S. Manceron., F. Féménia, F. Levert, B. Schmitt and H. Guyomard

Session 1: Meat in future sustainable food systems

Improvement of beef cattle genetics increased beef cattle production and protein consumption in Thailand
K. Boonyanuwatt, P. Sirisom and A. Putharatnung
Improving meat productivity in sheep under small holder system in India with crop residues based complete feeds
P Baswa Reddy, S. Girish Patil, C. Ramakrishmna, N. Kondaiah and Y. Ramana Reddy
How to measure indirect employment linked to livestock farming? Developing a method for economic dependency assessment
A. Lang, P. Dupraz, Y. Trégaro and P-M. Rosner
The economic impact of dark cutting beef in Australia
C.G. Jose, P. McGilchrist, J.L. Perovic, G.E. Gardnes and D.W. Pethick
Current status of world hunger
L. Basu and H. Ockerman

Session 2: Sustainable animal production and environment

Pig-house odours – a review using odour activity values
L.J. Farmer, J.T. Kennedy and E. Magowan

Session 3: Welfare issues related to meat production

Effect of transportation on the expression of heat shock protein 70 and meat quality of broilers during summer
T. Xing, P. Wang, X. Xu and G. Zhou
Blood glucose, cortisol and some meat quality characteristics of cows of the same age from beef and dairy production systems
Y. Z. Njisane and V. Muchenje
Promoting animal welfare from the retailers fridge: cue attributes linked to purchase of fresh chicken meat
H. Brisk, H.H. Kristensen, C.G. Dandanell, A.H. Karlsson, F. J.A. Perez-Cueto, and W.L.P. Bredie
Effect of carbon dioxide stunning method on the stress levels of turkeys during the slaughter
A. Guijarro, S. Mauri, C. Aviles and F. Pena
Meat quality attributes of beef carcases slaughtered using DTS: diathermic syncople
A. Small, J. Hughes, D. McLean and J. Ralph
Bleeding efficiency and meat oxidative stability in goats subjected to traditional halal slaughter and slaughter following minimal anaesthesia
A.B. Sabow, A.Q. Sazili, I. Zulkifli, Y.M. Goh and M.Z. Ab Kadir
Scottish livestock farmers concerns and religious slaughter in the UK
J. Orr and K. Farag
Lamb loin tenderness is associated with kill order
S. Stewart, P. McGilchgrist, G. Gardner and D.W. Petrick
Influence of different electrical stunning conditions on the meat quality of broilers
T.S. Siqueira, R.M.M. Rocha, P.T. Figueira, F.B. Luciano and R.E.F. Macedo
Effects of transportation period and waiting before slaughter on behaviour and meat quality of lambs
A.C.K. Sampaio Issakowicz, J. Issakowicz, A.T. Gerardo, A.S. Natel, P.M.T. Lima, A.L. Abdalla Filho, D. Dhanasekaran, T.P.D. Silva, A.L. Abdall and H. Louvandini
Effect of an allostatic modulator (VsEs3-C®) on animal welfare, carcass characteristics and pork meat quality
C.I. Hernández-Álvareza, M.A. Barrera-Silva, F.G. Ríos-Rincón, R.T. Orozco-Gómez, R.D. Vargas-Sánchez, A. Sánchez-Escalante and G.R. Torrescano-Urrutia
Effects of transportation, lairage and stunning shots on the expression of stress biomarkers in slaughtered bovine species and beef quality
A. Y. Chulayo, G. Bradley and V. Muchenje
Can we improve carcass and meat quality of immunocastrates by elongation of the time post second injection
M. Aluwé, I. Degezelle, D. Fremaut, L. Depuytdt and S. Miller
On-farm handling behaviour, blood glucose, lactate and cortisol of Nguni and non-descript beef steers reared on natural pastures
Y. Z. Njsane and V. Muchenje
Development of an alternative electric stunning device for broiler chickens
M.F. Pinto, I.L.C. Bossolani, M. Carcia-Neto, T.L.M. Grassi and S.H.V. Perri

Session 4: Management of meat quality: the omics

Proteomic biomarkers of meat colour of blonde D’aquitaine young bulls: towards a better comprehension of the biological mechanisms
M. Gagaoua, E.M.C. Terlouw, D. Micol, A. Boudjellal, J-F. Hocquette and B. Picard
Towards the prediction of oxidation in meat industry
P. Gatellier, T. Sayd, M. Delosière, A. Pomeyrat, S. Chambon, V. Santé-Lhoutellier
Allelic frequencies of polymorphisms in genes associated with meat quality in the local Mediterranean Baladi cattle.
M. Cohen-Zinder, E. Shor-Shimoni, M. Yishay, R. Agmon and A. Shabtay
Comparison of non-linear equations to model the growth of Minhota breed cattle
J.P. Araujo, J.M. Lorenzo, J. Cerqueira, J.A. Vazquez, P. Pires, J. Cantalapiedra and D. Franco
Carcass and meat characteristics of young bulls from local Goudali (zebu) cattle of Cameroon and its crosses with Italian Simmental
W.O. Bessong, M. Corazzin, E. Saccá, C. Biondokin, G. Menta and E. Piasentier
Effect of SNP markers on carcass characteristics and fatty acid composition of Duroc breeding stocks in Korea
H. S. Choi, Y. C. Jung, K. S. Kim, Y. I. Choi and J. S. Choi
Association of SNP markers and meat quality characteristics of Duroc breeding stocks in Korea
Y. S. Choi, Y. C. Jung, J. H. Jung, J. S. Choi and Y. I. Choi
Carcass conformation and meat quality of dual purpose poultry in comparison to broiler and layer genotypes
S. Mueller, K. Scheuss, I.D.M. Gangnat, M. Kreuzer and R.E. Messikommer
An HspB1-null mouse to depict the contribution of Hsp27 in beef tenderness
I. Cassar-Malek, M. Kammoun, T. Astruc, C. Chambon, C. Barboiron, A. Delavaud and B. Picard
iTRAQ analysis of skeletal muscle provides an insight into yak proteome related its oxidative stability
W. Wen, Y, Nie, B. Xia and Q. Sun
Proteome changes of beef in Nellore cattle (Bos indicus) with different genotypes for tenderness
A.F. Rosa, M.D. Poleti, C.T. Moncau, S.L. E Silva, J.C.C. Baliero and J.P. Eler
QTL analysis of meat quality-related traits in Korean native chicken
D. Seo, H.B. Park, N. Choi, S. Jin, M. Cahyadi, K.N. Heo, S. Jung andJ. H. Lee
Molecular biomarkers to discriminate pork quality classes based on sensory and technological attributes
B. Lebret, R. Castellano, A. Vincent, J. Faure and M. Kloareg
A new polymorphism in myostatin influences beef traits in a blonde D'aquitaine-Holstein crossbred population
G. Renard, A. Vinet, G. Caste, B. Picard, I. Cassar-Malek, C. Bouer, V. Blanquet and A. Oulmouden
Effect of SNP polymorphisms on the breeding value of beef in Hungarian Simmental cattle
I. Anton, B. B. B. Húth, I Fueller, I. Holló, G. Holló and A. Zsolnai
Breed effect on tenderness of beef across the four age categories of the South African classification system
Z. Soji and V. Muchenje
Analysis of genetic characteristics of Wuzhumuqin sheep myostatin gene
J. Feng, Q. Zhixin, S. Qimuge, W. Rihan, S. He, Geriletu and B. Gerelt
MRFs gene expression in Wuzhumuqin sheep during postnatal development
S. Qimuge, W. Rihan, L. Wenjun, T. Nishiumi and B. Gerelt
Comparative analysis of phosphoproteins of ovine muscle with different tenderness
L. Chen, X. Li, Z. Li, L. Chen, Z. Wang, Y. Gao, N. Kang and D. Zhang
Effect of beta-agonists and immunocastration on expression of CAPN1, CAPN2 and CAST in feedlot finished Zebu cattle
M.R. Mazon, D.S. Antonelo, K.E.Z. Nubiato, H. Fukumasu, P.A.A. Alexandre, A.S.C. Pereira, P.R. Leme and S.L. Silva
The effect of extreme cross breeding (Charolias x Nguni) on growth performance and meat and carcass quality
P.E. Strydom and M. Hope-Jones
Effects of animal class and genotype on the nanostructure of beef and meat quality
A. Y. Chulayo and V. Muchenje
Proteome basis of pale, soft, and exudative (PSE) condition in broiler meat from a commercial processing plant
M.A. Desai, V. Jackson, S.P. Suman. M.N. Nair, C.M. Beach and W. Schilling
Combined effects of dietary arginine, leucine and protein levels on fatty acid composition and gene expression in pig muscle
M.S. Madeira, V.M.R. Pires, C.M. Alfaia, R.J.B. Bessa and J.A.M. Prates
Proteome analysis of the sarcoplasmic fraction of cattle Longissimus dorsi muscle
A. della Malva, M. Albenzio, M. Caroprese, A. Santillo, A. Sevi and R. Marino
Omic studies on myofibrillar proteins hydrolysis during fermentation with an autochthonous starter culture
C.M. López, M.A. Sentandreu, G.M. Vignolo and S.G. Fadda
Genome-wide mapping of loci affecting pH in Nellore meat
A.G. T. Pereira, Y. T. Utsunomiya, P. K. R. K. Ito, F. M. Rezende, M. N. Bonin, J.Bento, S. Ferraz, J. F. Garcia and C.J. Contreras-Castillo
Use of liquid isoelectric focusing (OFFGEL) in the study of muscle proteome as related to meat tenderness
D.M. Fernández, B. Picard, E. Sentandreu, L. Izquierdo and M.A. Sentandreu
Effect of ultimate pH in bovine muscle by quantitative proteome analysis
M.D. Poleti, C.T. Moncau, A.F. Rosa and J.P. Eler and JC. de C. Balieiro
Relationship between gene expression of stearoyl-CoA desaturases (SCD1 and SCD5) and the fatty acid profile in asipose tissue of cattle breeds in the Basque region
D. Gamarra, A. Arakawa, N. Aldai, A. López-Oceja, M.M. de Pancorbo and M. Taniguchi

