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The future of healthful meat
D. T. Avery
Building food safety into the company culture
R. D. Huffman and Lone Jespersen
Meat and the environment-future directions
K. Wittenberg
Traceability system for slaughter of unmarked pigs
P. B. Andersen, R. Sørensen, B. Steenberg, L. Lykke, and N.T. Madsen

Session A. Meat nutritional composition and bioactives

Dynamics of the trans fatty acids content during storage of meat cans
A. B. Lisitsyn, V. B. Krylova, A. N. Ivankin and T. V. Gustova
Meat enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids against hyperlipidemia
I. M. Chernukha, L. V. Fedulova, N. S. Motylina and E. A. Kotenkova
Proteomic technologies for protein analysis in cooked sausage
I. M. Сhernukha, M .A. Kovaleva, A.V. Ivanov, L.I. Kovalev, E.V. Khryapova, S.S. Shishkin and N. L. Vostrikova
Effect of cooking method on the nutritional value of piemontese beef
A. Brugiapaglia and G. Destefanis
Antithrombin III from bovine skeletal muscle purification, characterisation and cellular location
H. M. Carlos, G. L. Blanca, H. M. Alejandro, A. L. Sergio, A. F. Gabriela, V.R. Lorena and M. F. Dora
Bioactive peptides isolated from enzymatic hydrolysate of catfish (Pangasius sutchi) skin gelatin
F. Mahmoodani, M. Ghassem, A. S. Babji and S. M. Yusop
Assessment of ACE inhibitory activity of thermolytic digest of catfish muscle protein
M. Ghassem, F. Mahmoodani, A. S. Babji and K. Arihara
Changes in the nutrient content of south african red meat
N. Hall and H. C. Schonfeldt
Relative bioavailability of iron of south African lean meat (beef, lamb, pork and chicken)
B. Pretorius, H. C. Schönfeldt, N. Gibson-Hall and E. C. Webb
Technological features and nutritive value of traditional Italian ham: the micronutrient profile
M. Lucarini, G. Saccani, L. D’Evoli, S. Tufi, A. Aguzzi, P. Gabrielli and G. Lombardi-Boccia
Serving a high meat protein lunch reduces subsequent energy intake at dinner: a randomised conducted in a real-life setting
U. Kehlet, P. B. Brockhoff, M. A. Tørngren and M. D. Aaslyng
Acceptability of beef enriched with n-3 and CLA fatty acids
M. Pérez-Juan, M. Vitale, M. Gil, M. Àngels Oliver, P. Albertí, M. Barahona, M. V. Sarriés and C. E. Realini
Isolation and identification of angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from enzymatic proteolysate of pork loin
K. H. Seol, D. I. Son, H. J. Kim, T. Prayad and M. Lee
A possibility to improve iodine and selenium content in the meat of Kacang goats
Z. A. Aghwan, A. Q. Sazili, A. R. Alimon, Y. M. Goh and M. A. Hilmi
Nutritional composition of Danish beef
U. Kehlet, M. T. Darré, K. Jensen, N. T. Madsen and L. Kristensen
Traditional Italian ham: recent trends in fat content and fatty acids profile
M. Lucarini, G. Saccani, L. D’Evoli, A. Aguzzi, P. Gabrielli, S. Tufi and G. Lombardi-Boccia
Updating the United States National Nutrient Database with nutrient data for eight cooked beef cuts
J. N. Martin, J. C. Brooks, L. D. Thompson, J. W. Savell, K. B. Harris, L. L. May, A. N. Haneklaus, J. L. Schutz, D. E. Woerner, K. E. Belk, T. Engle, J. F. Legako, A. M. Luna, L. W. Douglass, S. E. Douglass, K. Y. Patterson, J. Howe, M. Duvall, J. M. Holden and J. L. Leheska

Session B. Meat Quality general

Post-mortem fat injection improved palatability and value of beef longissimus lumborum steaks
L. D. Holmes, K. R. Brooks and T. E. Lawrence
Preliminary investigation of high resolution impedance spectroscopy for measuring shear force
D. L. Hopkins and D. Wang
Microstructure characterization of meat by quantitative MRI
J. L. Damez, S. Clerjon, R. Labas, J. Danon, F. Peyrin and J.M. Bonny
Vision based meat tracking
M. Hviid, M. E. Jørgensen and A. L. Dahl
Combining Warner-Bratzler and slice shear force in one steak using two different cooking methods
C. L. Lorenzen, Z. D. Callahan, R.M. Dolazza, Z.T. Robertson, K. E. Belk, R. K. Miller and J. B. Morgan
Non-invasive pH measurement early postmortem in porcine M. Semimembranosus using Raman spectroscopy
R. Scheier and H. Schmidt
In situ magnetic resonance imaging highlights local bovine meat structural changes during heating
M. Bouhrara, S. Clerjon, J.L. Damez and J.M. Bonny
Canadian beef tenderness survey 2001-2011
M. Juárez, M. Klassen, I. L. Larsen and J. L. Aalhus
Near infrared spectroscopy prediction of polyunsaturated fatty acids and biohydrogenation products in perirenal adipose tissue from cattle fed sunflower or flaxseed
N. Prieto, M.E.R. Dugan, O. López-Campos, J.L. Aalhus and B. Uttaro
Potential of near infrared spectroscopy to estimate meat quality attributes from cattle fed sunflower or flaxseed
N. Prieto, O. López-Campos, M. Juárez, J. L. Aalhus, M. E. R. Dugan and B. Uttaro
Meat colour stability in bison and beef
J. K. Galbraith, J. L. Aalhus, M. E. R. Dugan, I. L. Larsen, N. Aldai, M. Juárez, L. A. Goonewardene and E. K. Okine
National beef tenderness survey – 2010: shear-force values and sensory-panel ratings for U.S. retail and foodservice beef
M. R. Guelker, A. N. Haneklaus, J. C. Brooks, C. C. Carr, R. J. Delmore, D. B. Griffin, D. S. Hale, K. B. Harris, G. G. Hilton, D. D. Johnson, C. L. Lorenzen, R. J. Maddock, J. N. Martin, R. K. Miller, C. R. Raines, D. L. VanOverbeke, L. Vedral, B. E. Wasser and J. W. Savell
Contribution of quality and compositional traits to the characterization of Longissimus thoracis, Masseter, and Semitendinosus porcine muscles
C. E. Realini, M. Pérez-Juan, P. Gou, I. Díaz, C. Sárraga and J. A. García
Potential of PTR-TOF-MS for measuring the boar taint components: androstenone, skatole and indole
C. Borggaard, L. B. Christensen, M. Hviid and N. C. Kjaersgaard
South African beef quality audit
P. E. Strydom, L. Liebenberg, L. Mosimanyana and M. Hope-Jones
Use of post-slaughter technologies to enhance heavy lamb meat quality: pH response and variation
E. Pouliot, C. Gariépy, M. Thériault and F. W. Castonguay
Muscular fiber architecture and x-ray microanalysis of sheep offals
P. O. Fayemi and V. Muchenje
Recovering value from Canada B4 dark cutting beef carcasses
J. Holdstock, J. L. Aalhus, B. Uttaro, I. Larsen and H. L. Bruce
Defining carcass and meat quality standards for Canadian pork: meat colour
L. Maignel, M. P. Fortier, P. Lambert, L. Riendeau, S. Wyss and B. Sullivan
Using postmortem proteolysis and image texture features to predict beef tenderness
X. Sun, K. J. Chen, K. R. Maddock-Carlin, J. D. Magolski, C. A. Schwartz, W. L. Keller and E. P. Berg
Effect of electrical stimulation on the drop of pH and tenderness of meat from Zebu cattle
M. A.Tarsitano, A.M. Bridi, E. P. Fagan, F. C. Bolfe, A. B. M. R. Pinto, T. de A. B. Cardoso, N. Andreo, L. M. Peres, M. G. Antunes and D. S. T. Kawagoe
Evaluation of the myofibrillar fragmentation index: effect of protein determination and absorbance readings
A. R. Lobo-Jr., J. C. C. Balieiro, E. F. Delgado, S. L. Silva and D. S. Chaves
Effects of different feeding strategies on perimysial strength in cooked meat from adult Nellore females
D. A. Fausto, M. A. Rezende, A. L. J. Ferraz, P. P. Purslow, E. F. Delgado and G. L. D. Feijó
ATR-FTIR evaluation of important fatty acid profile in Japanese black cattle beef
K. Toyoda, M. Yamanoue, I. Ihara and X. P. Hu
Quality differences among beef m. longissimus dorsi of the Canada A, AA, AAA & Prime grades
J. A. Puente and H. L. Bruce
Beef sarcomere length after applying two “ideal” slaughter procedures
L. Frylinck, K. W. M. Kedibone, Y. Modika and P. E. Strydom
Molecular understanding of tenderness: a proteomics approach
K. Hollung and E. Veiseth-Kent

