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Session I Meat Global View Past and Future of Meat Science 

DMRIpredict, a tool to determine shelf life of fresh meat 
L. Meinert; H. Christensen;  
Slaughter age, weaning and sex effects on carcass and meat composition in lamb 
M. M. Campo; C.A. Fugita; L. Bellomo; J.L. Olleta; A. Guerrero; C. Sañudo;  
Effect of beta-agonists on meat quality of Nellore cattle 
B. B. Baptista; S. L. Silva; M. R. Mazon; D. S Antonelo; K.E.Z. Nubiato; D.J. Brigida; P.R. Leme;  
Green feeds in meat production: a preliminary study 
S. Barbera; S. Tassone;  
An overview of beef marketing and classification standards among the industries of the United States, Canada, Uruguay, and Australia 
Megan J. Webb; Scott T. Howard; Dale R. Woerner; Martin E. O’Connor; J. Daryl Tatum; Robert J. Delmore; Keith E. Belk;  

Session II Meat and Sustainability 

Genetic improvement of feed efficiency and carcass and meat quality of Hereford cattle by genomics 
Elly A Navajas; María I. Pravia; Mario Lema; Juan Clariget; Ignacio Aguilar; Olga Ravagnolo; Gustavo Brito; Pablo Peraza; Marco Dalla Rizza; Fabio Montossi;  
Longissimus muscle fatty acids profile of nellore bulls on different grazing heights of xaraés grass 
Bruno Lala; Vinícius V. Pereira; Gracielle C. Mari; Vinicius C. Brito; Bárbara L. Giangarelli; Ana M. Bridi; Marco A. A. F. Barbosa; Paula A. Grande; Ulysses Cecato;  
Eating quality of filet and round from grazing Holstein bulls and Limousine x Holstein bulls and heifers 
Margrethe Therkildsen; Mogens Vestergaard;  
Rice whole crop silage feeding and grazing: growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality in Japanese Black steers. 
Masahiro Shibata; Kazunori Matsumoto; Yasuko Hikino; Naoyuki Yamamoto;  
Electrophoretic profile of proteins present in the rinse water of surimi produced with bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) meat 
Sinara P. Fragoso; Edilza S. do Nascimento; Carlos A. A. Gadelha;  
Pork quality of finishing pigs fed diet with low nutrient levels 
Alessandra N. T. Rigo Monteiro; Alexandre de Mello Kessler; Teresinha Marisa Bertol; Paulo Armando Victória de Oliveira; Marcelo Luiz Somensi; Arlei Coldebella; Eduardo A. de Oliveira;  
Using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry for a rapid, non-invasive carcass fat and lean prediction in beef 
Ó. López-Campos; I. L. Larsen; N. Prieto; M. Juárez; J. L. Aalhus;  
Production of slow growing broiler chicken using by-product from fruit juice processing 
Marcos F. Pinto; Alício J. C. Moreira; Iderlipes L. C. Bossolani; Elisa H. G. Ponsano; Manoel Garcia-Neto; Silvia H. V. Perri;  
Effects of the inclusion of industrial by-products in pig diets on carcass and meat quality traits 
A. Torres-Pitarch; P. Hernández; P. Ferrer; A. Cerisuelo;  
Physical and chemical characteristics of lambs fed with different sunflower pie levels 
Daviane M. Costa; Iraides F. Furusho-Garcia; Juan R. O. Perez; Letícia N. Resende; Tharcilla I. R. C. Alvarenga; Kellerson L. Silva; Eduardo Mendes Ramos; Brigida Regina Langa; Bárbara A. Alves;  
Effect of type and sex on beef quality of commercial cattle in the tropics 
Cristina I. Mántaras; Alejandra S. Torres; Yolanda Perez; Aixa Rivera; Américo Casas; Héctor L. Sánchez; Melvin Pagán;  
Fatty acid profile and meat quality of lambs fed crambe pie 
Brigida R. Langa; Iraides F. Furusho-Garcia; Daviane M. Costa; Juan R. O. Perez; Viviane A. A. Reis; Paulo C. G. D. Gomes; Luanna A. Sales; Joanne M. Lima; Tharcilla I. R. C. Alvarenga;  