Session 5: Animal production and meat quality

Mechanistic pathways to process-induced toxicants in meat
V. Yaylayan
The effect of forage type on the meat quality of white Dorper lambs
G.F. Brito, S.R. McGrath, B.W.B. Holman, M.A. Friend, G.A. Sandral and D.L. Hopkins
Effects of silage plant species and breed on carcass and meat quality of finishing bulls using forage-based beef production systems
M. Pesonen, M. Honkavaara and A. Huuskonen
Growth performance, meat quality and carcass composition of broilers fed rapeseed-enriched diets
A.H. Karlsson, B. Nielsen, M.A. Petersen, J. Soeholm Petersen, M. Schoedt Dickow, A. Katholm, B.Danielsen and W.L.P. Bredie
Presence of off-flavor in raw beef from different geographical origin
S. Corral and M. Flores
Palatability traits of meat from Nellore heifers fed zilpaterol hydrochloride
N.R.B. Consolo, M.O. Frasseto, R.S. Goulart, V.B. Ferrari and L.F.P. Silva
Maternal nutrient restriction followed by realimentation from early to mid-gestation in beef cows impacts proteomes of fetal muscular and adipose tissues
M. Bonnet, N. Kaspric, K. Vonnahme, C. Barboiron, D. Viala, D. Chadeyron and B. Picard
Interaction of immunocastration and sex on performance, carcass and meat quality in pigs
A. Van den Broeke, F. Leen, M. Aluwé, J. Van Meensel and S. Millet
Effects of dietary supplementation with hydrophilic extract of edible mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) to laying hens on oxidative stability of hen eggs
J.-H. Sohn, Y. Sagarar and T. Ohshima
The effect of dietary urea on insulin regulation of glucose metabolism in sheep
S.A. Corbett, C.E. Payne, D.W. Pethick and G.E. Gardner
Effect of electrical stimulation in different cuts of Bengal goat carcasses
S. Biswas, A.K. Samanta and B.K. Biswas
Quantitative relationships between the tissue composition of bovine carcass and easily obtainable indicators
M. AL-Jammas, J. Agabriel, J. Vernet and I. Ortigues-Marty
Effect of introducing different n-3 fatty acids into pig feed on the nutritional quality of the meat and processed products
A. De Tonnac, M. Azzopardi, J.L. Le Noc, C. Perrier, G. Robin, J. Mourot
Does a low quality diet impact the success of twin pregnancy and the carcass quality of meat producing lambs?
M. Bonnet, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar, M. Bernard, V. Deiss, P. Nozière, A.S. Bage, A. Delavaud, V. Largeau and C. Ginane
Comparison of carcass characteristics in Korean broiler
Y. Kim, P. Seong, H.V. Ba, G.Kang S. Cho, K. Park and S. Moon
Meat quality from grazing-based beef production systems on natural grasslands of Pampa biome
T. Devincenzi, C. Nabinger, T.C. Moraes Genro, É. Nalério, S. Juchem, J. Kassio Fedrigo and M. Fett Pinto
Meat quality and sensory properties of Holstein steers produced with high energy level of total mixed ration
S. Cho, P. Seong, S.M. Kang, Y. Kim, G. Kang, S. Choi and B. Park
Relationship of dark cutting with animal and carcass phenotype in heifers
S. Mahmood, J.A. Basarab, W. Dixon and H.L. Bruce
Carcass and meat quality traits of pigs derived from Pietrain breed
K. Chaweewan, W. Thaenthanee, C. Chaosap, R. Limsupavanich and R. Sitthigripong
Effect of the body weight on carcass characteristics from young bulls
F. Zawadzki, D.C. Rivaroli, J.T. Akamine, R.A.C. Passetti, A.C.P. Vital, A.M. Jorge and I.N. do Prado
Fatty acid profiles and sensory characteristics of meat from broilers supplemented with fever tea (Lippia javanica) leaf powder
U. Marume, V. Mlambo and D. Mpofu
Effects of dietary inclusion of sunflower soapstocks on color and microbiological food-safety of meat from light fattening lambs
S. Andrés, R. Bodas, J.M. Rodríguez-Calleja, C. Blanco, R. Peláez and F. J. Giráldez
Conjugated linoleic acid content in certified Argentine Angus beef
J.E. Malis, J.M. Echazarreta, A.S.P. Jung, S. del Castillo, M. Rivara and N. Rossi
Impact on muscle fiber properties of maternal nutrient restriction followed by realimentation from early to mid-gestation in beef cows
B. Picard, C. Barboiron, N. Kaspric, K. Vonnahme and M. Bonnet
Low lysine feeding enhanges chicken taste by increasing of free glutamate
G. Watanabe, H. Kobayashi, M. Shibata, M. Kubota, M. Kadowaki and S. Fujimura
Physicochemical properties, antioxidant status and lipid profile of Longissimus lumborum muscle in goats fed blend of canola oil and palm oil
K.D. Adeyemi, A.Q. Sazili, A.B. Sabow, A.A. Samsuddin and R. Karim
Effect of cottonseed with or without vitamin E and length of finishing in Nellore beef cattle: fatty acid composition of meat
A.M. Ferrinho, L. Bravo-Lamas, L.F. Mueller, J.K.G. Kramer, L.J.R. Barron, F. Baldi, N. Aldai and A.S.C. Pereira
Intramuscular fat content depending on the muscle, the live weight and the sex of the pig
M. Font-i-Furnols, A. Brun and M. Gispert
Impact of age of Australian Merinos on consumer sensory scores
L. Pannier, G.E. Gardner, A.J. Ball and D.W. Pethick
Effect of the body weight on chemical and fatty acids composition of the longissimus muscle from young bulls
F. Zawadzki, D.C. Rivaroli, C.A. Fugita, M.V. Valero, R.M. do Prado, A.M. Jorge and I.N. do Prado
Fatty acid profile in longissimus of cattle finished in pasture supplemented with crambre crushed
K.A. Souza, R.H. T. B. Goes, A.G. Barrado, R.A. C. Passeti and I.N. Prado
Effects of different hay supplementation on meat quality and fatty acid composition of Hanwoo steers at finishing period
Y.J Jung, Y.S. Park, D.T. Utama, Muhlisin, J.H. Choi, S. G. Lee and S. K Lee
Influence of feeding rice whole-crop silage after grazing on growth performance and meat quality in Japanese black steers
M. Shibata, Y. Hikino, M. Imanari, K. Matsumoto and N. Yamamoto
Impact of DDGS supplemented diet with or without vitamin E and selenium supplementation on fatty acid profile of beef
G. Holló, I. Anton and I. Holló
Effect of inclusion of essential oils on fatty acid composition of crossbred young bulls finished in a feedlot
D.C. Rivaroli, F. Zawadzki, J. Monteschio, M.G. Ornaghi, C.A. Fugita, J.A. Torrecilhas, A.M. Jorge and I.N. do Prado
Effect of inclusion of essential oils and ageing on lipid oxidation of crossbred young bulls finished in a feedlot
D.C. Rivaroli, F. Zawadzki, M.V. Valero, R. M. do Prado, C. E. Eiras, A.G. Barrado, A.M. Jorge and I.N. do Prado
Beef from dairy breeds versus dairy x beef breed crosses: a comparison of production factors and meat eating quality.
N.F.S. Gault, D.T. Farrell, D. Devlin, J. Tollerton, L. Majury, H. Lewis, A.W. Gordon, F. Lively and L. Farmer
The effect of supplementing beef cattle with crude glycerol on the pH of the M. longissimus thoracis
A. Goddard, G.E. Gardner and P. McGilchrist
Fat composition of youthful and mature beef in northern Spain
M. Aurtenetxe, L. Bravo-Lamas, X. Belaunzaran, D. Gamarra, L.J.R. Barron, J.K.G. Kramer and N. Aldai
Meat quality of lambs feed diets enriched with fish and rapeseed oils, carnosic acid and seleno-compounds
W. Przybylski, D. Jaworska and M. Czauderna
The combination of arginine and leucine supplementation of reduced crude protein diets in pigs improves meat eating quality
M.S. Madeira, C.M. Alfaia, P.A. Lopes, D.A. Ramos, R.J.B. Bessa and J.A.M. Prates
The effect of residual feed intake on porcine Longissimus thoracis et lumborum quality
J. Horodyska, K. Wimmers, A.M. Mullen, P. Allen, P. Lawlor, S. Buzoianu and R. Hamill
Influence of acute stress on the protein profile of aged beef from contrasting feeding systems
D.G. Pighin, A. Contarino, S.A. Cunzolo, P. Davies, A.A. Pazos and G.M. Grigioni
Effect of wet distillers grains plus solubles-based feedlot diet in production and beef quality parameters
N.Latimori, A.Kloster, S. Bagües, F. Carduza, G. Grigioni, S. Cunzolo, C.D. Perez, S. Rizzo, L. Rossetti, A. Descalzo, A. Pazos and Darío Pighin
Can nutritional level and parental EDP for rib eye area influence animal performance and carcass yield in steers?
O.M. Lema, G. Brito, J. Clariget, E. Perez, A La Manna, O. Ravagnolo, I. Aguilar and F. Montossi
How does the dietary glycerine level affect the longissimus muscle fatty acid composition in bulls finished in feedlot?
I.N Prado, C.E. Eiras, M.G. Ornaghi, V.C. Barcellos, J.A.P. Guzman and S. Prache
Effects of dietary fat source on carcass characteristics and carcass fat quality of grow-finish pigs
T. Tennant, M. Knauer and D. Hanson
Effects of fattening period on nutritional composition and physico-chemical properities of Jejusan-horse meat
H.S. Chae, N.Y. Kim, J.H. Woo, I.C. Cho, P.N. Seong, K. S. Back, S.H. Park, J. H. Kim, A. Jang and N.G. Park
Color and lipid oxidative stability and sensory chraracteristics of omega-3 enhanced lamb muscle
M.G. Edrosolam, E. Castillo, G.B. Penner and P.J. Sand
Effect of dietary whole cottonseed vitamin E and days of finishing on sensory traits of meat from Nellore bulls
A.M. Ferrinho, R.T. Nassu, N. Aldai, B.L. Utembergue, F.P. Mendonca, M.L.N. Furlan, F. Baldi, L.F. Mueller, J. C. de C. Balieiro and A.S.C. Pereira
Improving beef sensory quality through breeding practices management
J. Soulat, S. Léger, B. Picard and V. Monteils
Eating quality of beef from young dairy bulls from two breeds at three ages from different production systems
Y.Q. Nian, P. Allen, R. Prendiville and J. Kerry