Session C. Animal genetics and meat quality

Adipose tissue-specific expression of lipogenic genes in different cattle breeds: relationship to fatty acid composition
L. Barton, D. Bures, T. Kott and D. Rehak
Potential to improve pork texture by means of breeding
G. Petca, H. Luther and M. Scheeder
Performance testing for androstenone, skatole and indole: a pivotal step towards genetically reducing boar taint
C. Baes, H. Luther, S.Mattei, S. Ampuero, X. Sidler, G. Bee, P. Spring, U. Weingartner, M. Scheeder and A. Hofer
Impact of chilling rate and halothane genotype on the frequency of PSE-like zones and the processing yields of hams
A. Vautier, E. Gault, T. Lhommeau, J.L. Vendeuvre and B. Minvielle
Eating quality of five different pig crossbreeds using sensory and consumer science
M. D. Aaslyng and L. Meinert
Argentine beef quality: influence of the slaughterhouse, breed and ageing time
M. E. Cossu, A. B. Picallo, J. J. G. Naón, A. Schor, F. M. B. Rozen, M. L. Lamanna, D.Colombatto, H. von Bernard and S. Moisá
Evaluation of single nucleotide polymorphisms in glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors on meat quality, neuroendocrine and metabolic traits
M. D. Poleti, B. Silva, C. T. Moncau, V. A. M. Silva, A. F. Rosa and J. C. de C. Balieiro
Relationship between dietary n-6/n-3 and Δ5-, Δ6-desaturase protein expression in bovine muscles
T. D. Turner, O. Doran and M. A. McNiven
Gilts selected for low residual feed intake have potential for decreased protein degradation
S. M. Cruzen, A. J. Harris, K. Hollinger, J. T. Selsby, N. K. Gabler, S. M. Lonergan and E. Huff-Lonergan
Control of boar taint by using genetic markers: a single nucleotide polymorphism in the CYP2E1 gene promoter affects skatole content
D. Mörlein, M. Lungershausen, K. Steinke, A. R. Sharifi and C. Knorr
Genetic marker effects for quality traits in commercial beef from Mexico
S. Alfaro, L. M. S. Rubio, M. Parra, M. D. Méndez, L. C. Perez, S. F. Figueroa, E. A. Sánchez, G. Torrescano, R. F. G. Ríos, V. D. Braña, A. Sifuentes, W. Arellano, R. E. F Macedo and P. Jimenez
Influence of genotype on physico-chemical parameters of Celta pigs from an extensive production system
D. Franco, R. M. González-Rodríguez, R. Bermúdez, M. Pateiro, J. A. Carril and J. M. Lorenzo
Effect of genotype and time on feed on color, marbling and shear force of Mexican beef
H. P. Jiménez, L. M. S Rubio, Z. S. Alfaro, M. D. Méndez, F. Figueroa Saavedra, C. Perez Linares, A. Sánchez Escalante, G. Torrescano, R. F. G. Ríos, R. E. F. Macedo and V. D. Braña
Analysis of gene expression in porcine M. Semimembranosus divergent in intra-muscular fat content
R. M. Hamill, O. Aslan, A. M. Mullen, J.V. O’Doherty, J. McBryan, D.G. Morris and T. Sweeney
Eating quality of lamb meat from three different breed-types raised in Brazil
R. de P. P. Fernandes, C. A. Mônaco, M. de F. Ronca, C. da C. Carrer, R. Firetti, M. T. de A. Freire and M. A. Trindade
mRNA abundance of selected genes in the loin muscle of pigs with divergent carcass and meat quality traits
M. F. Palin, C. Gariépy, S. Méthot, D. Beaudry, S. Cliche, C. Leblanc, F. Fortin, M. Jafarikia, L. Maignel, S. Wyss and B. Sullivan
Effect of breed on proximate composition and fatty acid composition of meat from Italian cattle
D. M. Zilio, M. Contò, S. Ballico, A. Ficco and S. Failla
Predictive ability of genomics for estimating intramuscular fat content in Canadian Duroc pigs
M. Jafarikia, F. Schenkel, F. Fortin, L. Maignel, S. Wyss and B. Sullivan
Relationship of single nucleotide polymorphism in the vitamin d-binding protein and calpastatin genes with calcium metabolism and meat tenderness for Nellore cattle
A. R. Lobo-Jr., J. C. C. Balieiro, H. Fukumasu, M. D. Poleti and S. L. Silva
Strip loin steak differences from different beef genotypes
M.E. Semler, C.R. Calkins and G.E. Erickson
µ-Calpain gene knockdown of muscle satellite cells using pSilencer vector
M. Pandurangan, H. V. Ba, D. Jeong, B. Y.Park, S. H. Cho and I. Hwang
Maligant hyperthermia gene status of pigs in South Africa
P. Soma, E. van Marle-Koster and L. Frylinck
Proteome changes of beef in Nellore cattle (Bos indicus) with different genotypes for tenderness
A. F. Rosa, J. P. Eler, M. D. Poleti, C. T. Moncau, V. A. M. Silva, S. L. e Silva, F. M. Moraes, M. A. Trindade and J. C. C. Balieiro