Session III Consumers Preferences, Perceptions, and Meat Quality 

Consumer´s acceptability of beef from animals supplemented with essential oils 
A. Guerrero; D.C. Rivaroli; M.V. Valero; C. Sañudo; A.M. Jorge; I.N. Prado;  
Surveillance of retail beef tenderness in the United States 
Meagan W. Igo; Ashley N. Arnold; Rhonda K. Miller; Kerri B. Gehring; Carol L. Lorenzen; Jr. Robert J. Delmore; Dale R. Woerner; Jeffrey W. Savell;  
Effects of freezing and storage period on the quality traits of young camel (Camelus dromedarius) meat 
N. Al-Owaimer;  
Emu meat quality and product development towards a niche market 
Naveena B. Maheswarappa; V.V. Kulkarni; M. Muthukumar; A.R. Sen; S. Vaithiyanathan; Y. Praveen Kumar; M. Kiran;  
Impact of hedonic evaluation on consumers’ preferences for beef attributes including its enrichment with n-3 and CLA fatty acids 
Yasmina Baba; Zein Kallas; José Maria Gil; Carolina E. Realini;  
LC-MS/MS-detection of milk proteins in meat products 
Wolfgang Jira; Fredi Schwägele;  
A survey comparing meat quality attributes of beef from credence attribute-based production systems 
S. B. Markus; J. L. Aalhus; J. A. M. Janz; I. L. Larsen;  
Possibility to evaluate meat colour using photographic references 
A. Brugiapaglia; G. Destefanis;  
Identification of dried meat floss and dried meat powder using computer 
Meng-Han Hu; Qing-Li Dong; Yang-Tai Yang; Fang-Fang Wang;  
Effect of postmortem ageing time on quality characteristics of horse meat 
Pil-Nam Seong; Kyoungmi Park; Soohyun Cho; Geunho Kang; Sun-Mun Kang; Beomyoung Park; Hoa Van Ba;  
New rating method to score the fatness of beef cattle carcasses in French slaughterhouses 
T. Lefebre; C. Denoyelle; D. Bastien;  
Patagonia (Argentina) beef quality 
Alejandra B. Picallo; María E. Cossu; Juan J. Grigera Naón; Ana M. Pereyra; María L. Lamanna; Alejandro Schor; Paola C. Gambetti; Darío Colombatto; Hugo von Bernard; Beatriz Coste; Felisa Rozen; Sonia Moisá;  
Texture of Pietmontese beef culled cows aged 4-13 years 
A. Brugiapaglia; G. Destefanis; D. Pattono;  
Instrumental and sensory meat tenderness in 13 heavy lamb muscles 
Javier Ithurralde; Gianni Bianchi; Oscar Feed; Fernando Nan; Fernando Ballesteros; Gustavo Garibotto; Alejandro Bielli;  
Effects of dietary inclusion of Moringa oleifera leaf meal on feed conversion ratio and physico-chemical characteristics of pork from Large White and Kolbroek pigs 
Xola P. Nduku; T. Thobela; Voster Muchenje;  
Relationship between meat juiciness intensity scores during chewing 
Hong Zhuang; Elizabeth M. Savage;  
Factors affecting the physico- chemical quality and fatty acid profiles of mutton at point of purchase in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa 
Zikhona T. Rani; Carlos W. T. Nantapo; A. Hugo; Voster Muchenje;  
Monensin, virginiamycin and functional oils on carcass characteristics and meat quality of cattle abruptly fed high concentrate diets 
A.P. Silva; R. Carvalho; C.A. Zotti; M. R. Mazon; S. L. Silva; P.R. Leme 
Color and carotenoids in tilapia fish fed different carotenoids 
Elisa H. G. Ponsano; Thiago L. M. Grassi; Edson F. E. Santo; Marcelo T. S. Marcos; Jefferson F. Cavazzana; Marcos F. Pinto;  
Effect on the quality of rabbit and chicken meat of adding n-3 fatty acids and plant antioxidants to the feed 
Jacques Mourot; Karine Meteau; Karina Bebin; Marina Panheleux; Christophe Briens; Marisela Arturo-Schaan;  
Duration of plant antioxidant distribution in n-3 fatty acid rich diets: effect on fat peroxidation in pork and processed products 
Jacques Mourot; Marisela Arturo-Schaan; Cécile Perrier; Gwenola Robin; Laurent Roger;  
The effect of freezing and thawing on meat quality of beef loins 
Michelle Hope-Jones; Kealeboga Mosimanyana; Phillip Strydom;  
Effect of sex condition and time on feed on the sensory quality of crossbreed hair lamb meat 
M. R. Mazon; R. Carvalho; D. M. C. Pesce; M. M. Guizzo; S. L. Silva; P.R. Leme 
Sensory properties and consumer acceptability of traditional Capretto and Chevon 
Monica Borgogno; Mirco Corazzin; Hannaneh Mousavikhorshidi; Saida Favotto; Elena Saccá; Omar Bearzi; Dario Furlan; Edi Piasentier;  
Consumer’s segmentation based on acceptability of boar meat in a study carried out in Barcelona (Spain) and Reading (UK) 
N. Panella-Riera; M. Blanch; Maria Font-i-Furnols; M. Gil; Zein Kallas; M.A. Oliver;  
Analysis of the stakeholders’ attitudes for banning of castration of male pigs in Europe: focus group methodology 
F. Borrisser-Pairó; Zein Kallas; N. Panella-Riera; M. Avena; M. Ibáñez; A. Olivares; José Maria Gil; M.A. Oliver;  
Study of the prevalence of boar taint in Spanish commercial pigs by chemical analysis 
F.Y. Borrisser-Pairó; N. Panella-Riera; D. Zammerini; M.D. Garrido; B. Martínez; A. Olivares; M. Gil; J.A. García-Regueiro; M.A. Oliver;  
A protocol to measure the free water in raw and cooked meat 
S. Barbera; Gabriela Grigioni;  
Feeding system and glutathione peroxidase activity, selenium content and antioxidant status of Angus meat 
A. Terevinto; Ali Saadoun; M.C. Cabrera;  
Meat and carcass quality of young bulls and steers from the northwest of argentina 
Alejandra B. Picallo; María E. Cossu; Julieta Fernández Madero; María L. Lamanna; Paola C. Gambetti; Beatriz Coste; Felisa Rozen; Ana M. Pereyra;  
Effect of cooking system on Warner-Bratzler shear force measure in poultry meat 
J. Graziano; R. Fabre; F. Perlo; P. Bonato; G. Teira; O. Tisocco;  
Dry cured sheep/lamb meat: Norwegian Birkebeiner “Fenalår” compared with sheep Pastrma from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro 
B. Egelandsdal; S. Stojković; V. Grabež; M. Bjelanović; G. Vučić; A. Martinović; E. Pallin; B. Markovic; P. Berg;  
Disaster and hospital diet preferences as evaluated by different categories of consumers 
Herbert W. Ockerman; Herbert W. Ockerman;  
Influence of myofibril orientation on lamb colour measurement and colour stability 
Benjamin W. B. Holman; Tharcilla I. R. C. Alvarenga; Remy J. van de Ven; David L. Hopkins;  
Acceptability of ovine hamburger patties with increasing additions of peanut and α-tocopherol 
Fernando Ballesteros; Gianni Bianchi; Juan Franco; Juan Rivero; Antonella Goyeneche; Guillermo Moyna; Miguel A. Suarez; O. Bentancur;  
Physicochemical and sensory parameters of chicken nuggets with partial substitution of meat and fat for pea fiber 
Y.J Polizer; M. H. Hirano; D. Pompeu; M.T.A. Freire; M.A. Trindade.;  
Visual evaluation of beef tenderness by using surface structural observations and its relationship to meat colour 
Kedibone Y. Modika; L. Frylinck; K.W. Moloto; Phillip E. Strydom; Tebogo M,; Edward C. Webb;  
Effect of feeding broken rice in substitution of corn on pH, colour and lipid and protein oxidation of fresh and aged poultry meat 
F. Levrero; M. Del Puerto; A. Terevinto; A. Saadoun; M.C. Cabrera;  
Consumer acceptance of dry fermented sausages with 50% of their NaCl content reduced or substituted with KCl and/or CaCl2 
B. A. Dos Santos; B. A. Dos Santos; P. C. B. Campagnol; A. G. Cruz; R. Wagner; M.A.R. Pollonio;  
Peptide fragments in water soluble fractions extracted from Hanwoo beef as influenced by chiller ageing and heating 
Jieun Yang; Touseef Amna; Inho Hwang;  
Effects of immunocastration and beta-agonists on the meat sensory profile of Bos indicus cattle 
M. R. Mazon; S. L. Silva; D.S. Antonelo; K.E. Z. Nubiato; D. C. Brigida; H.B. Silva; M. Uemura; J. Balage; A.S. C. Pereira; P. R. Leme;  
Effect of diet on sensory characteristics and acceptance of beef from crossbred animals 
Maria Lígia P. da Silva; R.T. Nassu; Alexandre Berndt; Rymer R. Tullio; Maurício M. de Alencar;  
Quality of meat from non-castrated Nellore cattle with high and low residual feed intake 
H. B. Silva; M. R. Mazon; R. F. Carvalho; H. Fukumasu; P. A. Alexandre; M. H. A. Santana; S. L. SILVA;  
The labelling of religiously slaughtered meat in the UK: an industry and consumer perspective 
Karim W. Farag; Karim W. Farag; Sarah Pinnock; Louise Manning;  
Evaluation of ground beef quality following different antimicrobial interventions 
L. Clay Eastwood; Ashley N Arnold; Rhonda K. Miller; Kerri B Gehring; Jeffrey W Savell;  
Impact of low-dose irradiation on the quality and palatability attributes of beef subprimals 
John L. Arnold; Ashley N Arnold; Rhonda K. Miller; Kerri B Gehring; Jeffrey W Savell;  
Selenium in poultry diets: effect on pH, color, glycogen and lactate kinetic in fresh and aged pectoralis and Gastrocnemius muscles 
M. Del Puerto; M.C. Cabrera; A. Terevinto; R. Olivero; A. Saadoun;  
Influence on carcass yield and subcutaneous fat thickness of Nellore bulls by Xaraés grass grazing height 
Bruno S. Lala; Vinicius C. Brito; Renan L. Miorin; Nayara Andreo; Ana M. Bridi; Marco A. A. F. Barbosa; Ulysses Cecato;  
Sensory analysis of meat from Pantaneiro female lambs slaughtered with different subcutaneous thickness 
Natália H. A. P. Mora Mora; Bruno S. Lala; Ana Guerrero; Ana Guerrero; Francisco A. F. Macedo;  
Organic and inorganic selenium in poultry diets: effect on lipid and protein oxidation, drip loss and GPX activity in fresh and aged meat 
M. Del Puerto; M. Del Puerto; A. Terevinto; M.C. Cabrera; A. Saadoun;  
Effect of mild irradiation doses on quality attributes of meat trimmings for production of patties 
Ma de la Paz Xavier; Cecilia Dauber; Paula Mussio; Enrique Delgado; Ana Maquieira; Alejandra Soria; Ana Curuchet; Rosa Márquez; Carlos Méndez; Tomás López;  