Session6: Muscle biology and meat quality

Significance of imidazole ring in L-histidine on solubilizing myosin in a low ionic strength: the particle property study
X. Chen, Y.Zou, M. Han, L. Pan, T. Xing, X. Xu and G. Zhou
The muscle fibre characteristics of springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) Longissimus thoracis et lumborum and Biceps femoris muscle
M.K. Northa and L. Hoffman
Meat quantity analysis in different age of Maiwa yak
H. Zang, T. An, P. Yang, J. Guan, W. Wu and X. Luo
Characterization of beef with different degrees of marbling from young Aberdeen Angus cattle raised in Russia
A.B. Lisitsyn, I.V. Kozyrev and T.M. Mittelstein
The effect of long-term chilled ageing duration on lamb meat water activity
B.W.B. Holman, C.E.O. Coombs and D.L. Hopkins
Texture of double muscled Piemontese beef measured by two instrumental methods
A. Brugiapaglia, G. Destefanis and M. Renna
Extended dry ageing time effect on water holding capacity and colour of Piemontese cull cow beef
A. Brugiapaglia, G. Defanis and L. Vincenti
High pressure processing effects on tenderness, myofibrillar fragmentation and calpains of pre-rigor longissimus dorsi from prime and bull stock
R. Bickerstaffe, G. Pearson, H.Lee, S.J. Smithson and J.D. Morton
Nitric oxide synthase and protein nitrosylation in pork during postmortem aging
R. Liu, G. Zhou and W. Zhang
Colour stability and lipid oxidisation of alpaca (Vicugna pacos) meat
M.A. Smith, R.D. Bush, R.J. van de Ven and D.L. Hopkins
Integrity of chicken RNA as affected by prolonged postmortem duration
Y.Malila, Y. Srimarut, J. U-chupaj, G. Strasburg and W. Visessanguan
Pork marbling scores: computer vision system against traditional method
A.P.A.C. Barbon, G.F.C. Campos, S. Barbon, L.M. Peres, N. Andreo and A.M. Bridi
Microwave-assisted tryptic digestion of thermally treated skeletal muscle proteins
M. Montowska and E. Pospiech
Assessing quality characteristics of Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius) meat subjected to postmortem aging
G.M. Suliman, A.N. Al-Owaimer, H. Ahmad, B. Law, J.A. Marchello and E.O. Hussein
A high pH in beef Longissimus lumborum contributes to a dark colour by reducting achromatic light scattering within the microstructure
J. Hughes, F. Clarke, P. Purslow and R. Warner
Effect of calpain system on volatile flavor compounds of beef longissimus muscle
J. Yang, D. Dashdorj, J.S. Lee and I.H. Hwang
Effect of electrical stimulation on free amino acid of beef biceps femoris muscle
D.Dashdorj, J. Yang, D. Jeong, J.S. Lee and I.H. Hwang
Effects of collagen synthese genes on cultured fibroblast from Hanwoo related to meat tenderness
A.S.Sivakumar, J.S.Lee and I.H. Hwang
Effect of collagen type meat toughness of beef muscles
M.N. Uddin, B.V. Reddy, J.S. Lee and I.H. Hwang
Relation between muscle fiber types, post-mortem proteolysis and meat quality traits in suckling beef calves kept on alpine pastures
I.D.M. Gangnat, M. Kreuzer, P. Silacci and J. Berard
Effect of diet and storage on oxidative stability of beef
L.B. Pouzo, E. Pavan, N.E. Zaritzky , L. Rossetti and A.M. Descalzoa
Reliability of different histological methods for estimation of muscle fiber structure in MSM
P. Raudsepp, P. Henckel, K. Groves, M. Therkildsen, D.A. Brüggemann
Physical property modeling of rib eye beef cattle using multiple regression analysis
S. Kerdpiboon, P. Supaphon, S. Kaewsa-ard, Y. Peuchkamut and A. Swetwiwathana
Krebs cycle substrates added to ground meat will make frozen and thawed meat bloom as if fresh
B. Egelandsdal, P. Berg, N.M. Wahlgren and E. Slinde
Muscle fiber characteristics of four muscles from different cattle breeds and their relation to meat instrumental toughness
D. Bures, L. Barton, J. Citek and N. Lebedova
Effects of additional electrical stimulation and pre-rigor conditioning temperature on ageing potential of hot-boned beef muscle
P. Balan, A. Stuart, R. Kemp, M. Pirie and M.M. Farouk
The effect of dietary vitamin E source and dose on lamb meat colour stability under retail conditions
L.N. Leal, V. Alonso, J.A. Beltrán, L.A. Den Hartog, W.H. Hendriks and J. Martín-Tereso
A methodological approach to assess the interactions between animal performances, nutritional value and sensory quality of meat
M.-P. Ellies-Oury, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar, D. Durand, D. Gruffat, A. Listrat, D. Micol, I. Ortigues-Marty, J.-F. Hocquette, M. Chavent, J. Saracco and B. Picard
Effect of Digestarom® feed additive on rabbit carcass traits and meat sensory attributes
C. Celia, Z. Szendrő, Z. Matics, Z. Gerencsér, M. Cullere, G. Tasoniero and A. Dalle Zotte
NIRS prediction of intramuscular fat content of pork loins: effect of the acquisition surface
A. Vautier, T. Lhommeau and P. Chevillon
Water mobility during rigor mortis of porcine muscle with different pH falls
X. Li, G. Zhou, X.n Xu and C. Li
The interrelationship between sensory tenderness and Warner Bratzler shear force of three muscles as influenced by various production and post-harvest conditions
P.E. Strydom, Nina Strydom, L. Frylinck, A. Hugo, M. Hope-Jones, E. Moholisa and I. van Heerden
Effect of oxygen concentration on shear force and protein oxidation of pork packaged under modified atmosphere
Yulong Bao and Per Ertbjerg
Lamb growth increases intramuscular fat in the longissimus muscle
K.R. Kelman, L.Pannier, D.W. Pethickand G.E. Gardner
Effect of dietary methionine on metabolism of carnosine and anserine in muscles of broiler chicken
S. Kai, G. Watanabe, M. Kubota, M. Kadowaki and S. Fujimura
Protein and myoglobin oxidative stability during 120 days of frozen storage of burgers added with oregano extract
R. de P. Paseto Fernandes, M.A. Trindade, F.G. Tonin, S.M. P. Pugine, J.M. Lorenzo Rodríguez and M.P. de Melo
Antioxidant enzymes activity of breast meat from two lines of Korean native chicken compared with White Leghorn
S.K. Lee, Muhlisin. D. Tri Utama and S.G.Lee
Visible and near infrared spectroscopy for PSE-like zones classification at different post mortem times
T. Lhommeau, A. Vautier, J-M. Goujon and R. Le Page
The relationships between chemical components, meat quality traits and palatability of the major muscles from Hanwoo steer
S.T. Joo, E.Y. Jung, J.K. Seo and Y.H. Hwang
Effect of dietary allostatic modulator (ATPQM®) on carcass and beef meat quality
P.I. Saavedra-Peiro, F. G. Ríos-Rincón, R.T. Orozco-Gómez, J. Anaya-Islas, R.D. Vargas-Sánchez, G. R. Torrescano-Urrutia and A. Sánchez-Escalante
A comparison of the carcass and meat quality of ISA (F15) spent hens at two different ages
K. Hafid, M.Gagaoua, H.-R. Boudechicha, S. Becila and A. Boudjellal
Prediction of fatty acid composition of beef using near infrared spectroscopy: tissues and samples preparation effects
B.P. Mourot, G. Mairesse, E. Certenais, G. Chesneau, D. Durand, D. Gruffat, A. Thomas, D.Manceau, C. Guillon, R. Le Page, J.M. Goujon, N. Kerhoas, M. Ferrand, A. Cartes and J. Normand
Programmed cell death (apoptosis) is induced in bovine muscle cells when available oxygen is removed
S.B. Rønning P.V. Andersen, M.E. Pedersen and K. Hollung
Vitamin E supplementation improves retail colour less in high intramuscular fat long-aged lamb meat
H.B. Calnan, R.H. Jacob, D.W. Pethick and G.E. Gardner
Discrimination of beef muscles by multispectral imaging
A. Ait-Kaddour, S. Jacquot, A. Dubost, D. Micol, B. Picard and A. Lisrat
A new hypothesis explaining the influence of sarcoplasmic proteins on the water-holding of myofibrils
J. Liu, E. Puolanne and P. Ertbjerg
Antioxidant activity and sensory quality of grilled pork with different ultimate pH
M. Buła, D. Jaworska and W. Przybylski
The effect of breed and ageing on the shear force, protein solubility and myofibril hydrophobicity
K.Y. Modika, L. Frylinck and P.E. Strydom
Quality and palatability of foodservice beef aged as vacuum-packaged subprimals or vacuum-packaged steaks
L.C. Eastwood, A.N. Arnold, R.K. Miller, K.B. Gehring and J.W. Savell
Determining the calpain system profiles of beef, springbok and wild geese using the same methodology.
J. Anderson, L. Frylinck, P.E. Strydom and P.H. Heinze
Near infrared spectroscopy on ears to classify pigs based on carcass and fat composition
N. Prieto, M. Juárez, M.E.R. Dugan, R.T. Zijlstra and J.L. Aalhus
Microwave spectroscopy applied for measuring water holding capacity in pork
K. Lunde, A. Mason, B.A. Abdullah, S.G. Bjarnadottir, O. Alvseike and A.I. Al-Shamma'a
Muscle to meat conversion in common carp (Cyprinus carpio): new insights involving apoptosis
Y. Boudida, S. Becila, M. Gagaoua, A. Boudjellal, M.A. Sentandreu and A. Ouali
Analysis of oxidized methionine in myosin isoforms of porcine Longissimus thoracis muscle at 24h postmortem
G-D. Kim, J-Y. Jeong, H-S. Yang and S-T. Joo
Viral challenges augment skeletal muscle proteolysis in growing pigs
S.M. Lonergan, E. Huff Lonergan, K. Schwartz, W. Schweer and N. Gabler
Tenderness relationships among beef muscles during aging
A.F. Rosa, K.D. Perez, M.D. Chao, H. Voegele, K. Nubiato, E. Kunze and C.R. Calkins
Colour evaluation and acceptability of beef from young bulls finished with standard grain diet containing an increasing proportion of cotton hulls
M.V. Valero, C.E. Eiras, C.B. Carvalho. M.S.S. Pozza, T. Ramos and I.N. Prado
Kinetic of antioxidant status decay during beef ageing.
A.M. Descalzo, L. Rossetti and N. Achir