Session D. Impact of production practices on meat quality

Relationships between intramuscular collagen content and age at slaughter, growth promotants and breed cross
H. L. Bruce, I. Girard, I. Larsen, J. Basarab and J. L. Aalhus
Enhancing pork product quality and consistency: a pathway approach
D.N. D’Souza, M. Trezona, F. R. Dunshea and B.P. Mullan
Effect of age on carcass and cut composition of South African beef carcasses
H. C. Schonfeldt and P. E. Strydom
Effect of leptin genotype and zilpaterol hydrochloride administration on the carcass characteristics of finishing steers
T. McEvers, C. Dorin, M. Jalenski, J. Berg, G. Royan, J. Hutcheson, G. Appleyard, W. Torres, M. Brown and T. Lawrence
Sensory and physico-chemical traits in wild and cultured European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)
B. Žlender, L. Gašperlin, M. Skvarča, T. Polak, M. Lušnic, J. Renko and J. Pohar
Effect of ractopamine and immunocastration on pork quality
O. A. D. Costa, N. B. Athayde, R. O. Roça, G. J. M. M. Lima, A. L. Guidoni, L. S. Lopes, L.V. C. Girão, C. de Oliveira, C. L. Carlos and G. S. Guidoni
Carcass and meat characterization of Holstein-Friesian cull cows
M. Pateiro, R.M. González-Rodríguez, R. Bermúdez, J. M. Lorenzo, L. García, T. Moreno and D. Franco
Effect of growth rate of steers on carcass shear force values
K. A. Perz, J. A. Boles, K. C. Davis, M. C. Meyers and R. L. Endecott
Beta-adrenergic agonist effects on the fresh and cooked meat properties of aged longissimus lumborum steaks from calf-fed Holstein steers
J. N. Martin, A. J. Garmyn, M. F. Miller, J. M. Hodgen, K. D. Pfeiffer, C. L. Thomas, D. A. Yates, J. P. Hutcheson and J. C. Brooks
Reducing age at harvest: toward maximizing efficiency in beef production
Ó. López-Campos, M. Juárez, V. S. Baron, J.L. Aalhus, E. K. Okine, K. Haugen-Kozyra and J. A. Basarab
Chemical composition, meat color, shear force, cooking loss, water holding capacity and fatty acids of Holstein steer beef by different fattening periods
S. Cho, G. Kang, P. Seong, K. Ki, Y. Kim, S. Kang, J. Kim, C. J. Kim and B. Park
Influence of ractopamine and immunological castration on pork bellies characteristics and bacon yield
L. C. C. Silva, A. F. Iocca, R. Darros-Barbosa and E. T. F. Silveira
Color stability of fresh pork chops and palatability traits of enhanced loins from immunocastrated barrows
K. A. Jones, A. L. Schroeder and A. C. Dilger
Effects of immunocastration and ractopamine on pork sausage
B. R. C. Costa Lima, A. C. V. C. S. Canto, M. M. H. Haguiwara, E. A. Yamada, J. C. Andrade, L. W. Abreu, E. T. F. Silveira and T. J. P. Silva
Consumption of beef from cattle administered estrogenic growth promotants does not result in premature puberty and obesity using the swine model
J. D. Magolski, G. M. Anderson, N. W. Shappell, K. A. Vonnahme and E. P. Berg
Does ractopamine interact with immunological castration on pork lean and fat quantities?
A. Martins, R. Formighieri, D. S. Lucas, L. C. C. Silva, E. T. F. Silveira, S. R. Oliveira, J. C. C. Balieiro and P. E. de Felício

Session E. Animal diet and meat quality

Effect of supplementation with Acacia karroo leaves on growth and meat quality of Xhosa goats under artificial haemonchosis
U. Marume, M. Chimonyo, V. Muchenje and K. Dzama
Effects of beef fat, soybean oil or krabok oil in broiler diets on body composition
S. Wongsuthavas, M. Wanapat, C. Yuangklang, K. Vasupen, K. Nugboon and A. C. Beynen
Sensory analysis and fatty acid profile of beef from Nellore cattle finished with cottonseed byproduct
A. Polizel Neto, R. O. Roça, R.H. Branco, S. F. M. Bonilha and E. N. Andrade
Effect of feeding plan and genotype on fatty acid composition of veal
A. Brugiapaglia, G. Destefanis and C. Lussiana
Different dietary protein- and PUFA level affects lipogenic protein expression and fatty acid concentrations in porcine muscle
D. Dannenberger, K. Nuernberg, G. Nuernberg and A. Priepke
Sensory characteristics of meat from Holstein Friesian cull cows: effect of feeding and finishing
M.C. García-Fontán, A. Cachaldora and G. García
Eating quality of Holstein bull calves fed only grass or only herbs matches that of concentrate-fed veal calves
M. Therkildsen, S. K. Jensen and M. Vestergaard
Meat quality of Canchim breed steers fed fresh or ensiled sugarcane
R. T. Nassu, R. R. Tullio, A. Berndt, A. M. Pedroso and A. F. Pedroso
Relationships of trans-18:1 isomers between red blood cells and beef tissues in steers fed red clover silage with/without flaxseed
C. Mapiye, M. E. R. Dugan, T.nD. Turner, D.nC. Rolland, J. A. Basarab, V. S. Baron, T. A. McAllister, H. C. Block, B. Uttaro and J. L. Aalhus
Sensory analysis of beef from crossbred animals finished on pasture or feedlot
R. T. Nassu, R. R. Tullio, A. Berndt and M. M. Alencar
Influence of protein source on lamb muscle fatty acid profile and rapid quantification of c9,t11-CLA
T. D. Turner, L. Karlsson, C. Mapiye, D.C. Rolland, K. Martinsson and M. E. R. Dugan
Finishing on small-grain winter annuals or alfalfa pasture: I. Animal performance, carcass, physical and sensory quality of beef
A. J. Pordomingo, A. B. Pordomingo, F. J Babinec, G. Grigioni and F. Carduza
Finishing on small-grain winter annuals or alfalfa pasture: II. Lipid profiles of beef
A. J. Pordomingo, A. B. Pordomingo, F. J Babinec and T. P. García
Effects of various concentrated feed on carcass quality of the Taiwanese buffalo
R. Sakata, C. Y. Lin, T. C. Wan, H. Y. Kuo and L. C. Lin
Impacts of a winery waste supplemented finishing ration on the sensory and chemical characteristics of beef
P. E. Moote, J. S. Church, K. S. Schwartzkopf-Genswein and J. D. Van Hamme
Breed effect on trans-18:1, conjugated linoleic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid profile of veal meat produced in mountain areas of Northern Spain
N. Aldai, P. Lavín, J. K.G. Kramer, R. Jaroso and A. R. Mantecón
The influence of garlic powder and inorganic copper in chicken feed on breast meat quality
N. Džinić, Lj. Petrović, M. Jokanović , V. Tomović, Dj. Okanović, T. Tasić and P. Ikonić
Microbial oxycarotenoids in broiler chicken rearing
E. H. G. Ponsano, S. V. Avanço, T. L. M. Grassi, M. C. S. Minello, E. F. E. Santo, M. F. Pinto and M. Garcia-Neto
Effect of medicinal plants and probiotics on thiobarbituric acid value in broiler chicken meat
M. S. K. Sarker, M. F. Sharmin, K. S. Huque and C.J. Yang
Influence of condensed tannin on beef stability in Nellore bulls fed high concentrate diet
R. Mezzomo, P. V. R Paulino, N. F. F. Soares, D. F. Baffa, M. S. Duarte, M. M. Barbosa, T. S. Martins and L. H. P. Silva
Fatty acid composition of intramuscular fat of lambs fed different lipids sources
M. R. F. Guizzo, P. E. Felicio, G. Aferri, B. Utembergue, S. B. Pflanzer and A. S. C. Pereira
Improvement of physicochemical quality of fresh pork loin during storage by natural polyphenol diet supplementation
M.P. Fortier, F. Guay and L. Saucier
Effect of feeding standards on meat quality and growth performance of broiler chicken
P. Ganzaya, M. Kadowaki and S. Fujimura
Qualitative traits of meat from lambs fed in nature or hydrolyzed sugarcane
V. Endo, A. G. Silva Sobrinho, F. A. Almeida, N. L. L. Lima, G. M. Manzi, L. G. A. Cirne, V. T. Santana and N. M. B. L. Zeola
Effect of fat sources on carcass characteristics and fatty acid deposition in longissimus dorsi muscle of goats
C. Yuangklang, M. Phonvisay, T. Varlaphim, K. Vasupen, S. Bureenok, S. Wongsuthavas, P. Panyakaew, P. Paengkoum and C. Wachirapkorn