Session IV Meat Safety Pathogen and Chemical Contaminations and Interventions 

Effect of alil isothiocyanate and garlic essential oil against Escherichia coli O157:H7 in fresh pork sausage 
Renata E. F. Macedo; Fernanda K Bortolotto; Stephane Pini Costa Cecotti; Hanna Lethycia Wolupeck; Fernando B Luciano;  
In-plant validation of two antimicrobial agents applied during production of further processed beef products 
Kayla M Hendricks; Ashley N Arnold; T. Matthew Taylor; Kerri B Gehring; Jeffrey W Savell;  
Biochip based immunoassay and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the screening of multiple avermectins in beef muscle and liver 
N. O’Loan; L. Farry; B. Bell; J. Mahoney; J. Porter; M. McGarrity; M. Grecco; M.L. Rodríguez; R.I. McConnell; S.P. FitzGerald;  
Cross-contamination of Aeromonas spp. from chilled pork to Brassica chinensis under different food-handling scenarios 
Hai-Mei Wang; Qing-Li Dong; Meng-Han Hu; Yuan Yao;  
Growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa single cells and cell populations 
Xin Wang; Qing-Li Dong;  
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for screening antibiotic residues in chicken and goat meats 
Kadim I.T; O Mahgoub; W Al-Marzooqi; R.S Al-Maqbali; S Khalaf;  
Development of a rapid PCR method to quantify E. coli (O157 and O26) in bovine faeces 
Dolapo Lawa; Catherine Burgess; Evonne McCabe; Paul Whyte; Geraldine Duffy;  
Morphological and functional characterization of Carnobacterium maltaromaticum isolated from vacuum-packed beef with long shelf life 
Pedro H Imazaki; Assia Tahiri; François Ndedi Ekolo; Georges Daube ; Antoine Clinquart;  
Control of foodborne pathogens on fresh beef by jenseniin G, a bacteriocin produced by Propionibacterium 
F.Y. Ekinci1; K Candoğan;  
Fecal carriage of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli serotypes O157:H7, O26:H11, O103:H2, O145:H28 and O111:H8 in French cattle 
D Bibbal; F Auvray; M Kérourédan; C Peytavin; F Ferré; P Cartier; C Denoyelle; E Oswald; E Gay; E Loukiadis; H Brugère;  
Presence of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in feces of grazing lambs ready for slaughter in Uruguay 
P Rovira; G Brito; F Montossi;  
The use of lactic acid and ozone for the reduction of the bacterial count in ovine carcass surfaces 
Antonella Goyeneche; Gianni Bianchi; Oscar Bentancur;  
Effect of chitosan, fresh garlic and pediocin PA-1 producer (Pediococcus pentosaceus TISTR 536) on Staphylococcus aureus in Nham (Thai fermented meat) model broth 
A Swetwiwathana; A Jindaprasert; K Pilasombut;  
Decontamination interventions of edible byproducts from sheep 
Hauge Hauge; Ole J Røtterud; Øyvin Østensvik; Truls Nesbakken; Ole Nesteng; Ole Alvseike;  
Prevalence of Listeria spp. in a chicken cutting and deboning room in a refrigerated slaughterhouse 
Tatiana Aparecida Julião; Ana Maria Centola Vidal-Martins; Teresa Cristina Lopes Fernandes Garcia; Adriana Cássia de Oliveira; Ana Laís Freitas Huet de Oliveira; Júlio Cesar de Carvalho Baleiro ;  
OTM-beef recognition using chromatographic data processed by metalearning based classifier 
Erwin Oñate; Tomás Arredondo; Cristian Acevedo;  
Ivermectin residue depletion in Nellore beef cattle 
Camila Brossi; Camila B Prata; Bassem S A.Akl; Dory W Barninka; Caio S Dantas; Mirele D Poleti; Alessandra F Rosa; Minos E de Carvalho; Júlio C. de C. Balieiro;  
Effect of mild irradiation doses on Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli O157:H7 inoculated into beef meat trimmings 
Ma de la Paz Xavier; Cecilia Dauber; Paula Mussio; Enrique Delgado; Ana Maquieira; Alejandra Soria; Rosa Mrquez; Carlos Mndez, Toms Lpez  