Session 7: Processing and meat quality

Program support for solution to scientific tasks in meat processing industry
A. B. Lisitsyn, M.A. Nikitina and E.B. Sus
Existential biologically active substances in hydrothermal and mass-selective processing of secondary animal raw material
A.B. Lisitsyn, I.M. Chernukha, M.I. Baburina and A.N. Ivankin
Prediction of purge from ovine semimembranosus using Raman spectroscopy
S.M. Fowler, H. Schmidt, R. van de Ven, P.C. Wynn and D.L. Hopkins
Assessment of the impact of technological factors on quality of sausages in MGA
A.A. Semenova, E.K. Tunieva and F.V. Adylov
Study on organoleptic properties of collagen films and meat products in collagen films with CO2 extracts of spices by multi-sensor analysis
A.A. Semenova, T.G. Kuznetsova, V.V. Nasonova, P.M. Golovanova, N.M. Revutskaya
Use of vacuum drying in production of uncooked smoked and air-dried meat products
A.A. Semenova, V.V. Nasonova and M.I. Gundyreva
Effect of the use of entire male pigs and salt reduction in fermented sausages
S. Corral, A. Salvador and M. Flores
Aroma-active compounds of Jinhua ham as affected by partial substitution of NaCl with KCl
H. Wu, J.Tang and J. Zhang
Optical analyses of efflorescence formation on dry fermented sausage surface – comparison of sensory and image analyses
F. Walz, M. Gibis, K. Herrmann and J. Weiss
Composite gels – effect of inert particles on the texture of comminuted meat batters
S. Barbut, A. Gravelle and A.Marangoni
The effectiveness of clove extract in the inhibition of hydroxyl radical oxidation-induced structural changes in porcine myofibrillar proteins
Q. Liu, H. Chen, J. Diao and B. Kong
Antioxidant effect of tomato powder in cooked pork sausages
K. Shimada, A.Sago, B.C. Jayawardana, T. Hayakawa, K.-H. Han and M. Fukushima
Lamb colour stability measurements are subject to illuminant and viewing angle selection
B.W.B. Holman and D.L. Hopkins
Effect of garlic on the physicochemical properties of the pork patties
W Cheng, A Jiang, S. Guo, M.T. Chen and C.J. Liu
Response surface modeling and analysis of elastic modulus and water solubility of the collagen film
X. Wen, A. Jiang, H. Yang, L. Wu, M.T. Chen and H.W. Ockerman
How combined models can be used to predict the quality of processed foods
P.-S.Mirade, S. Portanguen, J.-D. Daudin and A Kondjoyan
The value of saleable meat yield to lamb processors
J.E. Hocking Edwards, C. Smith, G.E. Gardner, D. W. Pethick and A.J. Ball
Post-rigor assessment of porcine meat quality applying a portable Raman system
R. Scheier, M. Scheeder and H. Schmidt
Influence of partial replacement of pork fat by fish oil on the fatty acids profile in liver pâté
R. Domínguez, P.E. Munekata, R. Agregán, A. Gonçalves, S. Temperán and J.M. Lorenzo
Impact of different phosphates and concentrations on the quality characteristics of cooked sausage
O. Goemaere, L. Steen, S. Glorieux, K. De Bodt, H. Paelinck and I. Fraeye
The effect of Moringa oleifera leaf meal (MOLM) on fatty acid composition and oxidative stability of pork
X.P. Nduku, T.T. Nkukwana, A. Hugo and V. Muchenje
Nutritional, chemical, and sensory traits of sausage made by chicken breast meat and liquid egg white
H.J. Lee, C. Jo, K.-C. Nam and K.-H. Lee
Effect of procyanidin on shelf-life of pork patties
B.M. Kim, J.Y.Jeong, K.-H.Seol, P.-N. Seong, B.-Y. Park and H.W. Kim
The addition of nitrite to processed meats by plasma-treated water
S. Jung, H.J. Kim, S. Park, H.I. Yong, W. Choe and C. Jo
The use of plasma-treated water as a source of nitrite for curing ham
H.I. Yong, H.-J. Kim, J.H. Cheo, H.-J. Jeon, S. Jung, S. Park, W. Choe and C. Jo
Effect of olive oil amount on physico-chemical properties of pâté from Celta pig breed
R. Agregán, R. Domínguez, P.E. Munekata, A. Gonçalves, P. Borrajo and J.M. Lorenzo
Quality improvement of broiler meat through dietary supplementation of citrus processing waste
M.I. Khan, F. Faiz, M.R. Tariq and C. Jo
Impact of lipid and sodium chloride contents on water transfers in dry-fermented sausages
H. Safa, J.-D. Daudin and P.-S. Mirade
Physicochemical properties and sensory attributes of new formulations of dry-fermented sausages
H. Safa, J.-L. Berdagué and P.-S. Mirade
Effects of pre-salting on game meat product quality
R. Sakata, Y. Miki, M. Waga and N. Tokita
Label-free relative quantitation of enolase and glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase enzymes during dry-cured ham processing
M. Gallego, L. Mora, M.C. Aristoy and F. Toldrá
Oxidation of peptides derived from creatine kinase protein in dry-cured ham
M. Gallego, L. Mora, M.C. Aristoy and F. Toldrá
Evaluation of the emulsion stability and texture profile in emulsified and cooked meat product with added dietary fibers and reduced pork back fat
J.M. M. Henck, A.L.B. Penna and A.C.S. Barretto
Use of protein and non-protein extenders in beef burger: influence on texture properties and yield
N.R.R. Trinca, G.R. de Carvalho, T.M.G. Milani, L.Y. Nagai and A.C.S. Barretto
Effect of Perilla frutescens var. acuta water extract on the shelf life of cooked beef patties
C.W. Lee, S.K. Lee, H.J. Kim, C. Jo and S. Jung
Evaluation of sodium chloride and polyphosphates effects on water holding capacity of meat batter during processing
Y.-M. Deng, J.-H. Shao, T. Sun, N. Jia, D.-Y. Liu and L. Song
Influence of crossbreeding and frozen storage on fatty acid composition of pork packaged in modified atmosphere
V. Alonso, M. Bellés, E. Muela, J.B. Calanche, P. Roncalés and J.A. Beltrán
Antioxidant effectiveness of differently sized oil-in-water emulsions loaded with rosemary extract in salami
M.E. Erdmann, R. Lautenschlaeger and J. Weiss
The effect of carbon monoxide pre-treatments on the colour stability of vacuum packaged beef steaks
L.A. Van Rooyen, P. Allen, S.M. Crawley and D.I. O’Connor
Influence of carbon dioxide stunning method on pH, colour and texture of turkey meat.
S. Mauri, A. Guijarro, C. Avilés and F. Peña