Session F. Carcass composition

Is intermuscular fat responsible for proportional fat growth in female and surgical castrate finisher pigs?
R. J. E. Hewitt
Vision based classification and payment of broilers
C. Claudi-Magnussen
Evaluation of intramuscular fat content in cattle by molecular and imaging techniques
I. Anton, A. Zsolnai, I. Holló and G. Holló
Evaluation of carcass composition of cattle genotypes by use of computed tomography (CT) data of rib joints
G. Holló, T. Somogyi, I. Repa, I. Holló and I. Anton
The use of pig carcass grading devices and computer tomography for predicting lean meat in the carcass and the main joints
M. Gispert and M. Font i Furnols
Body composition evaluated by computer tomography and allometric growth of viscera and organs in pigs from 30 to 120 kg
M. Font-i-Furnols, A. Carabús, A. Brun, C. Francàs and M. Gispert
Fat and muscle allometric growth of different pig genotypes evaluated in vivo with computed tomography from 30 to 120 kg
M. Font-i-Furnols, A. Carabús, A. Brun, C. Francàs, P. R. and M. Gispert
Use of objective carcass conformation measurements to estimate red meat yield in calf-fed dairy type steers
A. H. Voyles and T. E. Lawrence
Comparison of product yield for entire males and castrate pigs based on CT-scanning
N. C. Kjaersgaard and M. Hviid
Association of beef carcass yield attributes to the probability of grading AAA or better
T. C. Tennant and T. E. Lawrence
Fat estimation of ripened loin and shoulder of pork using digital image analysis
E. Novelli, S. Balzan, F. Blaas, L. Fasolato, F. Montemurro and E. Sturaro
Assessment of fat and lean content in Italian heavy green hams by means of on-line non-invasive techniques
N. Simoncini, R. Virgili, C. Schivazappa, A. Pinna, A. Rossi, J. Álvarez and J. M. Rodriguez
Predicting lean yield of Canadian cull cows
A. Rodas-González, M. Juárez, W. M. Robertson, I. L. Larsen and J. L. Aalhus
Carcasses from Texel and Suffolk sired lambs resulted in similar wholesale cut yield
K. S. Kohlbeck, J. A. Boles, L. M. Surber, and R. W. Kott

Session G. Postmorten effects on meat quality and biochemistry

Latest trends in beef maturation – dry-aged versus wet-aged beef
R. Lautenschlaeger
Comparison of electrical and mechanical stunning methods on carcass and meat quality of pork
P. H. G. Jayamini De Silva, D. C. A. Kalubowila and M. P. B. Wijayagunawardane
Characterization of proteolysis during meat aging in Nellore castrated cattle
V. A. M. Silva, C. T. Moncau, M. D. Poleti, A. F. Rosa, F. M. Moraes, S. L. Silva and J. C. de C. Balieiro
Early activation of μ-calpain could limit ageing potential of ovine M. longissimus
Y. H. B Kim, G. Luc and K. Rosenvold
Effect of duration and temperature of previous vacuum-packed storage on the oxidative stability of Belgian Blue meat packed in high-oxygen atmosphere
P. H. Imazaki, A. Tahiri, J. Thimister, M. L. Scippo and A. Clinquart
Meat quality and calpastatin quantification of Thai native bovine muscles
P. Tavitchasri, P. Uaphattanaphong, N. Ngamyeesoon and J. Sethakul
Confirmation of myosin heavy chain isoforms in porcine longissimus muscle by gel electrophoresis and MALD-ITOF/TOF mass spectrometry
G. D. Kim, E. Y. Jung, H. J. Lim, J. Y. Park, J. Y. Jeong, H. S. Yang and S. T Joo
The effect of electrical stimulation on post mortem myofibrillar protein degradation and αβ-crystallin kinetics in bull beef
C. J. Contreras-Castillo, G. Wu, D. Lomiwes and M. M. Farouk
Aitchbone hanging or ageing for 7 days improves pork eating quality
H. A. Channon, D. N. D’Souza, M. R. Taverner and R. D. Warner
Change in color stability of lamb: fresh vs. aged meat
E. N. Ponnampalam, K. L. Butler, V. F. Burnett, M. B. McDonagh, J. L. Jacobs and D. L. Hopkins
Indirect estimate of metmyoglobin in lamb meat under different modified atmosphere systems
R. de P. P. Fernandes, M. T. de A. Freire, A. F. Rosa, J. C. de C. Balieiro and M. A. Trindade
Effect of electrical stimulation, age of the animal and extreme ageing on tenderness and water holding capacity of beef loin muscles
M. Hope-Jones, P. E. Strydom and E. Maholisa
Functional proteomic analysis predicts tenderness in bull Nellore meat
C. T. Moncau, V. A. M. Silva, M. D. Poleti, A. F. Rosa, F. M. Moraes, M. A. Trindade and J. C. C. Balieiro
Effect of aging days on tenderness and myofibrillar protein degradation of five muscles from Hanwoo bull with different quality grade
G. Kang, B. Park, J. Kim, S. Cho, P. Seong, D. Jeong, Y. Kim, S. Kang, K. Park and D. Kim
Effects of genomics and post-slaughter treatment on ageing beef colour
L. Frylinck, K. Y. Modika, P. H. Heinze and P. E. Strydom
Effects of storage temperature on meat quality of hot-boned duck breast muscle
H. W. Kim, S. H. Lee, H. Y. Kim, J. H. Choe, K. E. Hwang, J. H. Park and C. J. Kim
The effect of temperature and time on activity of calpains and lysosomal enzymes and degradation of desmin in porcine longissimus muscle
P. Ertbjerg, L. S. Christiansen, A. B. Pedersen and L. Kristensen
Electrophoretic characterization of the muscle proteins of poultry
P. T. Figueira, P. R. R. Ramos and R. O. Roça
Calpastatin activity and muscle protein degradation in weanling calves and cull cows
P. V. R. Paulino, S. M. Cruzen, E. Steadham, N. T. Santos, S. M. Lonergan and E. Huff-Lonergan
Ageing effects in meat quality traits on different muscles of cull cows
D. A. Fausto, M. A. Rezende, A. L. J. Ferraz, G. de M. Souza, E. F. Delgado and G. L. D. Feijó
Factors leading to aroma of cooked beef: effect of different sexes and ageing days
D. Jeong, H. V. Ba, D. Dashdorj, B. Y. Park, S. H. Cho and I. Hwang