Session V Meat Processing and Packaging 

Investigation into carcass traits and saleable meat yield of Australian alpacas (Vicugna pacos) 
Melanie M. Smith; Russell D. Bush; Peter C. Thomson; David L. Hopkins;  
Combined effects of high pressure and sodium hydrogen carbonate on beef texture and color 
Tadayuki Nishiumi; Shun Ohnuma; Yui Watanabe; Ryoichi Sakata;  
Physicochemical characteristics of low-fat, low-salt fresh sheep meat sausage 
Jonhny A. Maia Junior; Fábio C. Henry; Felipe R. A. F. do Valle; Karla S. Ferreira; Célia R. Quirino; Eder Dutra de Resende;  
Instrumental evaluation of color and texture of lowfat, low-sodium chloride fresh sheep meat sausage 
Jonhny A. Maia Junior; Fábio C. Henry; Felipe R. A. F. do Valle; Suelen Alvarenga Reis; Simone Vilela Talma;  
Effect of high pressure processing on the eating quality of low fat sausage emulsions 
Huijuan Yang; Minyi Han; Yun Bai; Xinglian Xu; Guanghong Zhou;  
Role of Lactobacillus spp. and Staphylococcus xylosus in meat: conversion of metmyoglobin and inhibition of spoilage bacteria 
Baohua Kong; Peijun Li; Huiting Luo;  
Moisturizing agents as determinants of physicochemical and sensory characteristics of deer meat products 
Ryoichi Sakata; Miyuki Kaneko; Liang-Chuan Lin; Tien-Chun Wan;  
Enhanced reddening of meat by the addition of Himalayan rock salt 
Miyuki Kaneko; Yasushi Okuda; Masahiro Waga; Toshio Oshida; Ryoichi Sakata;  
Effect of meat and non-meat protein mixing ratio on quality characteristic of emulsion-type sausage 
Geunho Kang; Hyoung-Joo Ham; Soohyun Cho; Pil-Nam Seong; Sun-Mun Kang; Kyoungmi Park; Hoa Van Ba; Beomyoung Park;  
The potential role of arginine in competitiveness and functionality of coagulase-negative staphylococci during meat fermentation 
Frédéric Leroy; Maria Sanchez-Mainar; Stefan Weckx; Luc De Vuyst;  
Effect of mushroom incorporation on quality, sensory and microbial stability of frankfurter type-sausage 
Pil-Nam Seong; Kyoungmi Park; Soohyun Cho; Geunho Kang; Sun-Mun Kang; Beomyoung Park; Hoa Van Ba;  
Application of near infrared spectroscopy for grading and classification of chicken meat 
Douglas Fernandes Barbina; Danielle Cristina Barreto Honorato; Cintia Midori Kaminishikawahara; Adriana Lourenco Soares; Ivone Yurika Mizubuti; Moises Grespan; Massami Shimokomaki; Elza Iouko Ida;  
Reduction of chilling losses in beef carcasses by wrapping with polyethylene stretch film 
Danielly C. J. Lolatto; Angelo Polizel Neto; Roberto O. Roça; Paulo S.A. Moreira; Claudineli C.B. da Rosa; Tiago Dromboski; Leidiane M. Costa; Ellen C.A. Reis;  
Optimising the shelf-life of pork chops with new gas compositions and reduced headspace 
A. Bozec; A. Vautier; T. Lhommeau; A Le Roux;  
Losses due aging process in breast meat of broilers with different genders and ages 
Juliana L. M. Mello; Ana Beatriz B. Rodrigues; Aline Giampietro-Ganeco; Fábio B. Ferrari; Hirasilva Borba; Rodrigo A. de Souza; Pedro A. de Souza;  
Attributes related to tenderness in breast meat of broilers with different genders and ages after aging 
Juliana. L. M. Mello; Ana Beatriz B. Rodrigues; Aline Giampietro-Ganeco; Fábio B. Ferrari; Hirasilva Borba; Leonardo D. C. Vieira; Rodrigo A. de Souza;  
Effect of lactate and diacetate salts and high pressure processing on the survival of Listeria monocytogenes in cured beef carpaccio 
Yanina X. Barrio; Diego Wilches Perez; Sergio R. Vaudagna; Jordi Rovira;  
Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is an effective functional ingredient in retarding lipid oxidation of cooked rabbit meat patties 
Antonella Dalle Zotte; Hannaneh Mousavikhorshidi; Valentino Pizzocchero; Marco Cullere;  
Green tea extract alters the functional properties of meat emulsions by generation of protein cross-links 
Sisse Jongberg; Linda de S. Therkelsen; Rikke Miklos; Marianne N. Lund;  
High hydrostatic pressure treatment of raw material: effect on physicochemical and texture properties of beef patties 
Amparo Eccoña Sota; Claudio Sanow; Ana M. Sancho; Sergio R. Vaudagna;  
Quality characteristics of chicken nuggets with reduced amounts of sodium chloride and added dietary fiber 
P. Bonato; F. Perlo; R. Fabre; G. Teira; O. Tisocco; B. Tito; G. Dalzotto;  
Effect of the inclusion of chestnuts in the finishing diet on the changes in chemical composition during the processing of Celta dry-cured ham 
Roberto Bermudez; Daniel Franco; Javier Carballo; J.A. Carril; José M. Lorenzo;  
Minimising protein oxidation in retail-packed minced beef using three-gas MA-packaging 
Dimitrios Spanos; Laura Baussá; Caroline P. Baron; Mari Ann Tørngren;  
Optimising eating quality and shelf life of enhanced and marinated pork chops using three-gas map 
Mari Ann Tørngren;  
Sensory characteristics of Murrah buffaloes meat submitted to different periods of ageing 
Cristiana Andrighetto; Patrícia A. C. da Luz; André M. Jorge; Carolina T. Santos; Roberto O. Roça; Leonardo H. Zanetti; Aline Sampaio Aranha;  
Chemical and microbiological characteristics of Murrah buffaloes meat submitted to different periods of ageing 
Cristiana Andrighetto; Patrícia A. C. da Luz; André M. Jorge; Carolina T. Santos; Roberto O. Roça; Leonardo H. Zanetti; Miguel S. Domingues;  
Influence of freezing time on the water activity and lipid oxidation in meat of broilers reared at the conventional and antibiotic-free systems 
Aline Giampietro-Ganeco; Hirasilva Borba; Juliana L. M. Mello; Ana Paula de O. Saccomani; Rodrigo A. de Souza; Pedro A. de Souza;  
Determination of cooking weight loss in different types of broilers and freezing periods 
Aline Giampietro-Ganeco; Hirasilva Borba; Juliana L. M. Mello; Luiz C. M. Junior; Ana Beatriz B. Rodrigues; Caroline Demarchi; Leonardo D. C. Vieira;  
Influence of pH on (zinc) protoporphyrin IX formation in dry fermented sausages assessed using a fast screening method 
H. De Maere; E. De Mey; L. Dewulf; I. Fraeye; S. Chollet; H. Paelinck;  
Physicochemical parameters and sensory properties of lamb burger manufactured with different concentrations of oregano extract 
Rafaella de P. Paseto Fernandes; Marco A. Trindade; Fernando G. Tonin; Silvana M. P. Pugine; Merícia H. Hirano; José M. Lorenzo; Mariza P. de Melo;  
Effects of pork round powder addition on the quality characteristics of noodle product 
Kihong Jeon; Youngboong Kim; Youngho Kim; Yoonseon Hwang; Jinyoung Choi;  
Effect of oxygen on the oxidation of two different map retail pork meat products 
Dimitrios Spanos; Mari Ann Tørngren; Mette Christensen; Caroline P. Baron;  
Development of Raman spectrometric on-site method to measure solid fat content 
Michiyo Motoyama; Shigenobu Hayashi; Keiko Jimura; Koichi Chikuni; Ikuyo Nakajima; Katsuhiro Aikawa; Keisuke Sasaki;  
Rapid authentication of enhanced quality pork by visible and near infrared spectroscopy 
N. Prieto; N. Prieto; M. Juárez; R. T. Zijlstra; Ó. López-Campos; J. L. Aalhus;  
Influence of modified atmosphere packaging on physical-chemical parameters of loin lamb stored under refrigeration
Isabela Rodrigues dos Santos; Ana Flávia Souza Palú; Beatriz Zillo Santa Barbara; Fábio Augusto Gallo; Maria Teresa A. Freire; M.A. Trindade;  
Technological response of two bovine muscles subjected to freeze-drying process 
Valeria Messina; Fernanda Paschetta; Verónica C. Chamorro; Ana M. Sancho; Noemí Walsöe de Reca; Adriana A. Pazos; Gabriela Grigioni;  
Effect of sodium, potassium and calcium chloride on proteolysis in dry fermented sausages 
B. A. Dos Santos; B. A. Dos Santos; P. C. B. Campagnol; R. Wagner; M.A.R. Pollonio;  
Stability of lamb burger containing natural antioxidant extract: oxidative and colour parameters during two months of frozen storage 
Rafaella de P. Paseto Fernandes; Marco A. Trindade; Fernando G. Tonin; Silvana M. P. Pugine; Merícia H. Hirano; José M. Lorenzo; Mariza P. de Melo;  
Effects of electrical stimulation to localized part of carcasses on shear force of Hanwoo beef 
Jieun Yang; Dawoon Jeong; Touseef Amna; Beom-Young Park; Soohyun Cho; Inho Hwang;  
Dielectric properties of selected pork organ meats and experimental pate product formulations for continuous flow microwave processing 
Dana J. Hanson; Mehmet Kemal; Travis Tennant; Josip Simunovic;  
The effect of brine injection level on moisture retention and sensory properties of chicken breast meat 
E. Moholisa; E. Roodt; C. Bothma; F. de Witt; A. Hugo;  
Monitoring the lipid structure of frankfurters: toward a food model to better understand the perception of fat. 
A-L. Chapeau; A. Promeyrat; Thierry Astruc; A. Vénien; C. Ferreira; V Santé-Lhoutellier;  
Genetic polymorphism of RYR 1 gene from turkey PSE breast muscle 
Fernanda Gonzales Paião; Viviane Ribeirete; Rafael Humberto de Carvalho; Mayka Reghiany Pedrão; Fábio Augusto Garcia Coró; Massami Shimokomaki;  
Antioxidant and antimicrobial potential of Jabuticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora) extract added to fresh sausages 
Juliana C. Baldin; P. E. S. Munekata; Thais M. Canan; Euder C. Michelin; Keila D. Flipsen; R. P. Fregonesi; Silvia H. S. Godoy; Carmen S. F. Trindade; Andrezza M. Fernandes; M.A. Trindade;  
Use of acid turkey breast meat in embedded products: formulation impacts on technological characteristics 
Henry Kondo; Fernanda Gonzales Paião; André Gallo; Cézar Augusto Iziquiel; Magali Aparecida Mafra; Mayka Reghiany Pedrão;  
Headcheese as an alternative use of pork by-products: physicochemical analysis and texture profile. 
Jamil Silva Junior; Elissama R. Ribeiro; Mayka Reghiany Pedrão; Alessandra Machado-Lunkes;  
With the addition of oat fiber: chemical and sensory characterization 
Cristiane Fiorentin; Mayka Reghiany Pedrão; André Gallo; Cézar Augusto Iziquiel; Magali Aparecida Mafra; Fábio Augusto Garcia Coró;  