Evaluation of the antioxidant action of natural ingredients in raw-dried meat products
I.I. Manea and L.C.I. Manea
Differential effects of the curing agents on sodium ascorbate and sodium nitrite on protein oxidation in dry fermented sausages
A. Berardo, H. De Maere, D. A. Stavropoulou, T. Rysman, F. Leroy and S. De Smet
Liberation of actin and myosin from myofibrils induced by polyphosphates
M. Matsuishi, M. Sawada, M. Fujii, H. Aikawa, A. Mizomoto and A. Okitani
Potential mechanisms of protein oxidation in cooked sausage as effected by sodium ascorbate and apple phenolics
T. Rysman, T.Van Hecke, S. Van Weyenberg, S.n De Smet and G. Van Royen
WPI-pectin-complexes as novel tools to structure meat products
B. Zeeb, V. Schöck, N. Schmid, N. Terjung, K. Herrmann and Jochen Weiss
Influence of the raw ham quality and tumbling time on yield and product quality of cooked ham
E. De Mey, D. Telleir, E. Neyrinck, K. Raes, H. Paelinck and I. Fraeye
Impact of packaging and environmental conditions on formation of efflorescences on surface of dry fermented sausages
M. Gibis, C. Keller, F. Walz, K. Herrmann and J. Weiss
Evaluation of the cooking losses (yield and shrinkage) and texture profile in low fat beef burger enriched with dietary fibers.
C.V. Bis, C.M.L. Franco and A.C.S. Barretto
Physicochemical characteristics and sensory acceptability of roast beef with partial replacement of sodium chloride
C.V. Bis, T.L. Barretto, J.C. Mathias, L.S. Oliveira, J.M.M. Henck and A.C.S. Barretto
Use of high temperature aging for irradiated beef
D.-G. Yim, C. Jo, H.-J.Kim, K.H. Lee, H.C. Kim, K.-C. Nam
High pressure and temperature interaction on pork meat protein denaturation: a calorimetric study
G. Villamonte, C. Guyon, L. Pottier and M. de Lamballerie
Effectiveness of different plant sources in improving the shelf-life of chicken meat patties
G. Tasoniero, M. Cullere, C . Celia, V. Giaccone, J.L.A. López and A. Dalle Zotte
Stability of sea buckthorn berry polyphenols during cooking of enriched sausages
Tõnu Püssa, D. Anton and P. Raudsepp
Pressure treatment on beef and pork meat: impact on the lipid and protein oxidation
C. Guyon, L. Besnard, L. Laflaquière, G. Villamonte, A. Meynier, M. de Lamballerie and L. Pottier
Analysis of free radical production in meat in the physicochemical conditions of storage and cooking
K. Oueslati, A. Promeyrat, J._D. Daudin and P. Gatellier
Effect of cooking method and storage time on lipid oxidation and sensory attributes of bacon
O.P. Soladoye, P.J. Shand, C. Gariépy, J.L. Aalhus and M. Juárez
Evaluation of honey and rice syrup as replacements of sorbitol in the production of restructured duck jerky
E. Triyannanto and K.T. Lee
The impact of addition of shiitake on shelf-life stability and sensory of frankfurter during refrigerated storage
S. PilNam, K. Park, G. Kang, S.Cho, G.Y. Lee, B. Park and H. VanBa
Effects of different end-point cooking temperatures on the efficiency of encapsulated phosphates on lipid oxidation inhibition in ground meat
B. Kılıç, A. Şimşek, J.R. Claus, E. Atılgan and N. Aktaş
Impact of added encapsulated phosphate level on the rate of lipid oxidation inhibition during the storage of cooked ground meat
B. Kılıç, A. Şimşek, J.R. Claus, E. Atılgan and D. Bilecen
Effect of salt and liver/fat ratio on microstructure and macroscopic properties of spreadable liver paste
L. Steen, O. Goemaere, S. Glorieux, H. Paelinck, I. Foubert and I. Fraeye
Influence of storage time of raw material on color and lipid oxidation of cooked sausage
L. Schwendimann, D. Guggisberg, C. Freiburghaus, P. Silacci, D. Scherrer and H. Stoffers
Researches on the antioxidant action of natural ingredients in meat products
I.I. Manea and L.C.I. Manea
Three-gas map is optimizing eating quality and shelf life of retail packed beef steaks
M.A. Tørngren and M. Darré
Color and oxidative stability of ground beef patties as affected by oxygen scavengers and modified atmosphere packaging during refrigerated storage
E. Çarkcıoğlu, B. Demirhan, E. Orhan, K. Ayhan and K. Candoğan
Development of an objective method to perform quality classification of comminuted poultry meat
M. Christensen, D. Brüggemann, P. Raudsepp, K. Groves, R. Burch, P. Henckel, E. Soler, M. Schmidt Andersen, D. Le Guillou, J. Warming, F. van der Steen and M. Therkildsen
Transport of partially cooled carcasses
T.J Verkleij and J.A. Voogt
Physicochemical characteristics and sensory acceptance of mortadella with Jabuticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora) extract natural pigment
J.C. Baldin, E.C. Michelin, P.M. da Silva, T.M. Canan, Y.R. Polizer, L.T. Carvalho, I.R. dos Santos, M.A. Pires, C.S.F. Trindade, A.M. Fernandes, M.A. Trindade
Effect of temperature and packaging conditions on physical and chemical stability of lamb chops
M. Bellés, V. Alonso, A. Andreu, P. Roncalés and J.A. Beltrán
Fatty acids profiles, cholesterol content and sensory properties of fermented dry “Sremska” sausages made of pork meat from various breeds
N. Parunović, M. Petrović, V. Đorđević, B.Marković and Z.Petrović
Frozen burgers containing oregano as natural antioxidant: evaluation of reducing power and inhibitory effect on protein oxidation
R. de P. Paseto Fernandes, M.A. Trindade, F.G. Tonin, S.M.P. Pugine, J.M. Lorenzo Rodríguez, and M.P. de Melo
Antioxidant activity and sensory quality of grilled pork with different ultimate pH
M. Buła, D. Jaworska and W. Przybylski
Khliaa Ezir, a traditional cured meat product of Algeria: preparation and characterization
H.-R. Boudechicha, M. Gagaoua, K. Hafidi, S. Becila, A. Boudjellal and T. Astruc
Impact of tumbling time on protein characteristics during cooked ham production
E. Neyrinck, D. Telleir, I. Fraeye, H. Paelinck and K. Raes
Effects of packaging atmospheres on shelf-life and quality characteristics of heavily marbled longissimus steaks
X. Yang, Y. Zhang, L. Zhu and X. Luo