Session H. Animal stress and welfare

Does the height of transport boxes influence turkey welfare during road transport?
M. Honkavaara and S. Mänttäri
Documentation of animal welfare of pigs on the day of slaughter
M. D. Aaslyng, L. O. Blaabjerg and P. Brandt
Perimortem muscle biochemistry in an animal model of acute stress
D. G. Pighin, S. A. Cunzolo, M. Zimerman, E. Domingo, A. A. Pazos and G. Grigioni
The effect of water sprinkling on blood lactate and meat quality of market hogs transported during summer
E. Nannoni, T. Widowski, S. Torrey, J. Fox, L. M. Rocha, J.A. Brown, H. W. Gonyou, A.V. Weschenfelder, T. Crowe and L. Faucitano
Use of blood lactate as an indicator of response to handling stress in beef cattle
J. A. Boles, M. C. Meyers, K. A. Perz, K. C. Davis and K. S. Kohlbeck
Electrical and CO2 exposure methods to stun or kill broilers at slaughter: what’s the influence on meat characteristics?
M. F. Pinto, J. P. Nicolau, E. H. G. Ponsano and M. Garcia-Neto
Biomarker for assessing pregnancy in slaughtered ewes at the abattoir
P. O. Fayemi and V. Muchenje
Effects of temperament on carcass and meat quality characteristics of Nelore cattle
C. L. Francisco, A. M. Jorge, F. D. Resende, J. M. B. Benatti and R. F. Cooke
Hand-held lactate analyzer as a tool for the real-time measurement of blood lactate during slaughter and pork quality prediction
L.M. Rocha, A. Dionne, P. P. Martin, S. Pommier, L. Saucier, P. Mattanna, R. Formighieri, E. Nannoni and L. Faucitano
Influence of pre-harvest stress and slaughter technique on beef quality: preliminary results
N. S. Hayes, B. T. Klinkner, R. L. Miller and R. J. Maddock
Use of electroencephalogram technology to determine the state of market hog consciousness
B. T. Klinkner, R. L. Miller, R. B. A. Dahlen, L. Bergamasco and D. J. Newman
Physiological responses and feedlot performance associated with temperament in Nelore steers
C. L. Francisco, A. M. Jorge, F. D. Resende, J. M. B. Benatti and R. F. Cooke
Cattle with flighty temperaments have increased muscle glycogen in the longissimus thoracis et lumborum at slaughter compared to calm cattle
S. V. Coombes, D. W. Pethick, G. E. Gardner and P. McGilchrist

Session I. Meat chemistry and biochemistry general

Formation of free 3-MCPD during barbecueing of meat
K. Schallschmidt, A. Hitzel, M. Pöhlmann, F. Schwägele, K. Speer and W. Jira
Lactate-modulated beef mitochondrial oxygen consumption influences oxymyoglobin
R. Ramanathan, R. A. Mancini, P. Joseph and S. P. Suman
A new method and index for quantifying proteolysis intensity in dry-cured ham
R. Harkouss, H. Safa, P. S. Mirade and P. Gatellier
Determination of the myoglobin states in beef using reflectance spectra and multivariate regression
T. Isaksson, M. Khatri, M. Bjelanovic, O. Sørheim, E. Slinde and B. Egelandsdal
31P NMR studies of tripolyphosphate hydrolysis by purified pyrophosphatase and tripolyphosphatase in bovine semitendinosus muscle
H. G. Jin, K. H. Wan, Z. Q. Peng, Z. Z. Sun, Y. W. Zhang and Y. Yao
Preliminary study on fat crystal properties of pig carcass using Raman spectroscopy
M. Motoyama, K. Chikuni and K. Sasaki
Analysis of free omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in beef by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry
W. R. Archambault, J. S. Church, J. Swift and K. K. Donkor
Effect of transglutaminase on the properties of heat-induced gel of mixed actomyosin from culled hen and fish
T. Iwasaki, T. Watanabe, N. Moriya, Y. Funatsu and K. Yamamoto
Effects of acidifiers, pH and microorganisms on the formation of zinc protoporphyrin IX in pork homogenate
H. Kawazoe, A. Shiraishi, G. Parolari, T. Nishimura and J. Wakamatsu
Modeling of cured meat colour formation using genetic algorithm and artificial neural network
N. Soltanizadeh1, M. Kadivar, S. Behbahani and D. Semnani
The difference between the chemical structure of nitrosoheme and nitrosomyoglobin
N. Soltanizadeh and M. Kadivar
Rheological properties of chitosan and its interaction with myofibrillar proteins as influenced by chitosan’s molecular weight and concentration
K. W. Lin and Y. H. Lee
Stabilizing color of ground beef in high and low oxygen atmospheres using added Krebs cycle ingredients
E. Slinde, M. B. Bjelanovic, Ø. Langsrud, T. Isaksson, O. Sørheim, V.T. Phung and B. Egelandsdal
Occurrence of carcinogenic heterocyclic aromatic amines in fried chicken breasts
M. Gibis and J. Weiss
Effect of treatment with the enzyme actinidin on the functional properties of common carp proteins
M. Aminlari, N. Karimi and M. Moosavinasab
Physicochemical analysis of different types of cuts of beef meat and poultry
O. A. Martins, L. B. S. Nunes, M. V. Rodrigues, T. L. B. Spina, C. V. Zuim, R. O. Roça and G. F. Biondi
Differences in thermostable protein profile of goat skeletal muscle as observed by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
A. Q. Sazili, S. A. Sarah, S. A. Karsani, A. Ismail and N. F. K. Mokhtar
Analysis of the nitrite contents in domestic and imported meat products of Republic of Korea
N. Park, J. Park, J. Park, S. J. Yoon, S. Song and S. Wee
Expression of calcium channels and apoptosis-related factors in PSE meat
B. Guo, W. G. Zhang, Y. Yin, F. Huang and G. H. Zhou
Histochemical and biochemical characteristics of four major muscles of the ham
M. Carlier, J. L. Martin, A. Vautier, E. Gault, L. Bombrun, O. Burton, O. Loison, J. Danon, V. Santé-Lhoutellier and T. Astruc
Gelling characteristics of lentil proteins and their contribution to a porcine myofibrillar system
G. P. Hong, J. P. D. Wanasundara, M. T. Nickerson and P. J. Shand