Session VI Meat Nutritive Value and Human Health 

Meat peptides enhance iron uptake from dietary supplements in a gut cell line model 
Rokshana Naznin; Loong-Tak Lim; Peter P. Purslow;  
Stability of berry polyphenols during cooking of enriched marinated pork 
Tõnu Püssa; Dea Anton; Piret Raudsepp;  
The impact of supplementing lambs with algae on meat traits and oxidative status 
David L. Hopkins; Edward H. Clayton; Tracy A. Lamb; Remy J. van de Ven; Gordon Refshauge; Matthew J. Kerr; Kristy Bailes; Eric N. Ponnampalam;  
In-vitro digestive peptides differ by species 
Siying Wen; Guanghong Zhou; Xinglian Xu; Chunbao Li;  
Predicting fatty acid composition of lamb loin using Raman spectroscopy 
Stephanie M. Fowler; Heinar Schmidt; Edward H. Clayton; Remy van de Ven; Kristy Bailes; Peter Wynn; David L. Hopkins;  
Subcutaneous biohydrogenation product profiles of steers fed forage-based diets with sunflower-seed and wheat dried distillers’ grains with solubles 
C Mapiye; J. L. Aalhus; P. Vahmani; D. C. Rolland; J. A. Basarab; V. S. Baron; T. A. McAllister; H. C. Block; B. Uttaro; S. D. Proctor; M. E. R. Dugan;  
Proximate composition of meat from cut-up parts of rabbits fed diets containing graded levels of processed tallow seed meal 
E. Z Jiya; A. T. Ijaiya; B. A. Ayanwale; A. O. Olorunsanya;  
Fatty acid profile of beef M. longissimus as influenced by diet and age 
Phillip Strydom; A. Hugo; Michelle Hope-Jones;  
High monounsaturated fatty acids in beef lowered serum triglyceride, total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein in young male 
Hana Kwon; Gwang Ho Lee; Kyung Hoon Baik; Seong Il Kim; Yong Woon Kim; Changbon Choi;  
Cromatographic conditions to optimize the separation of fatty acid methyl esters from bovine meat utilizing the high polar SLB-IL111 column 
S. O. Juchem; F. L. Solari; A. S. Santos; C. V. Ribeiro; M. S. Borba; S. Nalério E.;  
Effects of calcium chloride and potassium chloride on the alterations in proteins during processing of reduced-salt Pastirma, a dry cured beef 
Ece Kızılkaya; K. Candoğan;  
Fatty acid profile of longissimus dorsi muscle fat in Nellore cattle using high resolution gas chromatography 
Anirene G. T. Pereira; Beatriz S. Menegali; Jair S. S. Pinto; Yuri T. Utsunomiya; Fernanda M. de Rezende; Marina de N. Bonin; José Bento S. Ferraz; José Fernando Garcia; Carmen J. Contreras - Castillo;  
Impact of the diet on nutritional composition of Charolais x Nellore cross steers of Brasil 
A. Biolatto; A. Callegaro; J. S. Vittone; M. Lado; I. Brondani; D. Borchate; J. M. Cocco; S. Adams; J. Klein; A. F. Moura;  
Nutritionally relevant components in meat of farmed fallow deer (Dama dama l.) and red deer (Cervus elaphus l.) as compared with beef 
Friedrich Schöne; Kristin Weigel; Gerhard Jahreis;  
Fatty acid distribution in pig fat and sausage in a monitoring and improvement by feeding rapeseed press cake in pigs 
F. Schöne; Ricarda Krüger; H. Hartung;  
Nutritional value of retail beef lipid fraction 
A.C.G Monteiro; R.J.B. Bessa; J.P. Lemos;  
Fatty acid profile of Canadian sub-alpine suckler beef 
John S. Church; Jessica Jensen; Jessica L. Pilfold; Tyler D. Turner; Ivan Hartling; Jonathan D. Van Hamme; Kingsley K. Donkor; Bruno Cinel;  
Fatty acid profiles of North American beef produced using organic and natural systems 
Tyler D. Turner; Jessica Jensen; Jessica L. Pilfold; Dipesh Prema; Kingsley K. Donkor; Bruno Cinel; M. E. R. Dugan; John S. Church  
Fatty acid nutritive value of retail bison (Bos bison) meat from Western Canada 
Tyler D. Turner; Jessica Jensen; Jessica L. Pilfold; Dipesh Prema; Kingsley K. Donkor; Bruno Cinel; Jonathan D. Van Hamme; John S. Church; Jayson K. Galbraith;  
The effect of feeding regime, beta-agonists and animal age on intramuscular fat content and fatty acid composition of beef 
E. Moholisa; P. E. Strydom; A. Hugo;  
How healthy is zebra meat? 
Louwrens C. Hoffman; Greta Geldenhuys;  
Effect of finishing system, gender and breed on trans-vaccenic and conjugated linoleic acids in beef 
Rymer R. Tullio; J. L. Aalhus; R.T. Nassu; M. Juárez; Alexandre Berndt; Maria L. P. da Silva; D. C. Rolland; Mauricio M. de Alencar; M. E. R. Dugan;  
The effect of sodium reduction on the microbial, chemical and sensory quality of a pork sausage 
A. Hugo; M. Cluff; C. Bothma; C.J. Hugo; J. Steyn;  
Effect of feeding system of lambs on indexes and relations between the fatty acids of intramuscular fat from meat 
Ana G. de F. Saccol; Cleber Pires; Juliana de Mattos Cremonese; Renius de O. Mello; Luciana Potter; Jusecléia F. Lopes; Fernando L.F. Quadros;  
The influence of feeding regimens on meat quality and fatty acids composition of lambs in Uruguay 
Z. Ramos; F. Montossi; X. Lagomarsino; G. Brito; R. San Julian; F. Cazzuli;  
Angus beef fatty acid composition (MUFA and CLA) related with the g.878TC SCD gene polymorphism. 
Néstor Sepúlveda; Giovanni Larama; Silvana Bravo; Karla Inostroza;  
Technological parameters and sensory acceptance of beef burger with addition of oat bran and reduced fat 
L. T. Carvalho; O. C. Paucar; R. P. Fregonesi; P. E. S. Munekata; Y.J. Polizer; J. Lapa-Guimarães; M.A. Trindade;
Chemical composition and fatty acids profile of lamb meat fed exclusively concentrated food or pasture. 
Ana G. de F. Saccol; Cleber Pires; Gabriella Ibarra Ocaña Machado; Renius de O. Mello; Luciana Potter; Liane Seibert; Fernando L.F. Quadros;  
Enrichment of flaxseed for developing functional rabbit meat 
Muhammad I. Khan; Muhammad R. Tariq;  
Natural additives on fatty acids composition of longissimus muscle from bulls (Angus vs. Nellore) finished in feedlot 
Carlos A. Fugita; Rodrigo A. C. Pasetti; Rodolpho M. Prado; Carlos E. Eiras; Maribel V. Valero; Ivanor N. Prado;  