Effect of bovine plasma protein hydrolysates on quality properties of cooked pork patty manufactured with olive oil substitution
E.-Y. Jung, H.-W. Seo, J.-K. Seo, S.-T. Joo and H.-S. Yang
Effects of high pressure processing on physicochemical quality attributes of DFD beef loin
S.G. Lee, D.T. Utama, K.H. Baek and S.K. Le
Analysis of muscle deformation and NaCl homogenization in brine injection and tumbling
B. Janello, R. Favier, S. Portanguen, P.S. Mirade, A. Kondjoyan and J.D. Daudin
Quality characteristics of emulsion-type sausage made from spent layer meat with canola and flaxseed oil
K.H. Baek, D.T. Utama, S.G. Lee and S.K. Lee
Comparison of dry-cured formed ham produced from smaller meat pieces and traditional raw ham from a whole muscle
A. Sadeghi-Mehr
Effect of starter cultures and freeze-dried parsnip on the meat fermentation process
V. Eisinaitė and R. Vinauskienė
Single and combination effects of Mugwort and ascorbic acid on lipid oxidation and color stability during refrigerated storage in pork patties
K.-E. Hwang, Y.-J. Kim, Y.-S. Choi, Y.-K. Ham and C.-J. Kim
Potato peel (Solanum tuberosum) as a natural antioxidant in pork meat during chilled storage
D.A. Espinoza-García, L. Zavala-Cárdenas, R.D. Vargas-Sánchez, G.R. Torrescano-Urrutia and A. Sánchez-Escalante
Propolis extract as an oxidative stabilizer of raw beef and pork patties during chilled storage
R.D. Vargas-Sánchez, G.R. Torrescano-Urrutia, M.I. Ramírez-Rojo and A. Sánchez-Escalante
Antioxidant capacity of mesquite (Prosopis velutina) leaf extract for quality preservation of raw pork patties
M.I. Ramírez-Rojo, L. Zavala-Cárdenas, R.D. Vargas-Sánchez, G.R. Torrescano-Urrutia and A. Sánchez-Escalante
Application of visible/near infrared spectroscopy to beef longissimus tenderness classification based on artificial neural network
J. M. Balage, M.R. Mazon, D.S. Antonelo, K.E.Z. Nubiato, D.J. Brigida and S. da L. e Silva
Effects of Lotus (Lelumbo nucifera) root powder on the quality characteristics in pork sausage
Y.K. Ham, K.-E. Hwang, D.-J. Shin and C.-J. Kim
Changes in antioxidant enzymes activity of DFD beef subjected to high pressure processing during chilled storage
D.T. Utama, S.G. Lee, K.H. Baek, I.A. Chung, S.H. Park, J.T. Jeon and S.K. Lee
Effects of olive oil as partial replacer of animal fat in Sucuk during early stages of fermentation
A. Zungur, M. Serdaroğlu and B. Öztürk
The influence of breed and gender on the moisture-to-protein ratio of dry-plucked chicken and chicken portions in South Africa
P.H. Heinze, M. Hope-Jones, M. Magoro and J. Boikhutso
Quality characteristics of meatballs produced with Jerusalem artichoke powder
B. Öztürk, M. Serdaroğlu, C. Tanışan and G. Çarkacı
Effect of ultrasonic-brining on the salting and drying kinetics in Biltong processing
M. Jones, E. Arnaud, A. Collignan, P. Gouws, G. Atheaux and L.C. Hoffman
Effect of adding levels of sodium chloride and nitrite for shelf-life on low-sodium patty
D.-H. Song, H.-W. Kim, I.-J. Yeo, K.-E. H. and C.-J. Kim
Cheese powder can boost sensory properties of emulsion sausages
X. Chen, J. Ruiz-Carrascal and A.H. Karlsson
Antioxidant and sensory properties of Italian typical dry-cured ham as related to salt and proteolysis values
N. Simoncini, A. Pinna, G. D’Accia, C. Schivazappa and R. Virgili
Effects of drying temperatures and fat levels on yield and quality of reformed ready-to-eat Chinese sausage style meat snack
R. Limsupavanich, J.Manawattanawong and P. Jitwattanathaworn
The influence of fat content and other chemical composition on colour and texture of dry fermented meat products
A. Saláková and J. Kameník
Descriptive analysis of texture for traditional and light Mortadella
E. Saldaña, J. H. Behrens, J. S. Serrano, F. Ribeiro M.A. de Almeida and C.J. Contreras-Castillo
Colour characteristic of dry-aged organic loins without nitrite
J. Stadnik, Dariusz M. Stasiak and Z.J. Dolatowski
Effects of colloidal microcrystalline cellulose and collagen powder mixture on low fat sausage as fat replacer
Y.-J. Kim, T.-J. Jeong, Y.-K. Ham, D.-H. Song and C.-J. Kim
A theoretical tool for the predicction of physical-chemical properties (aw, pH) of biological media and foods
A. Musavu Ndob, M. Melas and A. Lebert
Effect of pressure on quality, protein functionality, and microbiological properties of honey garlic pork chops
H. Wang, J. Yao and M. Gänzle
Quantitative assessment of meat tissue structural damages promoted by mechanical action in tumbling
D. Sharedeh, R. Favier, A. Vénien, T. Astruc, P. Gatellier and J.D. Daudin
Flavor-related compound levels in defatted freeze-dried chicken soup made from Korean native chicken meat at different ages
D.D. Jayasena, S. Jung, H.I. Young, A.U. Alahakoon, J.H. Lee and C. Jo
Evaluation of the quality of pork chops spray coating with Chinese mahogany (Toona sinensis) extract during storage at 10℃
D.C. Liu, Z.H. Lin , R. Thammasena, F.R. Tang, J.H. Liu, C.F. Wu and P.K. Hsu
Physical property modeling of rib eye beef cattle using multible regression analysis
S. Kerdpiboon, P. Supaphon, S. Kaewsa-ard, Y. Peuchkamut and A. Swetwiwathana
Effect of different drying methods on quality properties of laying hen semi-dried jerky
H-W. Seo, J-C. Na, H-G. Kang, P-N. Seong, S-T. Joo and H-S. Yang
Evaluation of the Canadian and United Stated beef yield prediction equations and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry for rapid, non-invasive yield prediction in beef
Ó. López-Campos, I. Larsen, N. Prieto, M. Juárez, M.E.R. Dugan and J.L. Aalhus
Towards the discrimination of gelatin by HRMAS: role of processing on its chemical composition
A. Duconseille, G. Pagès, M. Traikia, M. Lagree, C. Jousse, N. Quintana, T. Astruc and V. Sante-Lhoutellier
The effect of dry powder, prehydration and gelation starch on the meat production
H. Moradiannejad and T. Foster
Dry ham with a reduced salt content: minimizing the proteolysis risks by processing and formulation
E. Parafita, A. Lebert and P.S. Mirade