Session J. Lipid and protein oxidation in fresh and processed meats

Potentially toxic linoleic acid oxidation primary products in comminuted poultry meat
T. Püssa and P. Toomik
Oxidation desensitizes actomyosin to pyrophosphate-induced dissociation but facilitates myosin crosslinking by microbial transglutaminase
Y. L. Xiong, C. Q. Li and Z. L. Liu
Preliminary study to test rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) as a natural antioxidant applied to ostrich meat patties and Italian type salami
M. Cullere, A. Dalle Zotte and L.C. Hoffman
Meat protein aggregation: first investigations on the role of the lipid oxidation product, 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal
M. Gobert, T. Sayd, P. Gatellier and V. Santé-Lhoutellier
Antioxidant activity of porcine liver protein hydrolysates
H. C. Yu, D. C. Liu, A. Wanangkarn, W. Chumngoen, S. P. Chi and F. J. Tan
Effect of natural and synthetic antioxidants on physico-chemical characteristics of liver pâté
R.M. González-Rodríguez, M. Pateiro, R. Bermúdez, J.M. Lorenzo and D. Franco
Antioxidant status of the meat from bulls and steers
A. A. Silva, M. P. De Melo, S. L. Silva, P. G. Lins, S. M. Pugine, N. R. Amaral and M. V. Taniguchi
Protein oxidation and color stability in meat aged under aerobic conditions from bull and steer
A. A. Silva, M. P. De Melo, S. L. Silva, P. G. Lins, A. R. Lobo-Jr., R. P. P. Fernandes, N. R. Amaral, M. V. Taniguchi and N. P. Lopes
The effect of thyme essential oil on some quality characteristics of chicken meats
H. Yetim, L. Ekici, I. Ozturk, O. Sagdic and F. Tornuk
Characteristics of enzymatic antioxidant capacity of longissimus dorsi muscles in yak
W. Wen, T. Wang, X. Luo, B. Xia, T. An, P. Gao and Q. Sun
Antioxidant enzyme activity, ferric reducing/antioxidant power and ABTS radical cation scavenging activity in Hanwoo (Korean cattle) beef muscles
S. M. Kang, G. Kang, P. Seong, S. Jung, H. Kim, B. Park and S. Cho
Is nutritional enrichment of omega-3 fatty acid in meat a concern for quality deterioration by lipid oxidation?
E. N. Ponnampalam, V. F. Burnett, S. Norng, D. L. Hopkins, J. L. Jacobs and F. R. Dunshea
Effect of mechanically deboned chicken meat hydrolysates on the gel properties, water-holding capacity and DPPH radical scavenging activity of fried fish paste
G. D. Kim, E. Y. Jung, H. W. Seo, H. J. Lim, J. Y. Park, S. T. Joo and H. S. Yang
The use of persimmon peel extracts as a natural antioxidant in raw ground meat against lipid and protein oxidation
J. H. Choe, H. Y. Kim, H. W. Kim, K. E. Hwang, Y. J. Kim, Y. K. Ham and C. J. Kim
The effect of packaging method on lipid oxidation of traditional dry fermented sausage (Petrovská klobása)
Lj. Petrović, B. Šojić, T. Tasić, N. Džinić, S. Škaljac, M. Jokanović and P. Ikonić
Effect of different cooking methods on the antioxidant potential of artichoke (Cynara scolymus l.) by-product extracts in beef patties
H. Ergezer, T. Akcan and M. Serdaroglu
Characteristics of beef restructured with antioxidant and canola oil during storage
M. R. F. Lopes, A. S. C. Pereira, S. H. Hajaj, M. R. Mazalli, M. D. Belo and J. C. C. Balieiro
Inhibition of glutathione peroxidase and the effect on lipid and myoglobin oxidation in beef
U. Pastsart, E. Claeys and S. De Smet
Protein oxidation in beef m. triceps brachii roasts due to high oxygen packaging
L. S. Senaratne-Lenagala, C. R. Calkins and K. A. Varnold
Guava and beetroot residues extracts as natural antioxidants in cooked chicken meat stored in aerobic and vacuum packaging
V. G. Packer, M. M. Selani, F. P. Spada and C. J. Contreras-Castillo
Antioxidant action of Ganghwayakssuk (Artemisia princeps pamp.) in combination with ascorbic acid to increase the oxidative stability in raw chicken nuggets
K. E. Hwang, J. H. Choe, H. W. Kim, D. H. Song, Y. S. Choi and C. J. Kim
Application of green tea extract as an antioxidant and extends shelf-life in raw beef steak
K. Pilasombut, N. Ngamyeesoon and M. Teerarak

Session K. Value added meats, packaging and thermal processing

A mimetic model to study the effect of meat compounds on protein modifications during heating
A. Promeyrat, J.D. Daudin, J. Danon, M. Gobert and P. Gatellier
Optimum oven cooking procedure to improve palatability and colour attributes for beef inside rounds
A. Rodas-González, I. L. Larsen, B. Uttaro, L. L. Gibson, J. Parslow, M. Juárez and J. L. Aalhus
Effect of restructured beef steak on quality characteristics with different binding agents during frozen storage
H. W. Seo, G. D. Kim, S. T. Joo and H. S. Yang
Effects of various curing process on quality characteristics of chicken breast bulgogi with chicken gelatin and wheat fiber
H.Y. Kim, J. H. Choe, H. W. Kim and C. J. Kim
Application of PCR and SYBR green qPCR assays for the identification and quantification of chicken meat under different cooking conditions
L. Lakzadeh, S. Hosseinzadeh, S. S. Shekarforoush and M. Fazeli
The effects of marinating with commercial vinegars on the quality characteristics of biceps femoris muscle on Hanwoo
P. N. Seong, J. H. Kim, S. H. Cho, G. H. Kang, B. Y. Park, K. M. Park, D. H. Kim and D. Jeong
Application of binders constituted with pig plasma, whey protein concentrate and egg white powder in restructured pork chops
D. C. Liu, C. P. Lin, F. R. Tan and J. H. Liu
Effect of oyster shell calcium powder on quality properties of restructured pork ham
J. H. Lee, J. S. Choi, K.S. Lee, J.H. Kim, S. H. Lee, S. H. Choi and Y. I. Choi
Evaluation of alternative packaging methods for retail beef cuts
P. E. Strydom and M. Hope-Jones
Effect of meat type and cooking method on cooking yields
J. M. Roseland, J. R. Williams, M. Duvall, B. Showell, K. Y. Patterson, J. C. Howe and J. M. Holden
A laboratory tumbler simulator – salt penetration improvement due to meat mechanical treatment
D. Sharedeh, R. Favier, J. M. Auberger, S. Portanguen and J. D. Daudin
Ohmic cooking effects on beef meatballs
G. Yildiz-Turp, I. Y. Sengun, F. Icier, E. H. Arserim and G. Kor
Tenderness and oxidative stability of beef in vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging
P. R. Santos, C. J. Contreras-Castillo, C. M. Donado-Pestana, M. A. Almeida and E. F. Delgado
Purge losses in fresh beef biceps femoris roasts injected with plant based proteolytic enzymes
A. Slinde, P. Shand and H. L. Bruce