Session VII Animal Welfare and Meat Quality 

Effect of temperament and growth rate on carcass characteristics of Simmental cross steers 
Andrew F. Williams; Jane A. Boles; Katelyn S. Kohlbeck; Michael C. Meyers; Katharine A. Perz; Jennifer Thomson; Kathleen C. Davis;  
Breaking down the barriers between halal slaughter and animal welfare 
Kristin M Pufpaff;  
Risks (odds ratios) of bruises on cattle carcasses in different animal categories: preliminary results 
Mateus J. R. Paranhos da Costa; Arquimedes J. R. Pellecchia; Janaina S. Braga; Tâmara D. Borges; Adriano G. Páscoa; Marcia del Campo Gigena;  
Effect of the castration method on steers performance and meat quality 
Marcia del Campo; G Brito; Juan S. de Lima; Santiago Salaverry; Donald Chalkling;  
Is it possible to obtain high standards of meat quality with entire young males? 
Marcia del Campo; G Brito; Juan S. de Lima; Santiago Salaverry; Donald Chalkling;  
Stunning slaughter pigs using the inert gas helium 
M. Machtolf; M. Moje; K. Troeger; M. Bülte;  
Effects of enriched housing on sensory aspects and fatty acid composition of longissimus muscle in light-weight finished lambs: double bunks and straw 
L.A. Aguayo-Ulloa; M. Pascual-Alonso; M.M. Campo; J.L. Olleta; M. Villarroel; M. Pizarro; G.C Miranda-de la Lama; G.A. María;  
Immunocastration improves redness of Longissimus thoracis steaks from feedlot-finished crossbred (Nellore × Aberdeen Angus) cattle in Brazil 
Giulianna Z. Miguel; Marcelo H. Faria; Roberto O. Roça; Carolina T. Santos; Surendranath P. Suman; Ana B. G. Faitarone; Nara L. C. Delbem; Lucio V. C. Girao; Juliana M. Homem; Erika K. Barbosa; Leticia S. Su; Flavio D. Resende; Gustavo R. Siqueira; Taciana V. Savian;  
Live weight, carcass dressing percentage and meat pH according of bovine sexual type and solid fasting 
Angelo Polizel Neto; Roberto O. Roça; Luciano Vacari; Leandro C. Alencar; Tiago Dombroski; Danielly C.J. Lolatto; Alana S. Melo; Ellen C.A. Reis;  
Beef quality and creatine kinase activities as affected by animal-related factors and season 
Amanda Y. Chulayo; T. Mpakama; V. Muchenje;  
Effect of cooking methods (vacuum vs. frying) on boar taint perception 
M. Egea; P. Díaz; D. Álvarez; M.D. Garrido; M.B. Linares;  
Panel training for boar taints sensory evaluation analysis 
M. Egea; P. Díaz; B. Martínez; C. Vieira; M.B. Linares; M.D. Garrido;  
Essential oils on fatty acids composition of meat from crossbred bulls finished in feedlot 
Dayane C. Rivaroli; André M. Jorge; Ivanor N. do Prado; Caroline de L. Francisco; Carlos E. Eiras; Fernando Zawadzki; André M. de Castilhos;  
Animal welfare and meat quality of lambs slaughtered in North Patagonia Argentina 
María Zimerman; Ernesto Domingo; Gabriela Grigioni; Héctor Taddeo; Priscila Willems;  
Effect of sex and genotype on stress biomarkers in pigs 
M. Oliván; J. González; A. Bassols; N. Panella-Riera; R. Carreras; I. Vega-Naredo; E. Mainau; R. Peña; Y. Potes; K. Hollung; X. Manteca; A. Velarde;  
The effect of different pre slaughter procedures on carcass and meat quality in Uruguay 
Franciely O. Costa; Marcia del Campo; Juan S. de Lima; Gustavo Brito; M. J. R. Paranhos da Costa;  
Physical structure, sanitary-hygienic practices and microbiological parameters of pork slaughterhouses in the state of Paraiba, Brazil 
Valquíria C. da S. Ferreira; Terezinha D. D. Martins; Sinara P. Fragoso;  
Productive performance, social behaviour and meat characteristics of Holstein entire or castrated males 
O. Blumetto; A. Ruggia; G. Brito;  
Productive, physiological and social behaviour characterization, of three contrasting production systems of Holstein steers 
O. Blumetto; A. Ruggia; A. Villagrá-García;  
Effect of inclusion of essential oils and aging on cooking loss of meat of crossbred young bulls finished in feedlot 
J. A. Torrecilhas; D. C. Rivaroli; C. A. Fugita; C. E. Eiras; A. M. Jorge; I. N. do Prado;  
Effect of essential oils inclusion and ageing on texture of crossbred young bulls finished on feedlot 
Dayane C. Rivaroli; Juliana A. Torrecilhas; Carlos A. Fugita; Rodolpho M. do Prado; André M. Jorge; Ivanor N. do Prado;  
Ascertaining death in pig slaughter using hot water 
S. Arnold; S. Parotat; M. Moje; M. Machtolf; M. von Wenzlawowicz; K. Troeger; E. Lücker;  
Increasing levels of lipids, using sunflower meal in the diet of finishing lambs on meat quality 
Viviane A. A. Reis; Iraides F. Furusho-Garcia; Juan R. O. Pérez;  
The effect of the farm and the abattoir environments on cattle behaviour, blood hormones and metabolites as stress indicators 
Yonela Z. Njisane; Voster Muchenje;  
Animal welfare according to lairage time in Uruguay 
Franciely O. Costa; Marcia del Campo; M. J. R. Paranhos da Costa;  