Session 8: Microbiology and hygiene in meat and meat products

Formation of organoleptic properties of “Braunschweigskaya” sausage under the influence of starter cultures
A.A. Semenova, A.N. Ivankin, A.I. Rogatin, A.V. Kulikovsky, V.V. Nasonova, N.L. Vostrikova
Antioxidant potential of a unique lab culture isolated from Harbin dry sausage in vitro
B. Kong, Q. Chen and Q. Han
Antioxidant potential of Pediococcus pentosaceus and its influence on flavour in Harbin dry sausage
B. Kong, Q. Chen, F. Sun and Q. Liu
Antimicrobial resistance of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H7, O26:H11, O103:H2, O111:H8 and O145:H28 isolated from slaughtered cattle in France
M.M. Um, D. Bibbal, M. Kérourédan, E. Loukiadis, F. Auvray, E. Oswald and H. Brugère
Adaptation of Staphylococcus xylosus to pork meat batter during the fermentation step
A. Vermassen, S. Leroy, A. de La Foye, J.P. Chacornac and R. Talon
What iron sources in meat are preferentially used by Staphylococcus xylosus?
A. Vermassen, J.P. Chacornac, C. Andant, R. Talon and S. Leroy
Sensory quality of beef patties inoculated with strains of Carnobacterium maltaromaticum with potential as biopreservatives
P.H. Imazaki, C. Jacques-Houssa, G. Kergourlay, G. Daube and A. Clinquart
Influence of sucrose levels and inoculation of Lactobacillus plantarum on quality of Isan sausage (Thai fermented pork sausage)
F.J. Tan, N. Hongthong, W. Chumngoen, D.C. Liu and M.T. Chen
Comparative genetic characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolates from human clinical cases and ready-to-eat meat-based foods in Portugal
A.R. Henriques, J. Melo-Cristino and M.J. Fraqueza
A study on presence of Listeria spp. In pork.
B.K. Biswas and S. Biswas
Distribution of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H7 in ground beef mixture: a degree of homogeneity assessment in low amounts of contamination cases
C. Bièche-Terrier, E.Loukiadis, P. Cartier, C. Malayrat, F. Ferré and J.-C. Augustin
Influence of nitrate reductase activity of Staphylococcus carnosus on the formation of nitrate and nitrite in raw ham
R. Bosse, M. Gibis, K. Herrmann, A. Müller, A. Weiß and J. Weiss
Effect of starter cultures on free amino acid content of dry-cured foal sausage
P.E. Munekata, R. Domínguez, R. Agregán, P. Borrajo, D. Franco and J.M. Lorenzo
Influence of crossbreeding and frozen storage on oxidative and microbial stability of pork packaged in modified atmosphere
V. Alonso, M. Bellés, E. Muela, J.B. Calanche, P. Roncalés and J.A. Beltrán
Quantifying bacteria on pork using a portable Raman scanner
Christina Grimmler and Heinar Schmidt
Species diversity of lactic acid bacteria from chilled cooked meat products at expiration date in Belgian retail
W. Geeraerts, V. Pothakos, L. De Vuyst and F. Leroy
Amino acid-converting behaviour of coagulase-negative staphylococci in a rich medium and in fermented sausages
D. A. Stavropoulou, H. De Maere, A. Berardo, S. De Smet, L. De Vuyst and F. Leroy
Recommendations for microbiologically safe cooking of meat at temperatures below 75°c
A. Gunvig and M.A. Tørngren
Effect of temperature and packaging conditions on microbial growth in lamb
M. Bellés, V. Alonso, A. Andreu, P. Roncalés and J.A. Beltrán
Response of Listeria monocytogenes biofilms to desiccation stress
J. Esbelin, X. Despont, B. Gaillard-Martinie and M. Hébraud
Variation and uniformity in cooked meat spoiling bacteria
R. Zumbrink, N. de Rooij, O. Sliekers, P. Sijtsema and H. Kroon
Campylobacter and Helicobacter pullorum coinfection in poultry
R Soares, M. Oleastro, H. Fernandes, M. J. Fernandes, A. S. Barreto and M. J. Fraqueza
Listeria monocytogenes challenge testing in cooked and cooked-smoked poultry ready-to-eat products
M. Traça, L. Ferreira, O. Cirilo and M.J. Fraqueza
Effect of Lactobacillus sakei and Lactobacillus curvatus on changes of the microbial community in vacuum-packaged raw beef during storage
Y. Zhang, R. Liang, P. Dong, L. Zhu, Y. Mao and X. Luo
Antioxidant and antimicrobial effect of chitosan-green tea films in pork meat
E. Montaño- Sánchez, R.D. Vargas-Sánchez, J. Lizardi-Mendoza, T.J. Madera-Santana, A.F. González-Córdova, A. Sánchez-Escalante and G.R. Torrescano-Urrutia
Microbial contamination at different stages of the meat distribution chain in Eastern Cape province, South Africa
Z.T. Rani, V. Maphosa, C.J. Hugo, G. Charimba and V. Muchenje
Composition of exudates from meat drip loss and microbial spoilage differences between various pork quality classes
L.M. Rocha, L. Faucitano, F.K. Zagabe, A.C. De Castro and L. Saucier
Small peptides produced by autochthonous lactic acid bacteria in a low sodium beaker sausage model
M.A. Almeida, C.J. Contreras-Castillo, M.A. Sentandreu and S.G. Fadda
Use of starter cultures to improve Portuguese traditional sausages
I. Dias, M. Laranjo, R. Fialho, M.E. Potes, J. Véstia, A.C. Agulheiro-Santos, M.J. Fraqueza and M. Elias
Esherichia coli biotype I surrogates as predictors of non-O157 shiga toxin-producing E. coli for growth, acid resistance, freezing, refrigerated storage
L.M. Mehall, L.M. Lucia, J.W. Savell, K.B. Gehrin and G.R. Acuff
Colonization of the muscle extracellular matrix components by enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli
C. Chagnot, N. Caccia, T. Astruc and M. Desvaux
Presense of antimicrobial resistant Esherichia coli in retail raw meat on the island of Ireland
L. Moran, M. Cormican, D. Morris, C. Carroll, K. Kelly and R.H. Madden
Quantitative detection of viable Escherichia coli O157:H7 in heat treated ground meat using the combination of propidium monoazide and real-time PCR assay
H. Aslan, Z. Kesmen, A. Güllüce and H. Yetim
Quality characteristics and lactic acid bacteria diversity of pork salami containing Kimchi powder
J.-Y. Yoon, D. Kim, J. Gil, H.-J. Kim, S.-K. Lee and A. Jang
Effect of electron beam irradiation on microbial safety of beef intestine in different packaging conditions
H. Lee, H.J. Kim, H.I. Yong, D.D. Jayasena, H.J. Lee, K.C. Nam, K.H. Lee and C. Jo
Toxicological safety of emulsion-type sausage cured by plasma-treated water
H.-J. Kim, H.I. Yong, H. Kim, Y.G. Lim, C.-H. Yoon and C. Jo
Comparison of antimicrobial interventions sprayed onto beef rib cap section inoculated with E. coli O157:H7
S. Kumar, M. Husman, O. Sliekers, P. Sijtsema and H. Kroon

Session 9: Chemical safety of meat

Carcinogenic substance assessment of content in smoked meat products
A.B. Lisitsyn, A.V. Kulikovsky, A.N. Ivankin and N. L. Vostrikova
Mass spectrometric detection of wheat proteins in meat products
W. Jira, S. Hirschfeld, K. Speer and F. Schwägele
Mitigating heterocyclic amines formation in beef meat using specific process conditions
A. Kondjoyan, S. Chevolleau, S. Portanguen, P. Ikonic, S. Clerjon and L. Debrauwer
Effects of meat origin and doneness degree on nucleotide breakdown compound content in cooked beef steak
S. M. Kang, P.N. Seong, G. Kang, Y. Kim, B. Park and S. Cho
LC-MS/MS-detection of pea, lupine and soy proteins in meat products
Björn Hoffmann, Siegfried Münch, Christian Neusüß, Fredi Schwägele and Wolfgang Jira
Antimicrobial activity of potential starter cultures towards food pathogens for the production of fermented meats without nitrate or nitrite
M. Sánchez Mainar, R. Xafheri, S. Samapundo, F. Devlieghere, L. De Vuyst and F. Leroy
Process-induced toxicants and odorants generated by meat cooking
M. Meurillon, A.Giri, J.Ratel and E. Engel
Development and validation of a UHPLC-HR-Orbitrap-MS method for the simultaneous determination of boar taint in porcine meat and meat products
K. Verplanken, J. Wauters, V. Vercruysse, M. Aluwé and L. Vanhaecke
Effect of hop extract addition on heterocyclic aromatic amines formation in beef patties
Tomaž Polak, Mateja Lušnic Polak, Mojca Malenšek and Lea Demšar
Detection of chicken meat adulteration in meat mixtures with Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy
E. Deniz, B. Ayhan, E. G. Altuntaş, D. Ö. Demiralp and K. Candoğan
Green manufacturing technology: a challenge and opportunity for the meat industry
X.Y. Guo, Z.Q. Peng and H.C. Lu
Relevance of volatile metabolome in animal-derived products to reveal a food chain contamination by hexabromocyclododecane
J. Ratel, F. Mercier, S. Abou El Karam, R. Cariou, E. Dominguez-Romero, A. Travel, C. Jondreville and E. Engel
Use of liver volatile compounds as markers of animal exposure to toxic contaminants
J. Bouhlel, J. Ratel, S. Abouelkaram, E. Baeza, C. Jondreville, D. Rutledge and E. Engel
Development of a GC×GC-TOF/MS based method to study the fate of 206 dioxin-like micropollutants in meat during cooking
C. Planche, J. Ratel, F. Mercier, P. Blinet, L. Debrauwer and E. Engel