Session L. Meat safety and microbiology

Nitrosylmyoglobin formation in raw pork batters without nitrite addition: role of Staphylococcus xylosus fermentation
B. H. Kong, P. J. Li, D. M. Zheng and Q. Chen
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and phenolic substances in cold smoked sausages depending on smoking conditions using smoldering smoke
A. Hitzel, M. Pöhlmann, F. Schwägele, K. Speer and W. Jira
Biogenic amines and quality characteristics of Chinese-style sausage implanted in rice bran bed fermented by lactic acid bacteria
H. C. Lee and K. J. Lin
How to make safe, juicy and rose beef patties for the food service sector
A. Gunvig, T. Jacobsen and M. A. Tørngren
Determination of microbiological and chemical quality of burdur şiş köfte collected from the fast food restaurants in Burdur, Turkey
E. Ozmen, A. Simsek and B. Kilic
Efficacy of interventions during primary processing on contamination of beef carcasses with Escherichia coli: a systematic review-meta-analysis
J. Greig, L. Waddell, B. Wilhelm, W. Wilkins, O. Bucher, S. Parker and A. Rajić
Veal calf cleanliness: rating methods to meet the needs of the French veal calf industry
T. Lefebvre, L. Bartolo and C. Martineau
Use of hot water shrinkage of cooked ham to control Listeria monocytogenes
E. J. Delgado, L. del C. Sierra, E. I. Quiñones, O. Rodas, M. S. Rubio and A. Chairéz
Shelf-life extension of pork meatballs by selected Thai culinary herb and spice extracts
K.O. Nugboon and K. O. Intarapichet
Effects of shearing on lamb carcass contamination
S.J. Hauge, O. Nafstad, O.J. Røtterud and T. Nesbakken
Effects of mild heat treatments on numbers of survivors of generic and verotoxigenic Escherichia coli from beef enrichment cultures
X. Q. Yang, M. Badoni and C. O. Gill
Sources of microbiological contamination on beef from carcasses dressed without decontamination at a small packing plant
M. K. Youssef, X. Q. Yang, M. Badoni and C. O. Gill
Inhibition of foodborne pathogens in no-nitrate or nitrite-added bacon brine formulations
A. N. Gipe, E. W. Mills, K. B. Kephart, C. R. Raines, and C. N. Cutter
Examining the genetic basis for allyl isothiocyanate resistance in E.coli O157:H7
R. P. Cordeiro and R. A. Holley
Antibiotic and allyl isothiocyanate resistance amoung enterococci isolated from fermented dry sausages
M. Jahan and R. A. Holley
Gas production by psychrotolerant Clostridia associated with ‘blown pack’ spoilage of vacuum packaged beef
M. K. Youssef, X. Q. Yang, C. O. Gill and Ó. López-Campos
Emerging technologies for detection of foreign bodies
L. B. Christensen, K. H. G. Nielsen and M. S. Nielsen
Virulence characterization of Escherichia coli O157:H7 isolated from fecal samples and beef carcasses in Mexico
C. Narváez-Bravo, M. F. Miller, A. Rodas-González, M. A. Calle, M. T. Brashears, A. Echeverry, M. Aslam and M. M. Brashears
Study on preservation of raw meat by organic acids separately and combination
T. T. Phan, L. B. Nguyen and S. H. L. Le
Comparison of primary growth curves of Listeria monocytogenes in vacuum-packaged chilled constant temperature
K. P. Ye, Y. Jiang, X. L. Xu and G. H. Zhou
Chitosan and lysozyme as components of biocomposite edible coatings
A. Zimoch, A. Jarmoluk and K. Marycz
The use of argon cold plasma for surface meat decontamination
N. Ulbin-Figlewicz, A. Zimoch and A. Jarmoluk
Listeria species of public health significance among buffaloes slaughtered in Nagpur city of Central India
N. N. Fade, S. J. Bharate, S. P. Chanudhari, S. V. shinde, W. A. Khan and A. R. Patil
Effect of post-packaging steam pasteurization on quality and consumer acceptance of fully cooked vacuum-packaged sliced turkey breast
Z. Pietrasik, D. L. Pierce, J. Zhang and L. M. McMullen
The spoilage microflora of Canadian retail beef steaks
M. Badoni, S. Rajagopal, J. L. Aalhus, M. A. Klassen and C. O. Gill
Determination of the effect of glutathione on bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria using LC/MS
A. Swetwiwathana, Y. Masuda, T. Zendo, J. Nakayama and K. Sonomoto
Escherichia coli sentenced to death by heat stress: reaching out for the last functional genes
A. Guernec, P. Robichaud-Rincon and L. Saucier
Development of an encapsulation system in food liposomes for the protection and controlled release of nisin in cooked meat products
K. Boualem, M. Subirade, Y. Desjardin and L. Saucier
Nitrite reduction in organic meat products: fermented sausage and liver sausage
T. J. Verkleij and W. H.M. Oostrom
Combined effect of γ-irradiation and antimicrobial films on the shelf life of refrigerated pork sausage meat
A. Khan, D. Dussault, S. Salmieri, B. Riedl, J. Bouchard and M. Lacroix
Antimicrobial edible mircoencapsulated coating containing nisin against Listeria monocytogenes in cooked ham
T. Huq, D. Dussault, S. Salmieri, C. L. Tien, B. Riedl, J. Bouchard and M. Lacroix
Determination of heat resistance of 101 strains of verotoxigenic Escherichia coli
Y. Liu, A. Gill, M. Betti, L. M. McMullen and M. Gänzle
Isolation, identification and characterization of Clostridia from “blown-pack” vacuum packaged beef
L. Ho and L. M. McMullen
Effect of chitosan on lactic acid bacteria in Nham, a traditional Thai fermented meat, model broth system
A. Swetwiwathana, A. Jindaprasert, K. Pilasombut and J. Sethakul
Effects of modified atmosphere packaging on the shelf-life of hamburgers from cull cow beef
A. Cachaldora, G. García and M.C. García-Fontán
Validating processes to meet food safety objectives
M. D. Hardin