Session VIII Muscle Biochemistry and Meat Quality 

Effect of electrical stimulation and ageing period on alpaca (Vicugna pacos) meat tenderness 
Melanie A. Smith; Russell D. Bush; Remy J. van de Ven; David L. Hopkins;  
Water-holding capacity and protein denaturation in broiler breast meat 
Brian Bowker; Hong Zhuang;  
Isolation and purification of decorin from bovine skeletal muscle and its structual changes under high pressure 
Takumi Hosono; Takahito Komoda; Tadayuki Nishiumi;  
Isoprostanes: potential biomarkers of oxidative stress in muscle 
Eric N. Ponnampalam; Alaa El-Din A. Bekhit; Giri Khageswor; Paul Lewandowski; Fahri T. Fahri; David L. Hopkins;  
Sensory descriptive analysis and acceptance of beef from animals fed Yerba mate 
Renata T. Nassu; Rymer R. Tullio; Alexandre Berndt; Maria L. P. da Silva; M.P Vidal; Daniel R. Cardoso;  
Imaging of intact ovine M. semimembranosus by confocal Raman microscopy 
Stephanie M. Fowler; Bayden R. Wood; Matteo Ottoboni; Gianluca Baldi; Peter Wynn; David L. Hopkins;  
Relationship between rate of pH decline and shear force in lamb 
Benjamin W. B. Holman; Remy J. van de Ven; David L. Hopkins;  
Temperament classification affects tenderness of steaks from Simmental x Angus cross steers. 
Jane A. Boles; Katelyn S. Kohlbeck; Katharine A. Perz; Jennifer Thomson; Kathleen C. Davis;  
Antioixdant enzyme activity, lipid oxidation and protein oxidation in beef from Hanwoo (Korean cattle) cows by slaughter age 
Sun Moon Kang; Pil-Nam Seong; Geunho Kang; Youngchun Kim; Beomyoung Park; Soohyun Cho;  
Effect on lamb meat of supplementing with calcium soap fatty acids 
Tharcilla Isabella Rodrigues Costa Alvarenga; Iraides Ferreira Furusho Garcia; Juan Ramon Olalquiaga Perez; Eduardo Mendes Ramos; Peter Bitencourt Faria; Flavio Augusto Pereira Alvarenga; Izac Leopoldino Junior; Mario Luiz Chizzotti; David L. Hopkins;  
Physico-chemical meat quality properties of loin and top round muscles from Hanwoo (Korean native cattle) heifer and cow beef 
Soohyun Cho; Pil-Nam Seong; Geunho Kang; Sun Moon Kang; Youngchun Kim; Kyoungmi Park; Beomyoung Park;  
Assessment of porcine meat quality at the slaughter line using Raman spectroscopy 
Rico Scheier; Martin Scheeder; Heinar Schmidt;  
Proteome characterization of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) and goat (Capra hircus) myoglobins 
Naveena B. Maheswarappa; Usha Rani K.; Kumar Y. Praveen; V.V. Kulkarni; M. Kiran;  
Improvements in functional properties of dry cured meat using fermented soy paste 
Abdulatef M. Ahhmed; Ceyda Birişik; Safa Karaman; Ismet Öztürk; Mehmet Bilgen; Gen Kaneko; Hideki Ushio; Ryoichi Sakata; Hasan Yetim;  
Concentrations of androstenone and skatole in neck fat and meat cuts: are these concentrations correlated to sensory attributes? 
L. Meinert; C. Bejerholm; B.W. Lund; M.D. Aaslyng ; S. Støier;  
Influence of aging technique and muscle on physicochemical stability and antioxidant capacity of high-oxygen atmosphere packed beef 
Pedro H. Imazaki; Assia Tahiri; Jacqueline Thimister; Marie-Louise Scippo; Antoine Clinquart;  
Influence of reduced pressure and physical restraints on pre-mortem tissue swelling which sometimes results in blood clots. Experiment II 
Herbert W. Ockerman; Lopa Basu;  
Relationships between fiber typing and meat tenderness in 15 heavy lamb muscles 
Javier Ithurralde; Gianni Bianchi; Oscar Feed; Fernando Nan; Fernando Ballesteros; Gustavo Garibotto; Alejandro Bielli;  
Meta-analysis of the effect of dietary selenium supplementation on glutathione peroxidase activity in poultry
M. Laura Alberro; M. Cristina Cabrera; Ali Saadoun;  
Rosemary extract effect on fresh sausages preservation to replace sulphites 
R. Teruel; M. Egea; M.D. Garrido; M.B. Linares;  
Effect of frozen storage time on quality chicken nuggets 
R. Teruel; M. Espinosa; M. Egea; M.B. Linares; M.D. Garrido;  
Proteome basis of animal effect on color stability of beef Longissimus lumborum steaks 
Anna Canto; Surendranath P. Suman; Mahesh N. Nair; Shuting Li; Gregg Rentfrow; Carol M. Beach; Teofilo J. P. Silva; Tommy L. Wheeler; Steven D. Shackelford; Adria Grayson; Russell O. McKeith; D. Andy King;  
Quantitative proteome analysis of pH-related changes in muscle bovine 
Mirele D. Poleti; Cristina T. Moncau; Alessandra F. Rosa; Joanir P. Eler; Júlio C. C. Balieiro;  
Hydrothermal isometric tension properties of perimysial connective tissue in bovine semitendinosus muscle 
Alicia M. Cartaginese; Peter P. Purslow;  
How does “Wooden Breast” myodegeneration affect poultry meat quality? 
Antonella Dalle Zotte; Mattia Cecchinato; Andrea Quartesan; Jasmina Bradanovic; Giulia Tasoniero; Eero Puolanne;  
Meat quality mapping of the loin: pH vs NIR spectroscopy to predict the cooking yield 
A. Vautier; E. Gault; T. Lhommeau; A. Bozec;  
Histidine dipeptides and free amino acids of beef from cattle raised under contrasting feeding systems and pre-slaughter management 
Verónica C. Chamorro; Adriana A. Pazos; María F. Godoy; Darío G. Pighín; Sebastián A. Cunzolo; Ana M. Sancho; Gabriela Grigioni;  
A hypothesis on beef tenderization 
Michael D. Chao; Katherine I. Domenech-Perez; Chris R. Calkins;  
Effect of feeding de-oiled wet distillers grains plus solubles on beef shelf life 
Katherine I. Domenech-Pérez; Chris R. Calkins; Michael D. Chao; Michelle E. Semler; Kim A. Varnold; Galen E. Erickson;  
Fragmentation index and shear force of aged lamb meat 
Hirasilva Borba; Flávia B. F. Lima; Rodrigo A. de Souza; Juliana L. M. de Mello; Aline Giampietro-Ganeco;  
Study of tenderness in meat of broilers reared in organic system and stored under freezing 
Hirasilva Borba; Aline Giampietro-Ganeco; Rodrigo A. de Souza; Juliana L. M. de Mello; Ana Beatriz B. Rodrigues; Fábio B. Ferrari; Caroline Demarchi; Pedro A. Souza;  
Measurement of protein disulfide cross-linking in meat with 4,4’-dithiodipyridine and SDS-PAGE 
Tine Rysman; Sisse Jongberg; Geert Van Royen; Stephanie Van Weyenberg; Stefaan De Smet; Marianne N. Lund;  
Effects of electrical stimulation and pre-rigor conditioning temperature on ageing 
Prabhu Balan; Yuan H. Brad Kim; Adam Stuart; Robert Kemp; Mustafa M. Farouk;  
Proteolytic activity and protein changes in four different muscles with varying meat tenderness levels from Norwegian red heifers 
Eva Veiseth-Kent; Kristin Hollung; Vibeke Høst; Rune Rødbotten;  
Detection of meat freezing using mitochondrial enzymes and changes during storage 
Petr Pipek; Anna Šimoniová; Tereza Škorpilová;  
Histological characterization of the fiber types in the M. pectoralis of Egyptian geese: a southern African wildfowl species 
G. Geldenhuys; L.C. Hoffman; N. Muller;  
The effect of electrical stimulation, hanging method and ageing period on the eating quality of grilled beef 
D.J. Devlin; N.F.S. Gault; B.W. Moss; E. Tolland; J. Tollerton; L.J. Farmer;  
Search for protein markers related to beef tenderness in an indigenous South African breed using a proteomics approach 
K.W. Moloto; T. Pitse; L. Frylinck; Phillip Strydom; Kedibone Y. Modika; G. Koorsen;  
Measuring beef sarcomere length by laser diffraction and phase contrast microscopy, and its relationship with instrumental tenderness 
A. P. Bernardo; G. Vilella; C. Battaglia; S. B. Pflanzer;  
Changes in feed intake, weight, body size and appearance of lesions in tilapias (Ereochromis niloticus) (Linnaeus, 1759) subjected to gamma radiation. 
Fernando H. R. Borin; Paulo T Figueira; Joel M. Hormaza; Marco A. R. Fernandes; Paulo R. R. Ramos; Helton C. Delício;  
Beef dark cutters discrimination by visible and near infrared spectroscopy 
N. Prieto; O. López-Campos; R. T. Zijlstra; J. L. Aalhus;  
Timing of exposure to high-concentrate diets vs. pasture on carcass traits and meat quality of steers 
G. Volpi Lagreca; M. Alende; J. G. Andrae; S. K. Duckett;  
Effect of plant extracts combined with ade vitamins in meat quality and muscle chemical composition of Nellore feedlot cattle 
M. B. Silva; A.M. Jorge; Flavio D. Resende; Gustavo R. Siqueira; G. F. Berti; Roberto O. Roça; Carolina T. Santos; Caroline de L. Francisco;  
Effects of production system and growth promotants on the physiological maturity scores in steers 
O. López-Campos; J. L. Aalhus; J. L. Aalhus; N. Prieto; I. L. Larsen; M. Juárez; J. A. Basarab;  
Effect of different nutritional strategies diets on animal performance and carcass traits of Hereford cull cows in Uruguay 
X. Lagomarsino; F. Montossi;  
The influence feeding regimens on meat quality traits of Hereford cows in Uruguay 
X. Lagomarsino; F Montossi;  
Meat proteolysis by pepsin highlighted by MALDI imaging mass spectrometry 
Laëtitia Théron; Annie Vénien; Mike Boland; Lovedeep Kaur; Olivier Loison; Christophe Chambon; Véronique Santé-Lhoutellier; Thierry Astruc;  
Effect of inclusion of essential oils on chemical composition of  meat of crossbred young bulls finished in feedlot 
Rodrigo A. C. Passetti; Dayane C. Rivaroli; A. M. Jorge; I. N. Prado; Fernando Zawadzki; Mariana G. Ornaghi;  
Effect of protein supplementation on production and carcass quality traits of lambs grazing natural grasslands during summer in Uruguay 
Z. Ramos; F Montossi; R. San Julian; X. Lagomarsino; I. De Barbieri; F. Cazzuli;  
Postmortem changes in muscle fibres autofluorescence 
C. Chagnot; A. Vénien; F. Jamme; M. Réfrégiers; M. Desvaux; Thierry Astruc;  
Determination of malonaldehyde in meat by STIR bar sorptive extraction and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry 
E.D. Ruan; J. L. Aalhus; M. Juárez;  
Authentication of depurated salmon fillets by near infrared spectroscopy 
N. Prieto; M. Juárez; M. L. Swift; S. T. Summerfelt; R. T. Zijlstra; J. L. Aalhus;  
Different nutritional strategies of yearling calves and subsequent effects on animal performance and carcass traits in Uruguay 
F. Montossi; X. Lagomarsino;  
Effects of feeding management on tenderness of beef from Nellore young bulls 
Luiz H. P. Silva; Pedro V. R. Paulino; Mario Luiz Chizzotti; Sebastião C. Valadares Filho; Mário F. Paulino; Taiane S. Martins; Gutierrez J. F. Assis; Jaqueline C. Silva; Marcio S. Duarte;  
Instrumental evaluation of color in filet of cattle finished on grazing supplemented with crushed crambe 
Kennyson A. Souza; Rafael H. T. B. Goes; Luiz H. X. Silva; Mayara M. Yoshihara; Diego S. Penha; Ivanor N. Prado;  
Instrumental and sensory profile of beef cattle supplemented with crushed crambe 
Kennyson A. Souza; Rafael H. T. B. Goes; Luiz H. X. Silva; Mayara M. Yoshihara; Bruno L. Silva; Ivanor N. Prado;  
Morphological and quantitative changes in protein in broiler pectoralis major in post mortem 
Paulo T Figueira; Ângela M. Tomasi; Luciana B. de Moraes; Fernando H. R. Borin; Diego L. Froelich; Noeme S. Rocha; Paulo R. R. Ramos;  
Carcass traits of Nellore cattle immunocastrated fed on beta-adrenergic agonists 
D. S Antonelo; S. L. Silva; M. R. Mazon; K.E.Z. Nubiato; D.J. Brigida; M. Zanata; B. B. Baptista; J. F. M. Gomes; B. L. N. Garcia; P.R. Leme;  
Meat quality of beef from Nellore steers fed yerba mate supplemented diets 
M.P Vidal; R.T. Nassu; Rymer R. Tullio; Alexandre Berndt; Daniel R. Cardoso;  
Rib and loin yield and shear force of frozen goat meat from Australia and the United States 
J.C Gregorie; J.N. Maynard; K.W. McMillin;  
Calpain inhibitor reduces cytotoxity induced by LPS in C2C12 cultured cells 
Ke Shang; Junfeng Zhang; Touseef Amna; Jieun Yang; Xiangchao Cheng; Beomyoung Park; Soohyun Cho; Inho Hwang;  
Cultivation of fibroblasts on hybrid scaffold for tissue engineering applications 
Touseef Amna; M. S. Hassan; Jieun Yang; Beomyoung Park; Soohyun Cho; Inho Hwang;  
Poultry monitory system 
Laura Baigorria; Fabiana Escotto;  
Saturated and monounsaturated (oleic) fatty acid concentration of lambs reared for meat production in Australia 
Eric N. Ponnampalam; Giri Khageswor; David W Pethick; David L. Hopkins;  
Effect of sex and dietary lecithin on eating quality of pork 
Henny Akit; Hyatt Frobose; Heather A. Channon; Darryl N. D’Souza; Frank R. Dunshea;  
A kinetic model to simulate the effect of cooking time-temperature on the gastric digestion of meat 
Kondjoyan A.; Daudin J.D.; S Portanguen; Aubry L.; V Santé-Lhoutellier;  