Session 10: Meat, nutrition and heath

Anti-inflammatory activity of porcine and bovine cardiac and aortic tissues
A.B. Lisitsyn, I.M. Chernukha, L.V. Fedulova and E.A. Kotenkova
Prospects for using iodine-containing additives in meat products for child nutrition
A.A. Semenova, A.S. Didikin, A.V. Ustinova, L.V. Fedulova and N.L. Vostrikova
Characterisation of the free radical chemistry in physicochemical conditions of the digestive tract
P. Gatellier, A. Meynier, C. Dufour, C. Caris, P. Goupy, J.D. Daudin, M. Delosière, C. Ferreira and V. Santé-Lhoutellier
Protein identification and in vitro digestion of fractions from Tenebrio molitor
L. Yi, M.A.J.S. van Boekel, S. Boeren and C.M.M. Lakemond
The assessment of bioactive compounds in loin and rump of beef during aging at 4°c
H.J. Lee, S.H. Kim, D.D. Jayasena, S. Jung, K.C. Nam and C. Jo
Intra-muscular fat and fatty acid composition of Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) meat
M.A. Smith, R.D. Bush, E. Hall, K. Bailes and D.L. Hopkins
Antioxidant and anti- inflammatory effects of pork meat extract
J. Gil, D. Kim, H.-J. Kim, J.-Y. Yoon and A. Jang
Porcine myofibrillar proteins as a source of bioactive peptides - an in silico study
J.Stadnik and P. Kęska
High-resolution mass spectrometry based metabolomics reveals acylcarnitines as key metabolites discriminating red from white meat colonic digestion
C. Rombouts, L.Y. Hemeryck, T. Van Hecke, J. Vanden Bussche, S. De Smet and L.Vanhaecke
Food synergy: the effect of eating kiwifruit on the digestion of meat
M. Boland, L. Kaur, C. Montoya, S. Rutherfurd, J. Ansell and P. Moughan
When phenolic acids become pro-oxidant during in vitro digestion of a low-fat and high-fat beef product
T. Van Hecke, E. Vossen, L. Vanhaecke, J. Van Camp and S. De Smet
Characterization and variability of fatty acid composition of lamb commercialized in northern Spain: emphasis on trans-18:1 and CLA content and profile
L. Bravo-Lamas, L.J.R. Barron, I. Etaio, J.K.G. Kramer and N. Aldai
Chemical composition of South African game species
J. Neethling, L.C. Hoffman and N. Muller
Preliminary investigation on the behavior of beef patties during gastric digestion
M. Motoyama, H. Kozu, I. Kobayashi, S. Ichikawa, T. Astruc and K. Sasaki
Characterization of retail horse-meat in northern Spain: chemical composition and fatty acid profile
X. Belaunzaran, P. Lavín, A.R. Mantecón, J.K.G. Kramer and N. Aldai
Health benefits of meat products with reduced nitrite levels: the phytome project
T.M. de Kok, V. Sagi-Kiss, K. Mathijs and G.G. Kuhnle
Bioactive natural polyphenols in reformulated meat products. Effects on quality traits
G. Saccani, G. Barbieri, M. Bergamaschi, C. Blasi, M. Franceschini and G.Parolari
Nutritional properties of donkey meat products
R. Marino, A. della Malva, M. Caroprese, A. Santillo, A. Sevi and M. Albenzio
Meat therapy for hepertension: hybrid hydrolysate as ACE inhibitory compounds
N. Özer, C. Birisik, R. Sakata, H. Yetim and A.M. Ahmed
The assessment of bioactive compounds in loin and rump of beef during aging at 4 °C
H.J. Lee, S.H. Kim, D.D. Jayasena, S. Jung, K. C. Nam and C. Jo

Session 11: Meat processed and its nutritional value

New regulation 1169/2011 EC and the impact on allergic consumer purchasing habits
W. Freeman and K. Farag
Eating quality of the knuckle did not differ between genotypes and sex after 8 days of ageing in commercial beef
M. M. Campo, M. Barahona, J. L. Olleta, E. Muela and C. Sañudo
Eating quality of beef produced with co-products from the Brazilian agribussiness
A. Guerrero, C.E. Eiras, K.A. Souza, J.A. Pardo, C. Mottin and I.N. Prado
The best estimate of maturity for predicting eating quality depends on the age range of the carcasses examined
S.P.F. Bonny, D.W. Pethick, I. Legrand, J. Wierzbicki, P. Allen, L.J. Farmer, R.J. Polkinghorne, J.-F. Hocquette and G.E. Gardner
Nutritional and microbiological quality of a traditional Italian local meat product
M. Lucarini, J. Sánchez del Pulgar, L. D’Evoli , A. Aguzzi, P.Gabrielli, L. Marinelli, G. Venuto, M. De Giusti, F.J. Comendador and G. Lombardi-Boccia
Well tasting, meat protein enriched meals for healthy ageing
S. Støier, E.T. Hansen and L. Meinert
Anti-oxidation and procollagen enhancing effect of leg bone hydrolysates from Jeju crossbred horses
D. Kim, J.-Y. Yoon, J. Gil, H.-J. Kim, H.-S. Chae, N.-G. Park and A. Jang
Nutritional composition in leg bone extracts from Jeju crossbred horses at different age
H.-J. Kim, J.-Y. Yoon, J. Gil, D. Kim, H.-S. Chae and A. Jang
Turkish fermented Sucuk: a source of antihypertensive peptides
C. Birisik, A.M., Ahhmed and H Yetim
Identification of antioxidative peptides from dry-cured Xuanwei ham
L. Xing, G. Zhou and W. Zhang
Sausages with food ingredients from plant material
U. Chomanov, T. Tultabayeva, G. Kenenbay, G. Zhumaliyeva, B. Tultabayev and A.Shoman
Wheat germ oil enrichment with alpha-lipoic acid in broiler: advanced approach to develop functional meat to combat hypercholesterolemia
M.S. Arshad, F. M. Anjum and F. Saeed
Towards bovine connective tissue utilization: in silico insight on the potential of collagen in production of ace inhibitory peptides
Y. Fu, J.F. Young and M. Therkildsen
Fatty acid profile of pork livers as raw material for petfood palatability enhancers
C. Soltane, M. Concepción Aristoy, M. Flores, A. de Ratuld, I. Guiller and F. Toldrá
Antioxidant and angiotensin 1 converting enzyme inhibitory functions from chicken collagen hydrolysates
S.P. Olugbenga, M. Mor-Mor, J. Saldo, A. Rovira and L. Peiro
Addition of fibers in frankfurters modifies the ready-to-swallow food bolus properties and oral bioaccessibility of nutrients after in vitro mastication
A. Hennequin, M.A. Peyron, C. Ferreira, L. Aubry and V. Santé-Lhoutellier
Evolution of the fatty acid composition of dried sausage during drying according to the n-3 fatty acid content and the duration of plant antioxidant distribution in the pig feed
J. Mourot, A. de Tonnac, L. Roger and Arturo-Schaan
Retrospective on proficiency tests for nutrient components in meat products
M. Carlier
Effect of Jeju horse leg bone hydrolysates on anti-oxidation and wrinkle protection activity
H. Kim, D. Kim, J.-Y.l Yoon, J. Gil, H.-J. Kim, H.-S. Chae, N.-G. Park and A. Jang
Development of fortified beef patties with enhanced protein content suitable for elderly consumers
S. Baugreet, J.P. Kerry, C. Botinestean and R.M. Hamill
Antioxidant activity of peptides isolated from dry aged loins inoculated with lactobacillus probiotic strains
A. Okoń, Z. J. Dolatowski, and J. Stadnik

Session 12: Meat consumption and consumer attitudes

Importance of imported red meat consumption in Algeria
Sadoud M. , Chehat F. and Sadoud H.
Composition of beef from the Portuguese market place and its relation with consumer expectations
A.C.G. Monteiro, R.J.B. Bessa and J.P.C. Lemos
Consumer attitude and purchase intention towards processed meat products with natural compounds and reduced nitrite
Y. Hung and W. Verbeke
Boar taint compound levels in back fat versus meat products: do they correlate?
J. Wauters, M. Aluwé, V. Vercruysse, K. Verplanken and L. Vanhaecke
Variability of beef quality from the Portuguese market place
A.C. Gonçalves Monteiro, M.A. Fontes and J.P.C. Lemos
Consumer acceptance of pork patties from entire male pigs in four European countries
M. Aluwé, M. Aaslyng, G. Backus, M. Bonneau, P.Chevillon, J.-E. Haugen, L. Meier-Dinkel, D. Moerlein, M.A. Oliver, H. Snoek, F. Tuyttens and M. Font i Furnols