Session M. Consumer preferences and sensory evaluation

The appearance of shaped beef steaks (SmartShape™)
J. Taylor, E. S. Toohey, R. van de Ven and D. L. Hopkins
Sausage preferences for consumers in two different geographical areas in Costa Rican
A. Q. Yorleny, J. R. Andrea, I. G. Carmen and G. B. Manuel
Measuring red meat intake in low socioeconomic South African consumers
H. C. Schonfeldt, N. Hall and B. Pretorius
Value of pork with different quality attributes to consumers with different beliefs about traditionally raised pork
L. Ma, E. Goddard, J. Janz, H. Bruce, G. Plastow and S. Moore
Controlling boar taint: assessors’ sensitivity matters
L. Meier-Dinkel, R. A. Sharifi, L. Frieden, E. Tholen, M. Wicke and D. Mörlein
Consumer evaluation of dry-cured loin from foal
M. Gómez, D. Franco, L. García, S. Crecente and J. M. Lorenzo
Meat product intakes and their relationship to dietary risk perceptions in Taiwan
H. L. Kuo, M. T. Chen, F. J. Tan, D. C. Liu and S. R. Xu
Beef acceptability and consumer’s expectations associated with production systems and beef marbling
R. Morales, A. P. S. Aguiar, I. Subiabre and C.E. Realini
Relationships between beef aroma compounds and other quality attributes
L. J. Farmer, T. D. J. Hagan, Y. Devlin, A. W. Gordon and O. R. Oltra
Consumer attitudes towards eco labeling – the case of meat products
C. Grebitus, B. Steiner and M. Veeman
Unraveling the impact of broiler production system characteristics on perceptions of animal welfare: a consumer segmentation
J. de Jonge and H. C. M. van Trijp
Does consumer involvement influence preferences for pork production attributes?
V. Muringai and E. Goddard
Sensory acceptance of low-fat Bologna Mortadella sausages
F. P. Spada, C. J. Contreras-Castillo, M. M. Martins and A. L.C. Lemos
Canadian consumer consistency in pork sensory and purchase decisions
E. Goddard, L. Ma, V. Muringai, J. Janz, M. Gerlat, H. Bruce, G. Plastow and S. Moore
Eat quality parameters of Nigeria organic beef, chevon and camel meat
P. O. Fakolade
Meat sensory characteristics from pigs fed with a solid-state fermented apple pomace and an enzymatic complex
F. H. Chamorro-Ramírez, J. A. García-Macías, L. A. Durán-Meléndez, E. M. Peña-González and J. F. González-Sánchez

Session N. Sausage , cured meats and dried meats

Influence of the type of dry-cured Italian PDO ham on cathepsin B activity during processing
N. Pizzutti, G. Lippe and E. Piasentier
The study on the mycelized food colorants carmine and paprika for sausage products
A. B. Lisitsyn, A. A. Semenova, V. V. Nasonova and L. A. Veretov
Effects of conjugated linoleic acid addition on quality of Turkish dry sausage
C. O. Özer and B. KiliÇ
How to use “tainted” boar meat for processed whole meat cuts
M. A. Tørngren, L. Kristensen and C. C. Magnussen
Changes in physicochemical properties of proteins in Kayserian Pastirma made from M. semimembranosus muscle of bovine during traditional processing: part I
A. Ahhmed, S. Watabe, H. Ushio, G. Kaneko, T. Inomata, R. Sakata and H. Yetim
Physicochemical changes in muscle proteins of cured beef products made from M. cutaneous-omo brachialis muscle: part II
A. Ahhmed, G. Kaneko, H. Ushio, S. Kawahara, M. Muguruma, R. Sakata and S. Watabe
Effect of tomato powder dried at different temperatures on physico-chemical and textural characteristics of regular-fat pork sausages
H. S. Kim and K. B. Chin
The effect of adding rye bran, oat bran and barley fibre in low-fat sausages and meatballs
K. Petersson, O. Godard, A. C. Eliasson and E. Tornberg
Effect of radiant energy vacuum on physical and microbial properties of beef jerky
J. S. Church, C. MacIntyre, W. R. Archambault, P. E. Moote, J. L. Cochran, T. D. Durance and J. D. V. Hamme
Influences of the traditional cured meat-making process on the muscle proteins in M. latissimus dorsi of bovine: part III
T. Inomata, M. Muguruma, A. Ahhmed, S. Kawahara, S. Karaman, P. Dafsin, H. Yetim and R. Sakata
Quality characteristics of beef sausage made from different cut of Hanwoo (Korea native cattle) and Holstein steer
E. Y. Jung, G. D. Kim, H. J. Lim, J. Y. Park, H. S. Yang and S. T. Joo
The use of power ultrasound for the accelerated curing of pork
C. McDonnell, J. Lyng, J. Arimi, D. A. Cronin and P. Allen
Preliminary studies on the traditional processing of Kundi, an intermediate moisture meat (IMM)
P. O. Fakolade
Comparison of physicochemical and sensory properties of emulsion-type sausages made with ostrich meat, beef and turkey meat
S. A. Zarasvand, S. S. Shekarforoush, M. Aminlari, M. Kadivar and M. H. Eskandari
Effect of ripening time on sensory traits of ostrich salami
A. D. Zotte, M. Cullere, A. Sartori, E. Novelli, K. Schoon and L.C. Hoffman
Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium lactis microencapsulated in dry fermented sausage
J. N. Ruiz, D. L. Pedroso, C. S. Fávaro-Trindade and C. J. Contreras-Castillo
Functionality of silver carp (Hypophthalmicthys molitrix) in comminuted sausage
A. D. Clarke, K. Ren and Y. Zhu
Influence of vegetable additives to the formation of color in hot smoked sausages during ripening
R. Vinauskienë, V. Eisinaitë and D. Leskauskaitë
Effects of collagen and mechanically deboned chicken meat on quality characteristics of semi-dried chicken jerky
D. H. Song, H. W. Kim, J. H. Choe, K. E. Hwang, M. S. Choi and C. J. Kim
Effect of fat substitution on structural properties of comminuted meat products: a mixture design approach
D. F. Keenan, J. P. Kerry, M. A. E. Auty and R. M. Hamill
Quality characteristics of low-fat emulsion sausages with makgeolli lees fiber
Y. S. Choi, K. S. Park, H. W. Kim, K. E. Hwang, D. H. Song, J. H. Choi, J. H. Choe and C. J. Kim
Effects of tumbling time and temperature on the quality properties of roasted-type chicken jerky
J. H. Park, J. H. Choe, H. W. Kim, K. E. Hwang, E. J. Yeo and C. J. Kim
Development a method to manufacture fermented beef jerky and comparison the quality characteristics between traditional Chinese and fermented beef jerky
L. H. Yu, M. Zhang, Z. W. Meng, R. H. Zhang, S. Q. He and Y. An
The effect of pork gelatin powder and wheat fiber on quality characteristics of low fat emulsion type sausage
Y. J. Kim, J. H. Choe, H. W. Kim, K. E. Hwang, S. Y. Lee and C. J. Kim

Session O. Sodium reduction in further processing

Influence of salt content and heating on physicochemical characteristics of exudate from pork’s tumbling
L. Bombrun, Q. Fan, A. Kondjoyan and P. Gatellier
Analysis of juice loss during wet cooking of pork meat – effect of temperature, muscle type and salt on water content
L. Bombrun, J. Danon, A. Latour, P. Gatellier and A. Kondjoyan
Effect of different levels of red bean protein and various salt levels on rheological properties of tranglutaminase-mediated myofibrillar protein gel
H. S. Jang and K. B. Chin
Effect of substituting NaCl with salted-fermented seafoods on quality characteristics of beef jerky
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