Session IX Genetics and Meat Quality 

Genome-wide mapping of loci affecting carcass predictive traits in Brazilian Nellore cattle 
Anirene G. T. Pereira; Yuri T. Utsunomiya; Márcio da S. Costa; José L.R. Sarmento; Curtis P. Van Tassell; Tad S. Sonstegard; José Fernando Garcia; Carmen Contreras-Castillo;  
Evaluation of carcass traits of Hereford steers through ultrasound in different native pasture: partial results 
Elen Nalério S.; Yokoo J. I. Marcos; Giongo Citieli; Cardoso L. Leandro; Kipper K. Djenifer; Faria M. Bruna; Genro M. C. Teresa;  
Genetic evaluation of the Texel breed in Uruguay: I. Carcass quality traits 
G. Ciappesoni; R. San Julian; E.A Navajas; D. Gimeno; E Gutierrez-Zamit; V. Goldberg.; Gustavo Brito;  
Expression of thyroid hormone-responsive protein (THRSP) is related to intramuscular fat in a F2-cross between Charolais and Holstein 
Katrin Komolka; Elke Albrecht; Christa Kühn; Klaus Wimmers; Steffen Maak;  
Effect of cross breeding with Hispano-Bretón and Burguete on productive parameter and dynamics of growth of “Galician Mountain” foals 
José M. Lorenzo; Daniel Franco; Santiago Crecente; María Victoria Sarriés; José Antonio Vázquez;  
A bovine muscle cell model system is an excellent tool when studying factors important for meat quality 
Sissel B. Rønning; Mona E. Pedersen; Petter V. Andersen; Kristin Hollung;  
Carcass characteristics of crossbreeding between Bos taurus and Bos indicus breeds in Uruguay. 
J Franco; D. Gimeno; O. Feed; O. Bentancur;  
Estimation of the weight of carcass tissues of growing pigs using computed tomography 
Maria Font-i-Furnols; Anna Carabús; Candido Pomar; Marina Gispert;  
Selection for intramuscular fat content and correlated responses on carcass and meat quality traits in rabbits 
M. Martínez-Álvaro; S. Agha; V. Juste; A. Blasco; P. Hernández;  
Pork quality from a genotype containing Moura breed slaughtered between 100 and 130 kg. 
Eduardo A. de Oliveira; Teresinha M. Bertol; Arlei Coldebella; Vicky Lilge Kawski; Elsio A. P. de Figueiredo; Melisa Fructuoso Machado; Marson Bruck Warsopechowski;  
Color, pH, drip loss, oxidative parameters and mineral content in Uruguayan Criollo lamb meat 
B. Mernies; A. Terevinto; A. Saadoun;  
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